Expect to be poisoned, maimed, and killed for your health.

Attention getting title but the masses allow fear to block out critical and ordinary logical thinking. All of you in the United States are enslaved under the Federal, Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, PREP, which states that a countermeasure against COVID(a vaccine) will inevitably maim or kill you and that you cannot retaliate legally against the government or the vaccine maker. The seventies and eighties produced a steep rise in children coming down with organ, digestion, and brain damage by vaccinations. Parents took to litigation against the drug companies for compensation of their healthy children becoming permanently disabled by chemical poisoning called vaccination. Vaccine makers complained and the government thought it best to ensure the income making of the drug companies by giving them blanket immunity with the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. To date, over 4.4 billion have been paid to the vaccine injured children suffering from permanent digestion, organ, and brain damage( with only 1% reporting). Parents and sadly doctors(getting their health information from the corrupt CDC, hypocritically a drug business), weren’t told of vaccine injury symptomology occurring days, weeks, and months after the toxic chemical injections. What does this tell you? Both FDA and CDC know of the toxicity of vaccines but unfortunately both are for profit drug companies as they own drug patents, with the CDC buying and selling 4 billion dollars of drugs yearly. Worse yet, illegal, immoral, and unethical postings of the health benefits of vaccines on the FDA and CDC websites misinform both individuals and doctors of the blatant lies declared as truths. 

Fraudulent, operating above the law, the drug companies enjoy total immunity from legal pushback from parents of the children they permanently injured and killed. Vaccine makers have chosen to create more vaccines for any this and that, making billions, getting them green lighted by the FDA, and made Federal policy by the CDC, which carries with it mandatory compliance. Sounds like Nazi Germany or Heil Hitler master race expanding, echoing down every neighborhood? Proof of the CDC corruption and destroying results of scientific studies on the MMR vaccine were reported by whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, CDC scientist, who kept the original study results because he knew it was illegal to destroy any of the government gathered findings. Dr. Frank De Stefano in charge of CDC vaccine studies ordered all records of the studies indicating that vaccines caused Autism, to be destroyed and for CDC scientists to lie about the incriminating results. Colleen Boyle, head of the CDC knew of the meeting but chose not to attend. Conscious or guilt, motivated Dr. Thompson to contact Dr. Brian Hooker whose son became profoundly Autistic after getting the recommended MMR vaccinations. From bright and normally developing and hitting all the time tables the Hooker child, quickly regressed to nonspeech when he had done so easily before the injected poisons, failed to make eye contact when he had previously done so, started banging his head against the wall when he hadn’t done it before, and twenty five years later, still in diapers. Dr. Hooker, State legality conscious, recorded calls from Dr. Thompson but in States that allowed recording of calls. Recorded was Thompson’s admissions that the CDC scientists discarded their own science studies results to criminally confirm that the MMR vaccine was safe and didn’t cause any physical or cognitive impairment to youth. Still with this now publicly known information, the fraudulent health agencies are still operating and no officials going to prison. 

the 2020 PREP act is government and drug company insurance that purposely injuring and murdering you is legal and lucrative. You know of course that you are paying for these toxic chemicals with your tax dollars and hard earned income? Each vaccine vile comes with a price plus taxes which you pay for. The 4.4 billion paid out to the few who have won their vaccine injury cases(difficult as government lawyers intimidate you with threats and drag out any payments for 10 years) are 99% less than what they should be. Even the Supreme Court states that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Isn’t it time to reject the enslavement conditioning pushed by the Federal government, the Medical Industrial complex, politicians bought off by Lobbyists representing rich organizations, the largest corporations, the Pharmaceutical cartel, and the shadow government manipulating each country government? 

Have any of you read the MSDS insert of each vaccine? Do you know what chemicals are in them? Let me provide a partial list: Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80, Squalene, GMO’s, SV40(mutated monkey virus), aborted fetal cells, Cocker Spaniel cells, monkey Kidney cells, and toxins and cancers attached to the human and animal tissues used to grow and replicate the microbes. This means that whatever toxins, Cancers, and diseases from the humans and animals used in the vaccine making now is injected into your children, and now more seniors, adults, and pregnant females. The Flu shot started in the 1930’s, still doesn’t work, still pushed for more to get stuck with, recommended for the elderly and pregnant females, still with Mercury in them, and now your local Pharmacists able to jab you as you shop for disappearing toilet paper or something for bulging hemorrhoids. 

Any actual value in vaccines? According to most enlightened science devoted Virologists, Microbiologists, Naturopathic physicians, Homeopaths, Chiropractors, Biologic Dentists, PhD researchers, Eastern Medicine doctors, and Functional medicine doctors, absolutely no! Fundamentally, vaccines seem a reasonable idea but it throws the body out of immune balance by overloading the humeral or circulatory blood flow without any cellular immunity. This means that the chemicals are injected into you bypassing your mouth and nose. Why is this important? Immunity starts on the skin and at any orifice leading to your internal environment. Here the first line of microbe recognition is the Innate immune system which senses anything not self and mobilizes immune cytokines to confront any intruders. Here the T cells from your Thymus recognize and remember the intruders and sends information to the Immune system to make more Antibodies when the pathogenic intruder returns, and this is documented for going on for 75 years. Vaccines are also known to cross weaken immunity for the injected individual becomes less able to ward off common infections previously easily done. Vaccines are made for viruses, or similar microbes still not authenticated, that are lab made. Why this is important is that viruses are nonliving sacks of RNA , DNA, or both without any organelles conferring metabolism or energy usage. This means that viruses made in the lab have no host to replicate in except for a petri dish containing the previously mentioned aborted fetal, monkey Kidney, Cocker Spaniel, or any dead canine from the pound cells. This comes with all their toxins, Cancers, and impurities then directly injected into you. 

