Sharm El Sheikh, Expected Harmony Becoming Horror

In 2010, popular Red Sea resort, Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt had the usual vacationer tranquility and family fun but this time shredded with shark attacks on 5 of their unsuspecting guests. In early December, within a 5 day span, 5 people swimming near shore and exploring the colorful reefs and sea life of the Sharm El Sheikh resort were viciously attacked by sharks. Usually and expectedly safe, children, parents, and couples in romantic solitude explore the clear water, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, canoeing, and children splashing with laughter and joy. On December 1 in locations of similar proximities, 4 tourists were brutally attacked by sharks causing mangled and severed arms, legs, feet, and the flesh ripped off butts. Four days later on December 5, a female vacationer took to the water, was attacked by a shark and killed. Observers indicated that they thought the attacking sharks were an Oceanic Whitetip and Mako. This is unusual because Oceanic White Tips and Makos are deep water predators and thusly not known to attack humans. The attacks were vicious as limbs and flesh were torn off. Instead of the shark taking a bite, realizing that it is not its usual food, releasing and swimming away, they continued the crunching and eating. Theories trying to explain these seemingly unprovoked attacks include: higher water temperatures, sheep carcasses in the water meant for an Islamic festival a few weeks earlier, decreasing amounts of reef fish, and tourist business practices of shark feeding. The human animal is known as the dominant land predator not withstanding Bears, Coyotes, Cougars, and Moose. 

In water, however, the shark is the top predator especially the Great White, Tiger, and Bull. The Great White can grow to 20 feet long and weigh up to two tons, up regulate its body temperature 25 degrees, known to hunt in pairs, docile and calm when not in feeding mode, and swimming thousands of miles to mate and raise their young and to seek out new food sources. Though having discerning survival intelligence, this top water predator is also a strategic opportunity killer. Bull sharks can easily convert to fresh water breathing for they have been seen six hundred miles up the Mississippi river and commonly in many inland waterways. Though much smaller than the Great White, they are equally as vicious especially when they raise their young at the coastal interfaces between the Ocean and connecting rivers. Since 2000, shark attacks in Hawaii, California, Florida, North Carolina, Australia, and Africa have tripled with many more mangled and dying. Yearly, curiously ironic is that 90 million sharks are caught and killed. Shark fin soup has long been a sought after Asian cuisine but does the public know that Sharks have high Mercury levels like Tile fish, Swordfish, King Mackerels, and Tuna? Other shark varieties like: Sand Tiger, Thresher, Nurse, Sawtooth, and Blacktip, are known to swimmers and surfers. Water covers 70% of our Planet, the deepest depths unexplored, with the travel and habits of the top predators relatively unknown. The White shark has been known to launch itself into the air ten feet and to getting stranded beaching itself to capture prey. So why have the numbers of attacks and killing increased these past 2 decades? For the Oceanic Whitetip there have been 9 reported attacks in the past 430 years and only 9 deaths. This changed in December 2010 at the popular Sharm El Sheikh as 5 unsuspecting vacationers were attacked, 4 severely mangled with loss of limbs and flesh, and one losing her life. Could it be warming water temperatures, currents adjusting and decreasing numbers of smaller fish, rising coastal water, plastics, industrial debris, antibiotics, herbicides and insecticides dumped, deafening and disorienting sounds by the Military in weapons explosions and Sonar communications, and the liberal and uncontrolled use of human made electromagnetic radiation? 

Humans share the land, forests, grasslands, deserts, mountains and valleys, rivers, streams, lakes, and underground aquafers, and the expansive Oceans with millions of creatures. However, our self serving habits and disregard for the bountiful and all knowing energy called Nature, has created declining regenerable environment , declining resources, more synthetic and biologic waste, and continually growing populous consuming more than what is replaced. The Sharm El Sheikh tragedy and two decades of increasing Shark interactions are symptoms of imbalance and different Kingdoms vying for survival. 

What happens next? Does the population keep getting larger until it can’t? The Planet is of a certain size and area with more Carbon Dioxide made with less land, trees and plants to convert it into life giving Oxygen. How long can this life existence go on for as space and resources decline? How many more creatures are going to become extinct? Does this include the Human animal? Ironically the poorest of countries have accelerated reproduction information and have radically reduced the birth rate to 2 children per family. Congruent with increasing education is the automatic explosion of imagination for creating income. Though not as tech advanced as the richer countries, the poorest in these desolate despots have bettered their lifestyle habits, taken steps to helping Nature renew, decreased pollution, and bringing themselves more firmly in connection with the Nature which allows us to be here. This article is much more than grisly mangulation shark stories. It is of mutual and harmonious thriving co-existence of the different Kingdoms. 

