COVID-19: The Cold Slap to Wake Up

COVID-19 is the cold slap to wake up. 

It is more all you-can-eat BS from a smirking Big Brother, or more appropriately, Big Daddy. 

Often on walks, you might find yourself positioned in the vicinity of a waste bin blanketing the local environment with the smell of dog poop. You might, as I do, wonder about the person committed to disposing of poop in such a messy and unsanitary way. Is it a lazy act? A selfish act? A combination of both? 

The metaphoric picture here describes one who may be coasting carefree, downstream, existing in status quo paralyzing mind cancer. First on the basic level, the laziness or selfishness compelled this pet owner to dump their dog’s poop into the yard waste bin, unconcerned for the offensive odor that is shared with their neighbors, and also unconcerned that someone else will be cleaning it out of the waste bin because it is their job. A city employee will eventually be the recipient of such an unexpected foul smelling gift, potentially wondering aloud why the owner would be so careless. 

This employee, paid by the hour, was certainly hired to do the duties related to garbage collection, from recycled items to yard waste bins, and would be inclined to know the rules for what goes in each bin. Thus, he is forced to tolerate the noxious dog poop smell with the option of reporting the flagrant disobedience, or resigned to continuing the minimum wage enslavement without complaint.  

One might think that this is the way it goes, for some people just care for themselves and unconcerned for the welfare of others, and that some jobs are better than others. 

All true but where did one get these beliefs and what do they consider moral and ethical? 

Did they get their thought programming, beliefs and convictions, from their parents, guardians, relatives, peers and friends, from TV, from the Social medias, and what the herd has told them about our government? 

Were they taught to be selfish or is this a behavior decided and adopted intentionally? 

If they knew the yard waste pickup guy personally, would they still dump dog poop in the bin? 

More specifically, if they liked or disliked the guy, would they gift him with feces? 

So where am I going with this seemingly obscure and irrelevant storyline? 

What we are taught to believe, who to trust, what to accept as truth, that the government has our best interest as a primary concern, that to satisfy our wants can come at the expense of others, and that life was an either/or, and win/lose, has molded us and all of our genealogy lines to being a brainwashed, unidimensional, noncreative, automaton drone. Many will quickly stand and loudly declare that they are powerful and free, do whatever they want and when they want it, and confident on their total control of their lives. 

When you hear the term COVID-19, does your puffed out chest deflate, your shoulders droop, make you run inside, make you shut the doors to your business that pays your bills, make you grab as many rolls of toilet paper that you can carry, make you buy up as many containers of hand sanitizer, make you separate from other humans by six feet (are you doing this exactly and how do you know), wait impatiently for the mail carrier for your $1,200 check, wonder if you have the deadly disease with each cough, sniffle, and breath, and awaiting the government, the president and your State Governor to tell you that you can go back to work, go outside, walk with others, and breathe? 

Is this you? 

This sounds like slavery or cult brainwashing for ramped up fear, economic collapse, increased poverty, groveling for crumbs from the government, and waiting for the permission to work and breathe is a scene being lived out by prisoners of the Masters of the Universe otherwise known as the masters of the money supply, the Empire, Elite Criminal cartel, or Cabal. 

Time to face the truth that many may be obedient slaves, followers, and not utilizing our ingenuity or creativity. In other words, content to wallow in the knee deep swill of dog poop.

Many have been taught to be selfish servants of the ego. Many have been programmed externally to condemn and criticize others, to stereotype, to feed the ego. To believe without question that they are living freely and, as they have been told, able to design and live their chosen destiny.  

When we look in the mirror, we may see fear, anxiety, hopelessness. Unable to reconcile the reality from our earlier hopes and dreams. 

There is a reason for this. 

It is because we were born as slaves. 

We are slaves to the UN Agenda 21 / 2030. We are slaves to the WHO, the CDC, China, Russia, and United States, Bill Gates, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Vatican and Royall family, the Telecom and Pharmaceutical cartels, the Agri businesses, the Medical cartel, and the remainder of the top tenth of the top 1%. 

And we are scheduled for extermination. 

The world population is nearing 8 billion and continually growing with Planet Earth remaining the same size. 

Where will everyone live? 