Did you know that the dreaded and feared Measles outbreaks are caused by the kids who were vaccinated and not those who weren’t? Those injected with the Whooping cough vaccine or Pertussis are 86% infective or the ones infecting the unvaccinated? Did you know that the now public normalized MMR vaccine is known to facilitate Autism and why this rare illness in the seventies now debilitate one in 36 children, soon to be 50% of all children? Dr. Andrew Wakefield started researching this occurrence in the 90’s and was soon thrown out of medicine when he was only seeking truth. He stated that medical policy and Pharmaceutical cartel financial dominance will continue its greed driven advancement treating humans as disposable objects. Both 1986 and 2020 health Acts are legislation protecting the government and drug companies so they are free to lie, manipulate scientific results, destroy any findings not supporting Vaccine usage, and covertly attacking anyone exposing actual truth about the poisonous cocktail called vaccines. 

Luckily for the United States, alternative media shouts truth since all the major news outfits like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and the others, with all the Social Medias like Face Book, Google, YouTube, and the rest in the deep pockets of the Pharmaceutical complex. You have to ask why Autism was 1 in 15,000 in the seventies and now one in 36, and estimated to be one in two in ten years? Why do 80% of those with Autism have digestive dysfunction like constipation, Diarrhea, or both? Why is heart attack and Stroke, Cancers, Diabetes, IBS and IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Attention Deficit, and lower I.Q. , on the steep rise since the Disco seventies? What is different? Well, 80,000 new chemicals untested for safety, sugar replacing fats in our diets, A1 Dairy not A2, preservatives, dyes, flavors, and other GMO’s, Roundup on 80% of our super market foods, and a constantly increasing vaccination schedule producing increasing sterility, paralysis, physical and cognitive disability. Did you also know that millions of soldiers, vaccinated against their will or coerced to get them or threatened with dishonorable discharge are physically and cognitively disabled and denied medical assistance from the VA as was promised before they enlisted? 

Assess your 2020. Broke yet, with your life savings gone with no employment in the near future? Are you listening to your Governors of continued lockdown, social distancing, and no large gatherings? What happens when the stores run out of food, supplies, beloved toilet paper, rice, potatoes, breads, and factory farmed antibiotic and Roundup poisoned beef, chicken and pork? Notice prices rising as your money supply dwindles? How long will you tolerate this Nazi prison camp? Isn’t violence already happening more frequently and in more locations? Has BLM become a new excuse for violence and destruction? Are you going to home school your kids since you don’t have employment, and what happens when you run out of money? What about the growing anxiety, growing anger, feeling more helpless and hopeless, and you forced to decide to get stuck with toxic chemicals? 

In 2008 the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks, but who will bail out the ineffective Federal Reserve as they continue printing worthless Monopoly paper? See the absolute power and continual weakening the masses strategy? When money, health, and food, are no longer under your control, what will you do? Dr. Andrew Kaufman states that it is yet to be proven that there is a virus called SARS and that if COVID even exists. Why? There is a science proven protocol called the Koch Postulates created by Robert Koch, which are 4 steps to clearly and definitively label a microbe as the cause of an infection or disease. Whatever is causing this COVID, and COVID may not be anything but a made up name or label for a phantom of an illness that doesn’t exist, has never been tested with the Koch Postulates. Therefore, Kaufman contends that SARS might not exist and thusly, so too, COVID. Statistics support him for this 2020 has, according to the CDC, the second lowest death rate since 2009, the supposed year of the H1N1 Flu that didn’t seem to kill anyone. The worried CDC exposed by reporter, Cheryl Attkisson, then fabricated the falsity that 22 million had died from the phantom microbe. The fraudulent news medias report that nearly 200,000 have died with COVID but not a single autopsy has been done, and knowing that the RT PCR test is inadequate for identifying a specific virus. Easily manipulated doctors are told to record any illness and death as COVID because it looks like, sounds like, could possibly be, might be, or assuming to be, the alleged virus. Yikes! 

Time to take a firm stand for freedom and free will. Are you going to let fear cloud your judgment and logical thinking? Are you free to decide or are you head down sheeple walking off the ledge following the fluffy butt in front of you? If freedom is important to you then you cannot sit idly, hoping and praying, that the government will protect and save you. It is totally up to you if you want to exist as a peaceful slave or as a free human being choosing the life path that you desire. Ultimately, the invisible empire or Cabal is dictating the enslavement policy but are afraid that soon you will be no longer afraid of them. Once the fear is lifted, life that you envision is under your control. Up to you if you want to be jabbed with toxic chemicals that destroy your organs, digestion, and brain. Review the actual science then choose.