September 2, 1990: Remember What You Were Doing?

On this date, New Yorker and Columbia native, Johnny Hincapie, 18, aspiring dancer, was out with friends. Brian Watkins, 22, of Provo, Utah, was in town with his parents and brother to watch the US Open tennis championships at Arthur Ashe stadium . Enjoying the same historical lore as Wimbledon, participants and Champions pounded out their Professional destinies. In the end young superstar to be, Pete Sampras, won the men’s title and 5th seed Argentinian, Gabriela Sabatini, captured the women’s top spot. 

In town from Utah were the Watkins family to cheer on their favorites. They would normally take the subway to and from the venue. On September 2, Brian Watkins rushed to the defense of his father, Sherm who was being attacked by a small group of violent thieves. Tourist and tennis enthusiast, Brian Watkins, 22, was stabbed to death. In the 1990 year, New York reported 2,200 murders up from the 335 the year before. The NYPD desperate to restore order and to regain public confidence tried quickly to bring the perpetrators of the senseless Watkins murder to justice. Falsely identified as one of the violent attackers was 18 year old, who wasn’t there, but hanging around with friends else where. Hauled in by police, he was interrogated, actually threatened and coerced to make a false confession. Think on this as this scared teen is bullied by an authority figure with a badge and gun, and given the option of saying that he did the killing and if he admitted to doing so, that he would be allowed to go home. Well, fear combined with coercion and deception, made the youth confess to something he didn’t do. In 1991, he was convicted of the murder of Brian Watkins and sent to prison for life. Nineteen years later York College Professor, Bill Hughes looked into the case and rigorously started a legal campaign to get the now 37 year old Hincapie out of jail where he shouldn’t have been without the unconstitutional and illegal actions of the desperate NYPD. 

In 2015 the now 43 year old was released from prison with the District Attorney deciding not to retry the case. The human construct labelled, time, quietly passes by as does breathing we take for granted and Gravity that keeps us literally grounded, and allowing skilled forehands and backhands punishing innocent tennis balls. On September 2, 1990 lives were changed forever as Brian Watkins was stabbed to death and Johnny Hincapie starting his 25 year imprisonment. In that September 1990 Pete Sampras and Gabriela Sabatini would be Grand Slam champions , Edberg and Becker ousted, and Agassi admitting he sported a hair weave. What were you doing on September 2, 1990 for on that very day a life ended and another wrongly imprisoned. 

In this July 2020, Brian Watkins would be 52 years old, Johnny Hincapie is 48, and the highly skilled Professional tennis players competing at the 1990 US Open, retired with lots of pictures, trophies, and memories. Where were you and what were you doing? 

Thirty years after the Brian Watkins murder, Hincapie coerced false confession, and Sampras and Sabatini crowned US Open champions, we are in lockdown, ordered to wear masks, ordered to stay 72 inches apart unless shopping at Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, or grocery stores, and bombarded with intentional false information about those dying and getting sick because of a virus or something else that might get you sick or not. The September 2 anniversary of the Brian Watkins murder and the day Johnny Hincapie would lose 25 years of his life because of police criminal interrogation, ushers us to the start of mandatory vaccinations, ordered to wear masks outside and at home, to stay 72 inches apart, and ordered to not congregate in groups more than 5. Who has made these declarations and not founded on science? Who benefits with the global and United States economies crumbling with more and more going bankrupt and forced to live in poverty? How does untested and poisonous drugs and COVID vaccines help to get humanity back to thriving? 

The Utah Watkins made a family decision to travel to New York to enjoy a famous tennis tournament which led to the stabbing death of their 22 year old son and brother. On that same day, an innocent teen was falsely accused of murder and sent away for 25 years in prison. Sporting events are much change from the 1990’s, 2000’s, and even from December 2019. Kansas City Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, 24, has signed the largest contract in sports history of more than 500 million dollars. The question for all of us, is peaceful slavery or fighting for freedom worth doing? Which would you choose as you comply with this fake power grab inflamed by phony death statistics? If you want freedom, actual freedom, then stand tall and strong, and fight for it. The over zealous and desperate NYPD threw an innocent teen in jail for 25 years and police misconduct has escalated to jail innocent minorities especially Blacks, Latino’s, and the poorest of the poor. 

Brian Watkins died from being stabbed and not from COVID19. How much of this microbe is needed to kill someone? No one knows for the SARS-COV-2 which causes the COVID has never been isolated, never been replicated, never been identified from other microbes, and never been scientifically scrutinized as an entity that can kill. The Watkins and Hincapie families are still alive and now enduring through more senseless events with each and all primed to sterilization, termination, poverty, and hopelessness. Decisions and actions from those decisions have consequences with many unplanned and many unanticipated. Time, you can never get back and up to you of how you use it. Is it as a peaceful obedient slave or as the God gift as you are, thriving, growing, giving, and loving unconditionally? Will you intentionally allow yourself and your children to be injected with viles of mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, mutated monkey virus, GMO’s, residual toxins, and aborted fetal cells? Is your bank account getting larger or is it nearing zero? Is your mask keeping you well or is it promoting sickness and making you susceptible to becoming another fake statistic? Are you going to allow a misdirected government, Militarized police, and self anointed eugenics public health Czar, Bully Bill, inject you with poison under the subterfuge of snake oil that can protect and cure you? Johnny Hincapie was bullied into a false confession that stole 25 years of his life. Instead of telling the truth and standing firm on that truth believing in himself, he succumbed to aggressive interrogation or torture meant for prisoners or slaves. All of you fit the description of prisoner and slave. You have placed your fate in a government who has allowed you to go broke and ensure that you remain expendable meaningless objects. Brian Watkins made a decision to come to the aid of his Father being attacked. Brian died but chose to do the right thing in protecting his Father from attackers. Are you doing the right thing or letting disguised attackers assault and kill you? 

If time means something to you and is important, doesn’t it make sense to use it by living and thriving as a free person? I ask you, what are you going to do about your enslavement, a mugging that you are allowing to happen? Large corporations and big businesses, Wall Street, Medical and Military Industrial cartels, politicians and government, Fauci and Gates, mainstream media, and the Empire, are the attacking criminals and they won’t go to jail for they run it. We, however, are the 99% and when we develop our courage and unite, freedom is the prize won. So what’s it going to be?

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