Secret No Longer – The Globalists are Tightening the Noose

What happens when the food supply, money supply, telecommunication and healthcare systems are co-opted by the Corporate empire or Rockefeller/Rothschild top 1% Cabal? The realization seems impossible, absurd, absurdly impossible because people cannot exert criminal enslavement causing illness and death against their brethren, right? You know by now that obsessive greed, Ego dominance, and hunger for absolute power defines a portion of our humankind called transhuman Slavers. 

Recently, Iowa corn towers, sugar silos in New Orleans, a massive food storage warehouse in Essex, and grain reserves in Beirut have been mysteriously set a fire and destroyed. With the Grand Solar Minimum consuming Earth, weather will cool and be inhospitable to crops for both biocide industry driven monoculture as well as the small farms who respect the nourishing soils. Meat processors are closing with more required to get test for this SARS thing yet to be proven to be a thing. Accompanying the arson of large food warehouses globally, the CDC has been caught telling more lies like the WHO, FDA, NIH, FTC, and FCC on the efficacy of a microbe called SARS causing C19, and blamed for killing over 181,000 in the US. Head scratching and jaw dropping is that the CDC, actually a drug company earning over 2 billion yearly from pharmaceutical sales, reported that only 6% of the over 180,000 supposedly, assumedly dying from this SARS microbe , may have succumbed from this protein particle. Add to this the fact that this 2020 year is the second lowest in deaths since 2009 and lower than 2019, with Vaxxer Will Gates III calmly predicting catastrophe if an unknown theoretic virus called Coronavirus were to infect the human species. Not so surprisingly false information was fed to the media(many decades ago known as journalists until their corruption by the drug cartel) and what was reported to a shocked becoming fearful public. Fear is a powerful force even if founded on lies. 

What has occurred? Global lockdown, false profits suggesting stylish masks and the fearful agreeing to it, separating by 72 inches with 26 feet and goggle wearing suggested, social gatherings less than 10 people unless shopping at Costco, Target, and Walmart, and most of the human animal species agreeing to go broke and depending upon the government for financial handouts which many did not get. The Cabal is instructing your Government to spread the herd message that online banking is best and that handling of paper money is just another way to get infected by the killer virus that may not even exist. 

Today is September 1 and can you feel the energy worsening and you, we, us, becoming more and more powerless? Are you going to wait until it’s too late? The best way to win a war, including a war against humanity? Instill fear, continue adding on more fear, removing expected resources like food and money, and the freedom to move about and congregate, while convincing most of the public that mandatory vaccination is the cure. So bad things only happen in the Middle East, Mexico, Russia, China, North Korea, Yemen, and Venezuela? Now you know that Globalists don’t discriminate and care not who they sterilize and depopulate. Eugenics Gates III is intent on decreasing the world population to 500 million people. He is intently focused on this goal using toxin cocktails called vaccines to be injected in you and your family, by force if necessary. The patient and crafty killer, Rockefeller/Rothschild Illuminati, has systematically weakened you, made you increase your bickering with others especially with those unfairly mistreating Blacks(since then mutating to random violence) and the militarized police, removed your food supply, made you broke, and along with blaming China for a Trojan horse filled with an empty room. The solution offered by Gates and Fauci or collectively called Gauci? Get jabbed with poison and remain a peaceful obedient slave. 

Can you feel the tension and those already desperate because they have no money, cannot afford to buy food, cannot pay their rent, stuck at home, and drowning in hopelessness and helplessness? Well, this is not the Middle East, Russia, China, Yemen, North Korea, or Somalia but rather the premiere global leader whose dollar is the currency standard amongst all currencies. Now what? A total reset with the United States the pinnacle of what it is like to be rock bottom ruined and China the ideal society. 

It is time to shed your mask, go outside for fresh air and sunshine because it is your right as a free person, and to regain your life for this is your possession, and only yours. Politics is certainly stirring the pot and kicking the can down the road as the people who elected them are starving, cannot pay the rent and mortgage, have no meaningful employment or employment at all, and suffocating in fear and helplessness. This can change immediately starting with making a decision to control your life. The government, politicians(all of them), large corporations including the IRS , Federal Reserve, Wall Street and Banks, and Cabal celebrity sock puppets, Gates, Fauci, Bezos, Zuckerberg and the two twin Nazis at Google,, can be managed with where and what you spend your money on. Grow your own vegetables or get your food from the local farmer, find innovative ways to make money, use your mask only for the October 31 All Hallows eve, and definitely reject anything said by the government. In civilized society and ones that thrive, connection, compassion, and uniting in harmonious actions, solves problems, lengthens health filled longevity, and is the firm groundwork which future generations firmly stand on. It is no coincidence of food storage facilities in different locations set ablaze. The game is afoot with the only outcome, living as a free person or dying an obedient slave. Your choice!