Intentionally, GMO’s, herbicides and insecticides, and monocultural practices have destroyed the soils, poisoning ground water, and producing less crops though saturated with toxic chemicals. Add in untested WiFi and health decrementing EMF’s, the neurotoxins and other poisons in vaccines, National and world economy collapse, purposeful destruction of the Ionosphere causing radical weather changes, and it is clear that the Empire or Cabal is making its move for absolute domination with population pruning or extermination. 

This means reducing our humankind from about the 8 billion as it is now to 500 million. 

Will we be one of the living? If so, will we accept being an obedient clown puppet slave without creativity, imagination, or the freedom to do as we desire, for fearing punishment? 

We’ve had hundreds of years of slave practice since those implementing the global money system have captured us all. The microcosm of the Civil War, the South versus the North, and the dark skinned the interface of what was called slavery, obfuscated the enslavement of the 99% of humanity. 

To win a war the best and most effective protocol is to slowly weaken the enemy psychologically, nutritionally, emotionally, financially, and physically. When the opponent is sufficiently weakened it is much easier to then move in with less violence and to enslave them. 

Think of a healthy human body filled with 80,000 toxins including Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Squalene, GMO’s, mutated animal viruses and cells, Glyphosate and Dicamba, BPA and BPS, Fluoride, Dioxin, 150 pounds of refined sugar and 140 pounds of refined flour yearly, billions of dollars of artificial sweeteners, and petrochemical food dyes and flavors, with increasing unmanaged stress, and this describes the average human animal struggling to survive and dying in the global death-camp called Earth. 

An exaggeration? No, actually a conservative underestimation for some countries including the United States are already decreasing in population with rapid and rampant increases in cancers, heart illnesses and stroke, Diabetes, pharmaceutical caused deaths, one in 36 kids now on the Autism Spectrum, MS, IBD and IBS, high blood pressure, Advanced Glycation End Products or prickly and sticky blood cells, early onset dementia, Arthritis, Lupus, high anxiety, continual depression, obesity and neuropathy, and decreasing vitality and immune resilience.

So what do we see reflecting in our mirror. A free human or brainwashed slave? I bet my life on the latter, as the Empire is speeding up the enslavement. 

It is time however to get angry, pissed, really pissed, for if you truly want freedom, you do have to fight for it. You have to move beyond divide and conquer. You have to rise above leftwing politics and rightwing politics. You have to give up your labels, you have to shed being a liberal, progressive, or conservative. You have to go back to being a fellow human. Then, with your fellow humans, you have to help find the head of the snake and remove the head from the body. You need to bring awareness to your brethren and look beyond identities and labels. 

Politicians, local to Federal and in each country, the UN and associated arm, the WHO, drug racketeering FDA, CDC, EPA, NIH, and FCC are all pieced together as soldiers for the Cabal and instructed to keep us misinformed, fighting amongst ourselves, and destabilized with our win/lose attitudes on climate changes, Democrat or Republican, to get vaccinated, Christian or Muslim, Buddhist, or Atheist, and now the fear monster labelled and supposedly deadly killer virus, COVID-19. 

The only solution is to first do some critical thinking, reviewing our life choices, what agencies, rules, or implied restrictions limit us, and how we have inactivated our power of creativity and imagination. 

First, we need to be realistic with ourselves and realizes that we are enslaved by this system. Then we can collectively stand strong and tall to fight for our mutual freedom. 

Now, lets take a look at where we are physically, as we are probably by the majority sequestered in our home as our businesses die and our jobs lost. 

Can you see now that the criminal elite 1% has ordered us to hide and drop off into poverty and we immediately did it as any good slave would do? 

Aren’t we tired of being a slave, emotionally and financially broke and wanting, craving, freedom? If yes, then let us get outside right now and get back to work. 

Remember that we are the 99% and when unified and working as One Team, the 1% will be forced to modify their Orwellian Big Daddy attitude and becoming adaptable to civility and cooperation. Fear dissolves when confronted by truth and the truth is that Coronavirus has been around for 40 years and is meant to be here for our immune systems to become stronger. 

Do not forget that our human bodies are 99% microbial DNA with viruses the majority with bacteria which turns on and off our life giving genes. Transforming this concocted crisis into a massive opportunity is what this Corona Bologna can do for us. 

Ask yourself: do you want to be free? If you declare a loud and courage filled, yes, then lets go! Shed your fear shackles, your restriction beliefs, unify in mass movement, and live prosperity and unconditional love.

Lets do it. Lets do it now. 

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