COVID-19: Your Best Friend?

COVID-19 is your best friend, totally misunderstood, and should be welcomed not demonized.

Do I have your attention?

As I have informed you previously, the over 75 trillion microbes in the gut microbiome, also known as the bugs living in the Alimentary canal, or tiny critters residing in the 25 foot long digestive tube starting from the mouth and terminating at the butt hole exit, is that viruses outnumber bacteria and ironically working together with them turning on and off genes needed for healthy living.

As beautiful as you might think yourself to be, your gut is a diverse community of viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeasts, molds, and wormy parasites.

Each colony, different in number and type in each individual is necessary for life you know to happen, manifesting in what you see in the mirror.

Researched information discovered in the Human Genome Project and the Microbiome Project has told us of our 23,000 genes and over 75 trillion microbes in the gut tube. We have learned that we shed viruses and viral parts daily as does every animal, plant, grass, shrub, rock, and dirt particle.

These ancient microbes leave our bodies with outside world ones freely entering us exchanging information of what is in the within and the without.

Infinite Intelligence or unlimited energy as some scientists call it, has created an undefinable and immeasurable Universe on the outside only to have its microcosm match inside of us. Evolutionary Anthropology has told us that the Big Bang and what happened before, that gases and particles congealed forming solid masses eventually becoming planets, one of them Earth, and single cells connecting becoming complex molecules, then the Ionosphere, these molecules making Oxygen, and commensal and diverse microbe populations we now know becoming what we call life, and us.

This article is meant to appeal to the side of you opposite fear.

Take this moment to recall the media headlines and its daily postings of a deadly microbe called Coronavirus, then becoming the CDC scarier label, COVID-19, in a theoretical war game hosted by Bill Gates at Johns Hopkins University in October 2019.

Curiously, the first victim of Coronavirus appeared in December a few months later. Since, each day has escalated the idea that this Coronavirus, a microbe without a brain , without a cell covering, and without internal cell parts, is determined to infect and kill all whom get it into their bodies.

Sounds like a poorly written Hollywood script heading to the round file but astonishingly becoming an expanding immovable force jailing us to our homes, emptying grocery shelves of toilet paper, bottled water, wet wipes, and canned foods, and prompting a science devoid strategy of staying at least 6 feet apart from other humans.

Will Hazmat gear suffice or will an extra large Sumo suit protect us?

This force or what I call Crown of Fear, like SARS, is weaponized fear meant for future poisonous drug sales, poisonous vaccines, and confirmation of absolute power of the shadow supranational criminal cartel.

Many know about the Illuminati and this iteration is much larger and more powerful. We will speak on this matter in another article. In the here and now, however, is weaponized fear or fear mongering to stir panic in the herd, strengthening dependence and reliance on the Federal government, and destruction of the world economy.

Take a look at the end game. When you surrender your clear thinking mind replaced with afraid, worry, and fearing getting sick and dying, you will certainly react by grabbing the first rope thrown to you hoping it will pull you to safety.

I repeat the certainty of biologic science that viruses are necessary for life, for our species to endure, and for us and future generations to be resilient against any pathogen.

We are more microbial DNA than human with these microbes, viruses and bacteria working together to up or down regulate our genes for our wellness and longevity. Call it: Rhino, Zika, Influenza, Herpes, or any of the other hundreds of names they bear, but you would be dead without them. Besides, a single solution to a viral problem has proven in the past to be ineffective and causing more devastating and debilitating health decline.

What about Polio, Small Pox, and Measles? Did all these illnesses disappear because of the vaccine chemical cocktail, or make the outbreaks worse with unanticipated weakened immunity?

Louis Pasteur, the Father of Germ Theory admitted on his death bed that a single pathogen is less important compared to the environment. This means that your gut microbiome and immune system including attitude, world view, and Soul health determines your resiliency and longevity. Dr. Michael Cowan, Author and energy medicine expert confirms my assertions that one’s inner world health exacts the strength and resilience needed for optimal health and successful combat against new pathogens.

Take this time to open minded thinking and the actuality that microbes not human genetics control your gene expression. Wrongly popularized is the media hyped that viruses especially one called, Coronavirus, is the Angel of Death.

Coronavirus has not been scientifically blamed for any deaths because all whom have died had numerous health declining issues before the COVID-19 media blitz.

Politically and economically, it makes prudent sense to concentrate on the immune depressed instead of the general population forcing them from their businesses and jobs.

Remember too that fear, continual fear, anxiety and worry, depress the protective immune functioning opening you to infection. You will most likely recover but how you bear the label of Coronavirus infected and a transfer vessel of sickness and death will follow you like a mid-afternoon shadow.

Why isn’t the media talking about the over 90% who recover or never show the Flu-like symptoms? Further, anyone coughing with a fever is automatically diagnosed with COVID-19, fueling the inflated and deceptive growing numbers of a virus needed for longevity but made into a scary movie.

Take the expanded perception that this novel COVID-19 challenge can only bolster our immune systems and perpetuating our species longevity and especially our own. Resilience is and inborn human trait with microbes like viruses planted internally as well as in the outside world for information exchange plus collaborating with bacteria in gene regulation for optimal wellness.

Get accurate expert health information from: Jon Rappaport,, Mark Hyman, Joe Mercola, Tom O’Bryan, and NVIC. See Patrick Herbert for material related to the international criminal cartel and global conspiracy.

Take control of your destiny and live truth not lies.