Tragedy to Triumph

I am collecting stories of tragedies  and the worst happening to people and how they took the worst events and turned it (them) into triumph’s and victories. This is the best time for a collection of these life transforming stories. Our existence as we have known is entirely changed, will never go back as it was, Globalist powers wanting to enslave us, and an opportunity to turn fear into courage and unconditional love.

Send me your stories of tragedy to triumph, and if you desire your story to be in my book.  Let me know if you would want to be interviewed on my shows or a new pod cast I am thinking of doing. Tell everyone of my project  and desire to compile stories of resilience, determination , willingness to commit to a dream, and focused intention on adapting, overcoming, innovating, and believing that disguised in the worst is the greatest life. email:

Send or tell me your story  of the worst becoming an open door or for those whom have died while flowing with Infinite Wisdom and not giving up.