Cancer, COVID, and Fearing to Die

Fear is a powerful force automatically stimulating our Sympathetic, Fight, Flee, or Freeze response options which are all physical remedies to the corrosive stressed released Cortisol. What if you get that Cancer diagnosis? For most it is of high stress shock and helplessness and the fear of a painful radically changed life and resignation to permanent termination. I refer you to informative documentaries by Revealed Films and creators, Jeff Hays and Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Answer to Cancer, and, The Truth About Cancer (TTAC) created by Ty and Charlene Bollinger. Both docuseries thoroughly introduce effective therapies and their practitioners or Eastern Medicine(vilified and rejected by the Chemo, radiation, and cut it out, Western Medicine). Keep reading for the relationship between Cancer and COVID are eerily similar. Cancer will affect 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females in the US or 42% of the population, combined with heart attacks killing over a million per year, and ironically making the Pharmaceutical industry over 600 million in profits yearly. Interesting is that the legal drug cartel is a 1.2 trillion dollar business with a T, nearly three fourths of Americans on multiple medications and what they are encouraged to continue doing every month until their deaths, and the only industry or business which gets richer by making people sick. The actuality is that people get Cancer with some dying and that people get the Flu or now the COVID and some also dying. The commonality in both? exaggerated and continual fear, fear mongering tactics by medical Professionals, news medias, misinformed sickcare doctors, slimy politicians, and those conditioned to expand fear even if false, and spreading the fearful misinformation through the social grapevine. The fake panic COVID is estimated to killing less than 1% of the population with most of the 99% not getting sick or getting well by themselves as their immune systems return them to balance. The fakers, headed by Fauci, Gates, and the Cabal, used the overestimations of self anointed pandemic predictor, Neil Ferguson of Imperial college in London falsely predicting 200 million dying by the 2009 Flu in which less than 200 perished. He had also estimated that the Corona thing would kill 500,000 in the UK and 2 million in the United States. Really? Thus far even with the falsified scurrilous CDC reporting’s which are 90.24% inflated, those dying are congruent with the death-rate of the past 4 years. 

We were divinely put together with a fear sensing mechanism called the mid brain organ, bilateral Amygdalae, which alerts us by the stress of danger, to stay and fight, run away, or to give up and accept getting killed. Of those of you having been informed by your white coat minor deity, MD, that you have Cancer, how did you react? Jaw dropping shock, silence, and overwhelming fear paralysis that you will die? Whatever you had planned for that day, the, to do list, kids soccer practice, buying milk and coffee, getting the oil changed, vanished immediately for your only thought was muddled confusion and helplessness. Western medicine protocol is to quickly set you up with a Chemotherapy, chemical poisoning, appointment, neglecting your sudden emotional shock and unconcerned in explaining the findings , the many treatments, and that not to worry and that you will pull through. Your White Coat remains in all business character, emotionless, coldly matter of fact, and procedural bent on what he was taught. Sadly, the Western Medicine tool bag of Cancer remedies contain only 3 options with a less than 20% success rate, graded by statistical success if you lived another 5 years. Only 5 years? Documented published research has indicated that even Stage 4 Cancer patients survived just as long with some going into remission, by committing to positive thinking, dreaming of what was to happen in the future, repeating all that they were grateful for, and restoring the belief that they would overcome the negative cell line that they were made afraid of. 

Know that the variety of Eastern Medicine options show a 70-92% Cancer survival rate and healthy lifetimes surpassing the Western 5-year success benchmark. Dr. Joel Furman, a nutritional physician, bases his therapies on the body getting optimal nutrition and low calories, the necessary micro nutrients, health stimulating exercise, rejecting inflammation and Cancer promoters, processed foods, refined flour and sugar, Omega 6 or vegetable oils, and fake Frankenfoods wrapped in toxic plastics or from the drive up window. He too, recommends an attitudinal and emotional reset to open, honest, and positive thinking, and envisioning what it feels like to have a thriving and resilient body. In the hypocrisy of modern pill for an ill patent medicine when the 3, make you sicker tools fail, and you sent home to die because there isn’t anything else in the empty bag, some miraculously recover and this unexpected occurrence is called, spontaneous remission. Our COVID fake panic meant to thrust us into fear, poverty, and helplessness, has been moderately successful, lessening recently as the masses wake up and acknowledging that the Evil Empire(Elite 1% or Cabal) led by depopulation enslavers, Gates and Fauci(Gauci), are intent on Nazi trodden global imprisonment. Folks are finally tiring of the martial law tyranny, recognizing the violence mutated BLM as a distraction, and now willing to fight for freedom and to live the lives that they freely design. COVID like Cancer are normal environmentally caused conditions but the negative propaganda and fear mongering has tapped into our generational fear conditioning for unquestionable respect and subservience to politicians and the very rich. Now Fauci is recommending that we wear goggles along with the ineffective masks that don’t prevent viruses from escaping our bodies but does lessen the needed Oxygen we require to stay alive. Is this the kind of prison life that you had envisioned for you and for your children? Are you really your most attractive self sporting Goggles and an ill-fitting mask and estimating your 72 inches from another person? Bring along your biggest Halloween candy bag or practice your new occupation of bank robber since your fear costume expresses who you believe yourself to be. You already know that dogs, cats, all animals, plants, water, soil and rocks, shed viruses and they convey information from the outer world to inside us and our trillions of viral colonies in our gut leaving to convey information to the outside world. This is a cosmic or God organized well thought out communication gift and that the 99% of us that is not human, controls the 1% that is. 

