The Sun Revolves Around The Earth (No, Really!)

The Sun revolves around the Earth because God made it such. Does this also mean that the Earth is flat as many contend? Think about these: a motorized horseless carriage is impossible; space flight to the Moon is impossible; women are only good for making babies, cooking, cleaning the house while barefoot and not important enough to vote; Women are not as smart as men and can never become doctors, lawyers, small business owners, athletic stars, Senators, or scientists; Fat especially saturated fat in the diet causes heart attack, Stroke, and obesity; less fat in the diet replaced with more sugar and salt(iodized) is heart healthy; Y Fi and human made electromagnetic radiation including 5G is safe; though vaccines have Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Poly Sorbate 80, mutated monkey virus, other mutated animal viruses, aborted fetal cells, GMO’s, and contaminated with many viral mutations are safe and protecting the health of children, seniors, and pregnant women; herbicides and insecticides in our food supply does not cause cancer or any other autoimmune illness; eating factory farmed cattle, chicken, pork, and fish, is nutritious and safe and does not cause heart attack or any other illness; a high carbohydrate diet(toxin processed foods) with added sugar and iodized salt is heart healthy and will keep you slim; Blacks are not as smart as white people, take drugs, form violent gangs, steal, make up most of the prison population because they are bad people and treated fairly by whites, and not purposely stopped and frisked, or given fines for fabricated reasons; the mainstream news is correct, accurate, and honest reporting; David Icke, John Rappoport, John W. Whitehead, Dr. Joe Mercola , Sayer Ji, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Patrick Herbert, Caitlin Johnstone, Bob Charles, and Dylan Charles, are liars , report antisocial hateful rhetoric, and are unamerican; Face Book, Google, YouTube, and the others avoid censorship and only report all sides; COVID is real, killing millions and making millions more sick, and can be prevented by wearing masks, social distancing, staying locked down, and not gathering in groups larger than 5, unless safely shopping at Walmart, Costco, and Target, or protesting, or tens of thousands frolicking Spring breakers littering anywhere there is sand and surf. True or untrue, fact or lies, and how do you know? What do you believe, why, where and who did you get your information from, and how do you know it is true? 

About 500 years ago, our ancestors guided by the Pope and Catholic Church confirmed and declared that the Earth was the center of the Universe and that the Sun revolved around this center where God placed it. Could the infallible, know what God is thinking, ruling class Clergy, possibly be wrong? Copernicus and Galileo both using the new Telescope technology confirmed that the Earth did indeed revolve around the Sun. Copernicus kept this actuality until his deathbed and Galileo was given the chance by the Pope(his former college classmate) to recant or be put to death. Alas, Galileo chose to take back the truth which caused health problems for him, shortening his life. In other words, the enormous stress of telling the lie of what he saw suppressed the star gazer’s health hastening his demise. 

Heart attack and obesity relatively uncommon in the early 1900’s began afflicting more and more after Proctor and Gamble introduced a white, fat-like, firm vegetable oil named, Crisco, to the public in 1910 to replace the more expensive but healthier saturated animal fat. At the time not found to be causal and confirmed many decades later by food scientists, the anti-inflammatory, cell healing, stem cell supportive, Omega 3 fatty acids were replaced with inflammatory, hormone decreasing, energy compromising Omega 6 fats, or vegetable oils, Crisco and Wesson the notable. In the mid fifties President Eisenhower was slowed with a heart attack and was assigned Dr. Paul Dudley White as his personal Physician. Dudley White knew the healing value of fat, especially saturated fat, for heart and brain health, but like Galileo recanted, went along with the deadly herd conditioning that fat caused heart attacks. Sadly, for President Eisenhower, the hypocrisy ridden Dr. Dudley White recommended a high carb diet with plenty of cereals, breads, and as little fat as possible. For the next 5 years, the ailing President suffered through another half dozen heart attacks. Shortly before his death, he warned of the soon to be economic and herd conscious dominating meme of the Medical Industrial Complex as horrific as the Military which spawned him. Ancestors of the crusading White Christian conquerors which slaughtered the Native First people and who stole their land, used their hard fought freedom from their former British enslavers, to create new industries, ways to make lots of money, and to use Capitalism as the American Dream rebel yell. 

