Coronavirus is not King

Recently a virus has gone viral motivating the public to raid stores for toilet paper, water in plastic bottles, canned foods, and cheaper Vitamin C supplements. There are reports of people stealing containers of alcohol jell like Purell in desperation of the contrived microbe contamination.

Let us take this back a bit.

The Coronavirus is named as it is because, under Electron microscopy, it looks like King Louie’s crown with spikes jetting out from it. Named liked it looks, Coronavirus is a large family of viruses, four of which are infective.

Every human shed viral particles according to their unique and individual constitution. This means that genetics, generations of gene mutations, proteins made or not made, intrinsic gut bacteria, viruses, Yeasts, Fungi, Molds, and Parasites specific to you, acidity of your stomach acid, digestive enzymes made, and adequacy of your white blood cell Immune system army, will determine how you will respond against invading pathogens in our normal existence on Earth.

Include the over 100,000 new chemical toxins we are exposed to, the poisons in vaccines, poisoning of our food supply with reckless use of herbicides and insecticides, food dyes and flavors, artificial sweeteners and refined sugars, Genetically Modified or Genetically engineered organisms, unresolved stress, and what we are left with is severely weakened immunity.

The Coronavirus first was reported by the media in late 2019 indicating that it originated from Wuhan, a large city in China. Wuhan is known for highly polluted air, thousands of 5G antennae irradiating the innocent populous, and a Social credit Big Brother program pitting citizen against citizen and governmental brainwashing for total control.

This imprisoned city contains a level 3 Biologic testing lab where microbes are tampered with for use in war. Evidence shows that this modified virus escaped from the lab and infected someone at the local fish market. It isn’t clear the exact number who fell ill because of the virus, who died, who recovered, and why the Chinese government is deceiving humankind.

In this city, residents have fatigued or compromised immune systems because of the air pollution and smothered daily with 5G radiation. Remember back to the brief headlines of SARS, MERS, Ebola, Zika, West Nile, and Swine flu? All are curiously in the vicinity of level 4 Biologic testing facilities.

Since 2001, the United States has spent over 120 billion dollars on Biologic weapon testing which is paid for by its uninformed people. Evidence also suggests that this version of the Coronavirus called, COVID 19, have had HIV strands incorporated into its structure.

The previously mentioned viruses quickly went viral then removed from the headlines as quickly as they made the front page.

The Coronavirus is different because this particular intentionally mutated virus can make the drug companies lots of money with pharmaceuticals and Vaccines made to combat it. Well, this ruse is what Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex want you to believe for it means multi billions of dollars in profits for them.

Alas, like for most drugs and Vaccines, you won’t be cured, many will worsen and get sicker, and the immune compromised will die at the same rate.

Take heed if you have had Flu shots before because this makes you have a 36% higher chance to contract COVID 19. It is common knowledge that Vaccines depress the immune system making you vulnerable to coming down with other illnesses that you should have easily been protected from contracting.

Coronavirus kills at a rate of 1-4% with the regular Flu killing many more. The CDC Coronavirus test kit is faulty and does not do what it was supposed to do, admitted by the CDC. Then why do they continue to make it and sell them to doctors and health agencies, knowing that it doesn’t work? Have you noticed that health authorities, local government officials, and the news media, declare that you get tested for the Coronavirus? Isn’t this absurd and actually criminal with the CDC knowing and admitting that their test kit doesn’t work?

Here are the facts.

This iteration of Coronavirus affects 80% males, 20% females, little to no children, and mainly those with weakened immune systems.

The advice from credible health practitioners include: avoid being around those coughing , sneezing, and having physical contact with them, wash your hands frequently, get plenty of sleep, destress, get your blood less acidic and more alkaline, avoid processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, eat Organic, eat more vegetables and fruits especially Citrus, and supplement with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, a multi-mineral, a B Complex, green tea, Golden Seal, Turmeric, Flax and Chia seeds, and coconut water and oil.

Consider taking CBD for this is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, immune and brain supportive.

Get more sunshine for this increases Vitamin D production and is immune supportive. Use of Essential oils is also effective in both virus killing and immune strengthening.

Exercise daily according to your fitness level for any increase in circulation and muscle strengthening also strengthens your immune system.

What the media has done is to instill panic, heightened fear, accelerating anxiety and worry, which depresses your immune system compromising your resiliency.

Let us take another perspective and consider this faux fear marketing as an opportunity for learning about super nutrition, the greed and influence of global corporate powers, and that with continual study that you can neutralize ignorance and fear by controlling your destiny.

Know that the news medias have been bought by the pharmaceutical cartel and will not report truth of the ineffectiveness of most drugs and that most are poisons. Google, the largest search engine, is literally owned by drug giant, Merck.

Have you noticed that when searching for natural health remedies that your search is sent to drug advertisements and false statements that natural remedies are bad for your health? No conspiracy here for it is documented and commonly known that the FDA, CDC, EPA, NIH, USDA, and FCC are corrupt and bought off by Big Pharma and the Telecommunication cartel.

Technology has rapidly advanced and evolved providing ultra conveniences for us but accompanied with the human complexities of greed, selfishness, objectifying our brethren, and justifying theft, maiming, and murder.

Sadly, our political leaders are all deep into the pockets of money peddling Lobbyists and dedicated to the money they are getting. This leaves you out and time that you fend for yourself and to fight for your freedom.

My Blogs and that of Patrick Herbert, speak truth encouraging you to design your destiny, unite in a freedom movement, and to make our existence thriving and hopeful. You are not sheep corralled by a fixated sheep dog trained by his dictatorial Master. Rather, you are your own master and can choose the life that you would most love to live.

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