We were blessed with emotions and feelings which are powerful tools that can strengthen the immune army or weaken it. This emotion tool is far superior than any Chemo drug, burning radiation, and complement to any therapy especially if natural and high energy. Dr. William Stevens , with over 50 years of research and practice in psychedelic substances specifically the medical use of Psilocybin, documented the healing benefit of this misunderstood natural chemical, the healing power it has on thoughts focused on, and that an open mind to spiritual vibrations and the love frequencies of eternal consciousness can heal, restore, and renew. More than getting stoned, he has created safe and responsible healing therapies for those suffering with numerous cognitive impairments, physical injuries, heart problems and Cancers. He also confirms that self love, openness to the Universal consciousness rhythms, and aligning with the energetic self can cause miraculous healing. Historical anthropologic Researcher, Graham Hancock, self experimented with psychoactive, Ayahuasca and transcended into adjacent energy fields and opened for him deeper understanding of the Universe and our roles in this existence. Long miscategorized as a Class I poison, Marijuana is now legalized and being heavily researched and cautiously used as a natural medicine and curing illnesses that pharmaceutical drugs cannot. Of course, Big Pharma is not pleased because they cannot patent a plant and therefore unable to make money on it. Stereotyped as Stoner or Pothead, the Marijuana user was singled out as a lazy, ambitionless, slow witted, insignificant drag on society. Research, and mounds of them being started each day, is confirmatory of the healing benefits of CBD, THC, Terpenes, and Flavonoids contained in chemically appropriate amounts that practitioners are using to cure IBD and IBS, seizures, anxiety and Schizophrenic like symptoms, and many of the autoimmune dis-eases including Cancer. Interesting again is that plants, clean of pesticides and herbicides, contain in them healing properties and matching energy meant for our bodies. Synthetic pharmaceutical drugs can’t do this and commercially made to make massive profits by easing symptoms and coming with numerous negative side affects. 

Cancer is a growing profitable industry as Cancer doctors get renumeration or rewarded for getting their patients on Cancer drugs knowing that the results will be minimally effective or not at all but definitely coming with side effects causing the patient to speed their downward health spiral. The drugs, most often, cause worse symptoms and more painful than the illness they were meant to heal. Drugs do not heal, cannot be digested by the body, have a primary effect that is of varying efficacy, and causing many negative affects. Enter self appointed Public Health Czar criminal depopulant, Bully Bill Gates, sidekick minion, Tony Fauci, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Gang, and their prize poison, the vaccine, is heralded as the soon to be mandated chemical toxoid that will save us from the killer Coronavirus. Gates owns interests in every vaccine maker on Earth, benefits financially from the sales, doesn’t pay taxes by hiding the drug profits in his nonprofit foundation, and with his eugenics beliefs(his genes being better than the average person) intent on pruning the world 7.8 billion to 500 million. How to do this to curb the growing overpopulation? Vaccinate everyone, fool them into believing that it is safe(never been proven to be safe with stacks of evidence that it is chemical poisoning), sterilize the poorest in all countries including the US, and implant tracers in us to surveil our activities and compliance. What does this sound like to you? -Is it Nazi deathcamp imprisonment and certainly not the remake of Jumanji with the Rock and Jack Black? 

Take this moment to assess your intuition, what you are doing now, the size of your bank account, if your mask matches your eye color, and if the continual fear propaganda, is enslaving you or enhancing your supposed freedom as a free person with basic human rights? Dr. Joel Furman tells us that his healing nutrition protocol is GBOMS, greens, beans(cooked), onions, mushrooms, seeds, and the basis for allowing your body to heal and renew. The best anti-Cancer diet is anything God made and getting used to natural foods reconditioning our taste receptors to know what it is like to eat what we are supposed to eat for optimal functioning. Both Dr. Furman and Stevens include positive and open-minded thinking and that positive energetic thoughts have healing frequencies and bathed in love which is Universal healing medicine. 

Contact me and let me know how I can help you. This enslavement power play can be overturned but this requires a unified front with the majority of us banding together in collective consciousness and standing firm on inner harmony, unconditional love, and the high energy of Universal flow. Remember that focusing on our differences and emotional distancing from love, sadly a common accepted state now, has built those walls of separation from our brethren where harsh critical judging instead of compassioned perceiving is the norm. If nothing changes, everything stays the same but always seeming to worsen. Let us take this world changing fake panic and find the hidden open door in it. This, however, requires brutal self assessment, brutal self honesty, willingness to change, and to summon the courage to stand on the firm foundation of unconditional love only, and to fight. Cancer and COVID have multiple causes and meanings but up to you of how to own it and to grow better and stronger from it.