Stay with me for what you do not know, lies and false information, have become your truth. This tainted truth has given permission to entrepreneurial endeavors of selling health eroding and illness causing products. Many say that the human animal is described as greedy, money motivated, males dominant over females, and that economic riches is what living in the United States of America is all about. Enter Dr. Ancel Keys from Minnesota and his deceptive declared prophecy founded on his falsified 7 countries study that fat was the cause of heart attacks. Keys persuaded Dudley White’s American Heart Association, AHA, to adopt the rule and recommendation that fat was bad and should be minimized while increasing carbohydrate intake to over 50% of calories eaten daily. Vegetables , fruits, nuts, and seeds, were not emphasized but rather it was boxed cereals, pancakes and waffles, breads and crackers, and anything baked. Because no and low fat became the National, eventually the International meme of healthy heart living, manufacturers added more processed sugar and salt to their products for better flavor , increasing sales. Decade after decade, generation after generation, the fat is bad and low fat is good meme became the faux good health normal with store shelves stocked with increasing varieties of processed fake foods with less fat but with more junk in it for better taste. The Eisenhower warning ignored, new toxic untested for safety chemicals(80,000) since 1900 now interact with us in the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the cosmetics and personal care products we use, in the rugs, wood, and curtains in our homes, and the biocides in our foods, accumulating inside of us making us sick and treated by doctors with drugs, pills, or Patent medicine not meant to cure. Tragic irony, and not Shakespearean, our modernity is beholden to pill for an ill Western medicine constructed for profiting from people ill from faulty nutritional recommendations(are Ancel keys and Paul Dudley White murderers?), and the untested for safety with no corroborating evidence for efficacy, the poisonous vaccine schedule and now the ramping up of human made and also untested for safety, electromagnetic radiation powering our devices. 

Did you know that Bill Gates and his Decade of Vaccines crusade have poisoned millions of the poorest in India and Africa, with almost 500,000 children now paralyzed because of vaccine toxicity? India, shocked and dismayed with the recklessness of the infamous Gates Gang have banned, yes banned, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from their country. It took Mohandas Gandhi 18 years of galvanizing his countrymen to non violent protest which finally forced the invading British to vacate. India was much faster in banning the Bully Bill Gang for crimes against their residents. 

I will now try to broad stroke you a picture of what actually happened and what is truth. Your being and health, and more importantly your convictions and what you believe have been co-opted by propaganda, the human penchant greed, and domination of others. Know that there is a shadow corporate elite or the top 1% Criminal Empire, started in the 1800’s by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Their contention is that whomever controls the money supply, controls the world. Since, the Big Agri businesses have taken control of the food supply, EMF’s ramped up by the Telecom giants, Social media giants taking control of the narrative they want with censorship, Lobbyists buying votes and favors, slimy Politicians bought off, and most Billionaires adding much support , insulation, and policing of the desires of the Empire or Criminal 1%. Thus far about 4 and a half billion have been paid out to the vaccine injured with only about 1% reporting. Pediatricians, your medical expert for your children, get their information from the for profit CDC, which holds patents for drugs collecting royalties while selling over 2 billion worth to health agencies. They believe the known lie that vaccines are safe and do not cause digestive problems or brain inflammation leading to the steep rise of the Autism Spectrum. In the late 70’s the Autism rate was about 1 in 10,000 and now about 1 in 32 kids, estimated to increase to one in two children by 2030. What this means is that economically that the United States will continue to go down hill for the youth expected to replace the aging adults will be institutionalized and beholden to governmental care. Can you see the sinister intent of the Rockefeller pharmaceutical pill for an ill business model? This is based on all of us being human with ordinary physical expressions, coughing and sneezing, transitory fevers, rashes, indigestion, constipation and Diarrhea, gastric acid reflux, headaches, insomnia, irregular heart rate, joint pain, muscle pain, and feelings of depressed mood, anxiety, lethargy, and chronic fatigue, and different pills to reduce these symptoms that are signifying normalcy. 