The human apex predator is the most complex creature, and up to us to allow unconditional love and inclusive actions to be implemented. Our Planet will always be here barring collision with a speeding Nova, and up to us if intelligent human life remains on it. The lower labeled Animals adapt to their circumstances, reproduce, and find a way for generations to continue on. 

Currently, the 1% of the top 1% called the Empire, Cabal, or Corporate Criminal Cartel is in the process of absolute control by weaponizing the idea of a microbe called Coronavirus as a deadly killer. Similar to the increase in shark attacks , mutilations, and deaths, the weaponized Corona microbe has country and health agency leaders scrambling for a solution that is clearly depopulation politics. The clear message is who lives and dies, and what enslavement rules are followed for those wanting to live as slaves. Top predator shark and top predator Human have collided more frequently with the big fish doing what it was designed to do under the changing circumstances. Each year there is about a couple dozen shark attacks with less than half dying. Comparatively, humans have captured and killed 90 million sharks yearly for making soup, trophies, exotic medicines, or by accident. Though the low human injury and death toll by shark attack makes headlines worldwide, the nearly 100 million sharks murdered by humans does not. Curiously, each year the Flu infects thousands with some dying but this rarely makes front page news. The business of life goes on with the Cabal spinning its centuries long create confusion, keep the masses bickering amongst themselves tactic, effective fear enslavement strategy. Quite the brilliant plan patiently meandering silently but strongly conditioning the unknowing proletariat to falsely believing that they live freely and their destinies under their control. Just like it is in the slight increases in mutilating and murdering shark attacks, the unexpected combined with high anxiety and fear, prompts safety actions and theories of the change in the expected norm. Our lazily accepted normal was the collective meme of people working hard for little money, many starving, many living in poor sanitation and excluded from adequate healthcare, and with most of our global brethren existing day to day, hopeless and helpless in believing that life can get better where prosperity is actually possible. Because we don’t know a substantive amount about shark behavior and how they actually live, we are in consternation and shock when the top predators accidently interact. The fear ramps up when humans are hurt but of unimportance when sharks are murdered for the pre-entree appetizer or the youth serum bought at the Asian market. 

See the similarities between the horrific tragedies at the Sharm El Sheikh resort and the weaponizing of a virus called SARS-CoV-2? Both are human caused, different Kingdoms injured and killed, with the Human species lesser in numbers prevailing over the much more plentiful shark population. The invisible 1% Empire are a bunch of old Rockefellers and Rothschilds still exerting psychological and economic control over the 99%. Here, it is a small cadre of humans controlling a much larger group and dominating using the weaponized microbe as the scary fear monster. Sadly and pathetically our species have been conditioned to be stupefied shallow non thinking dumbshit Yokels. Yeah, that includes you because you are locked down, measure your 72 inches of distance between another person or possibly a wandering stray cat, bankrupt or going broke, confidently wearing your porous designer mask and attractive goggles as celebrity criminal Fauci recommends, anxiously awaiting the Bill Gates okay for your neurotoxic sterilizing disease causing chemical cocktail, and desperately clinging to the false and faulty belief that the government is doing everything to help you. 

That urge to break free is your Soul yelling at you to stand up to your jailers, knock them over, and to live the life that you desire to live. Coronavirus is not your enemy but the enslaving Cabal is along with murderous henchmen Bully Bill Gates, Fauci, and get rich off of you, Federal government and the slimy politicians infecting society, like having a daily Flu. The predator sharks, Great White, Tiger, bull, Mako, Oceanic Whitetip, Thresher, Nurse, and Sawtooth, are cunning carnivores and scavenger cold blooded fish. They eat meat, reproduce, often eat their own, but uninterested in the destruction and domination of humankind. The Sharm El Sheikh horror is both top predators getting too close and the human animal causing environmental destruction forcing other animals to behave aggressively. Take this story and loose analogy of silent master/peaceful shallow minded slave, and decide what life you want to live. Will it be free, living the life that you would most love to live or as a dumb downed imbecile awaiting for an authority giving you permission to pee? Those reading this are not masters of their destinies and what must change in them to make it so? What must change in you for your choice is to exist in a global prison as a peaceful slave or thriving in freedom designing your destiny that you choose?