Corona Benefits the few While the Masses Wallow in Poverty

Corona benefits the few while the masses wallow in poverty and sheeppleness. The Coronavirus, a microbe amongst the over 10 to the 31st power mega multi trillions in Nature and what you encounter daily, has been sinisterly weaponized and effectively so, by the International Corporate Elite 1%, also known as Illuminati or Cabal, to confirm your obedient peaceful slavery or Sheepleness. Most worldwide have become jobless, small and big businesses bankrupt (Kodak curiously resurrected but to produce pharmaceuticals), multi-billions floated to vaccine companies to fast track the poisonous chemical cocktails for our soon to be mandatory injections, Gates, Fauci, Redfield, the WHO, and CDC elevated to God deity reverence, and a few becoming extraordinarily richer. -On August 19, Apple became the first 2 trillion dollar company, the Stock market bouncing back to their highest levels, and the masses still emotionally and financially dependent on the Federal government for an ongoing bailout, or accepting crumbs to get by until given permission to go outside and wrongly believing that they are free with God given human rights. So why are a few getting richer and the masses poorer? This scenario, visible in plain sight for centuries, allow the government in charge, the richest, and the ones controlling the money supply to enjoy absolute unequivocal dominance, the slave owners over their human pets, the obedient docile slave. Stocks have been around for a long while and most notable in the first major market crash when fear and greed prompted the rich to unload their shares to avoid huge losses. Optimist and believer in the human greatness of love conquering any opposition, John Templeton, , spent his meager savings on stocks with the lowest values convinced that when the false panic would subside that his paltry investments would grow to a fortune. His belief in the greatness of the human species and inborn resilience, was rewarded as his penny investments soared, making him a Billionaire. 

Then, as it is now, why haven’t the majority invested in the stock market? For many, they weren’t taught to do so, weren’t taught wealth management, didn’t have the money to participate at any significant level, were taught to struggle to make ends meet as normal life, and were taught that only a very few can become rich with them not included. In the United States, perpetual Presidential candidate, Dtrumpf, based his election to the Executive office on the size and strength of the Stock market, more jobs, building a wall, racism, and misogyny. Well the foolish plan worked, testimony to average person stupidity or Sheepleness, and tiring of Democratic politics as Hillary and philanderer bill, and Mad Bomber, Barak were vilified as the selfish rich only pretending to lift up the masses. So why Trump, the train wreck of childhood abuse and force-fed racism, misogyny, and win/lose business practices, and his Nationally witnessed comments about women, grabbing tits and pussy? People have been growing weary of the two side politics where only the paid off politicians and the rich benefit, the masses kicked further down the economic stairwell, middle class getting poor and the poor becoming poorer, and the human traits, sex, greed, and money engrained as what defines Human. 

In October 2019, eugenics Will Gates III gathered a group of world leaders at Johns Hopkins for a make-believe mock scenario of a virus called, Corona, infecting the public and the possible economic devastation that would follow. Coincidence or 2020 storyline? The 2020 year unlike the 2000 Y2K is planned depopulation, shocking the masses on fear of an average microbe, giving it a scary name, COVID 19, falsely advertising that this 0.06 Micron sized protein bag is deadly, and that to live that the herd must wear masks, distance 72 inches, lockdown and don’t go to work, and to not congregate or remain apart from other people. To make good peaceful and obedient slaves, domineering masters must show absolute power and strength over a killer microbe that will save humankind. The response most of the herd is choosing is subservience and total abdication of autonomy, exchanging their free will for fear will, and afraid acceptance as courage less cowards, awaiting parental permission to poop, breathe, and to have thoughts of their own. 

How do you win a war? Evidenced by the Nixon war on drugs, Bush war on Terrorism, every American President faux campaign slogan, war against poverty, war against racism, and war against Islam, hegemony of those in charge stand firmly on the premise of forcing others with different beliefs and occupying lower social class positions, to willfully comply as good global servants. Racism does exist and always will but can be reevaluated as welcomed diversity instead of specious differences wrongly making us afraid for our safety. 

Have you noticed the negative mutation of BLM into a steam valve for frustrations and grievances? The viewed and filmed abusive misconduct by policeman, Derek Chauvin with his knee on the neck of the subdued, George Floyd, begging for his life, set into motion longtime known and feared law enforcement unnecessary brutality of those in the general public. The police force has also become militarized thanks to special nonprofit groups focused on control of the population. The flip side to the furor of the George Floyd torture murder is that Floyd had numerous arrests in his youth for burglary, use of weapons to intimidate, kidnapping and abduction, illicit drug theft and sales. 

As human and as the most complex creature made, we have been given the gifts of emotions, feelings, rational thought processing and decision making, and creating outcomes desired. So why weaponize a common microbe called Corona and using our fear response against us to weaken our species into almost total submission? Depopulation, slow pruning of the overpopulated globe, and absolute control of the few surviving. 

What to do? Standing firmly as a unique one of a kind God gift to the Planet, it is your obligation, your duty, to unleash your unlimited supply of love and to place truth and compassion over the tyranny of the Cabal and celebrity henchmen, Gates, Fauci, Redfield, the giant corporations, and slimeball politicians wanting to deceive and steal from you. Can you also see that this fake Corona panic is used against you by both Democrats and Republicans, and by the President interested in his prosperity exclusively?. As I have reported previously, Coronaviruses are a family of 150 viruses, all very different, and meant to strengthen our immune army as well as working with the trillions of bacteria occupying the gut microbiome by up and down regulating genes to ensure our health and longevity. This 8-month planned fake panic is all possible because the Cabal, expert at influential psychology, learning and self-identification, beliefs and convictions, using the fear driven survival mechanism to subdue our rational thought processes have forced us to make self-destructive decisions. This is relinquishing our free will and placing our independence on the Federal government comprised of those thieving crooks named, Democrat, Republican, and top thieving crook, the President . Know that each 20th century President are deceptive shills and interface of the ruling Cabal class and following their directives. Slow and steady does win the race, thus far, evidenced by where we find ourselves and how more are starting to rebel. Tension is rising and rebellion is brewing in parts of the country and hopefully in each inch of it soon. Tell the Cabal by your actions as a free person and exercising your human rights, that you reject anymore injustice, will no longer fight amongst ourselves, will choose better leaders that are not politicians and will create a world that works for everyone, leaving no one behind.