Taking meds for feeling normal? Yes, this sneaky generational brainwashing reminds us to think that we are sick and to rush off to the hallowed doctor for those magical pills that will cure those ills. Oops, those pills don’t cure and may not appreciably reduce the discomfort symptoms. However, we feel and act as we were taught to do. That said, with over a hundred years of toxins getting into our bodies and a goodly amount of them called medicine, our healing capacity is diminished and we further attached to the medical cult keeping us enslaved. The continuing emotional and physical incarceration makes Big Pharma billions more, making the rest of us sicker and sicker. Since the middle of the twentieth century or 70 years ago, hundreds of thousands and even millions are suffering from cancers, heart problems, Diabetes, Obesity, allergies, difficult to find infections, digestive anomalies, IBS and IBD, early onset dementia, breathing and Lung difficulty, chronic fatigue , joint and muscle pain, and emotional disturbances like, depressive mood, bipolar, Schizophrenia, psychopathy and sociopathy, and extreme bouts of irregular behavior or craziness. Autism is brain inflammation accompanied with digestive irregularity , constipation, Diarrhea, or both. There have been encouraging outcomes of those with Autism and Asperger’s as their gut microbiome is studied and with more microbial colonies created and new commensal balance initiated. Our ancestors had over 5,000 different gut bacterial colonies as there were more natural food options and microbes needed to digest them. Sadly, modernity has brought faster paced lifestyles, easy food availability, increase in the poisonous fake Franken foods, and thousands of toxoids stored in our fat, muscle, bone, connective tissues, gut, heart, and brain, and now only 500 microbial colonies trying to keep the organism well. 

So what do you believe about health, how the body works, what societal messages are factual or fabricated, and what you will do if confronted with high fear and given the choice to depend on the government or yourself? The condition called Fibromyalgia is vaguely described as transitory pain moving about with unknown etiology. This means that there is an undefined pain that moves around with no known cause. Still, the Pharmaceutical cartel manufactures pills for it, not knowing if it works, not caring if it does or doesn’t, and green lighted by the FDA stating that research is being done to support its safety when no such studies are actually being done. What you believe or don’t believe, your personal views of the external world, and if you trust your intuition and convictions, will telecast what you are doing during this fake COVID Cabal absolute power intervention. Examine your beliefs and where they came from. Question everything about yourself and why you think as you think, feel as you feel, and act as you act. Self understanding and self honesty will open invisible doors and allow you an intimate glimpse of who you really are and if what you believe is founded on truth and facts or falsified assumptions. We now know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, that in certain segments of history that the Solar electromagnetic radiation was higher or lower resulting in microbe growth along with the inability of certain populations to withstand the microbial change leading to large scale deaths, that eating clean natural fats makes for cleaner energy and healthier robust bodies, that over eating refined carbohydrates, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and refined flour disrupts the Insulin/sugar/fat storage cycles increasing our visceral fat deposits and increasing Insulin insensitivity, that vaccines ingredients are poisonous, and that human made EMF’s is disruptive to cellular water and causing immune hypersensitivity, inflammatory Cytokine storm, and over reaction of the immune system, possibly causing severe illness and even death. What you believe will dictate how you manage pathogens naturally occurring and continually leaving and entering your body. Our magical corporeal beings were designed for symbiosis or balance with the 265 Trillion viruses and trillions of other bacteria living in harmony and working together to up or down regulate our genes for optimal health and longevity. So what do you believe and are those beliefs serving you as you want or is it time for a radical change leading to the life that you would most love to live?

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