Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the Sign?

For this article the word, sign, is the same as Slave Master. You might recognize some of the words coming from a popular song decades ago. Here is more: Sign Sign everywhere a sign, breaking up the scenery breaking my mind, do this don’t do that, can’t you read the sign? 

Our current 2020 is the dictatorial sign called: Empire, Cabal, Criminal Elite, Shadow government, Illuminati, Slave Master, flexing mightily to reinforce their mental and emotional dominance over us. Don’t be fooled and retreat back into your herd conditioning of blind obedience to authority. 

You are stuck indoors because you chose being afraid and abdicating your consciousness and wisdom and giving over your power to the Bully soldiers: Medical Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Telecom giants, Agri businesses, Puppet US government and the rest worldwide, Politician prison guards, and criminal henchmen, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, Will Gates Jr., Jeff Bezos, and the heartless shills at Face Book, Google, YouTube, the other Social medias, all the mainstream news networks, and drug cartel bought and paid for, FDA, CDC, EPA, USDA, NIH, FTC, FCC, and WHO. 

The surreptitious subterfuge is the Trojan horse called Coronavirus, which you might already have inside of you and may have been there unknown to you for years. 

Conditioning of subservience to authority amplified by fear of getting sick and fear of dying, made it easy for Slave Master and sock puppet Bullies to scare you into hiding, going broke and bankrupt, venturing outside occasionally and staying 2 meters apart, wearing masks, and tattling on others deciding to live freely in a supposed free world. 

Medically, for some the Coronavirus stresses their immune systems but only if they are already weakened by other illnesses, taking toxic drugs, eating the nutritionally bankrupt Standard American Diet, consuming toxins like Glyphosate, BHA and BHS plasticizers, Chlorpyrifos, Phthalates, and drinking sugared and artificially sweetened beverages. 

The show of power by the Slave Master through its rich and readily recognized soldiers have easily sequestered you indoors without question or debate, and not even a whimper. You, bowed down to the Slave Master order to hide and to go broke and accepting the powerless slave role as spineless mindless expendable objects. 

Yes, the Corona or Bolognavirus can be infective where Universal hygiene precautions will serve to maintain population safety knowing that a robust immune system will protect us. The Slave Master has instructed the known Celebrity sock puppets like Gates, Fauci, Social and News medias, to mandate a lockdown weakening our physical and emotional selves. The decades of enslavement brainwashing ensures that we can only have access to toxin contaminated foods and difficult to acquire Organic, farm raised and grown clean food. 

Slowly more and more of the herd is standing up and taking back their freedom by going back to their jobs, businesses, or starting new ones. They are ignoring the cowardly snitching, confrontation from the falsely afraid, and the negative terror bondage of those brainwashed into subservience through fear that has no basis. 

What about you? Did you get your $1,200 trickle down crumb and awaiting more rat eaten pie crust leftovers, or are you ready for taking back your freedom and willing to fight for it nonviolently? 

The best way is to get outside and to do what you want to do and proceed with courage and confidence knowing that you are free and free to live as you choose to live. The forces of ignorance will slow your growth and rise from the herd imposed enslavement. Do not let this minor impedance deter you but rather ramp up your desire for more and more freedom. 

This closing is meaningful and worth singing: And the sign said everybody’s welcome to come in ,and kneel down and pray. And when they passed around the tray to begin it all, I didn’t have a penny to pay. So I got me a pen and a paper, and I wrote down my own little sign. I said thank you Lord for thinking about me, I’m alive and doing fine. Sign Sign everywhere a sign.