Victimized, Injustice, the Good Slave

The title of this article describes you cowering indoors, going broke or already penniless, anxious with fear weakening your immune system, and lining up to die without a fight groveling to the whims of the Corporate Criminal Masters. 

More and more in medicine (actual healthcare medicine practitioners recognizing facts and real science), truth reporters and their communities, non mainstream radio, television, and Social media productions, and researchers reporting actual facts, are putting out there information debunking this Plandemic or fake crisis using the common Coronavirus as the dreaded enemy of humankind. 

Yearly, Flu sickens over a billion worldwide, unfortunately thousands die, many get pneumonia and respiratory distress, and the human species carries on. 

For generations our ancestors including all present in 2020 have been conditioned to bow down and kiss the ring of whomever we were taught were our masters. Well, the absolute power game has escalated with the Corporate Criminal Cartel goal to depopulate from the current 7.8 billion to a half million.

This is mass murder with the survivors, agreeing to patent 060606 micro chipped and brain implanted for herd obedience and the singular shallow thoughts of a Stepford Wife existence. 

Think on this an add up the planned weakening of the human population since 1900. 

In 120 years we have been bombarded with over 80,000 toxins in our daily lives, recommended to eat a high refined carbohydrate, low fat, medium protein diet which causes the growing numbers of heart attacks and making 75% of the population obese, forced to replace good fats with vegetable oils like Crisco, Wesson, and margarine,called Omega 6 and causing us to become fatter, Diabetic, and die of heart problems.

We are forced to get 17 poisonous Vaccines injected into us starting from birth causing brain, neurological, digestion, and organ damage, silently conditioning us to accelerate the use of untested for safety Wi-Fi and electromagnetic radiation to power our devices.

We are conditioned to readily accept eating herbicide and insecticide poisoned GMO Frankenfoods, to eat processed fake foods conveniently wrapped in BPA and BPS leaching plastic, and now made to fear a common virus which most never get Flu symptoms from and if becoming sick, easily recovering from. 

Some know the corruption, greed and power intention, of the FDA, CDC, EPA, NIH, USDA, FTC, FCC, and WHO, but now witnessing the escalation toward population decimation or planned 95% quasi genocide.

The FDA has lifted restrictions on accurate labelling of ingredients in packaged foods allowing producers of the already poisonous fake foods to freely substitute and not required to reporting what is the substitute and what is in it. This means that the already poisonous processed Frankenfood is even more toxic and you don’t know what the mystery fake is. 

Primarily wanting to save money on the more expensive animal protein, manufacturers will substitute with insects, GMO peas, Soy, and Corn.

Statistically the population would benefit with more plants in daily eating but it must be biocide and GMO free and certified Organic. Fundamentally and legally, we have the right to know what is in the food that we eat and the purity of what is sold to us.

Can you now see how decades of slow poisoning, our unquestioning and acceptance of it, has turned us into the Soylent Green slave generation? 

Since Lung or breathing problems are in the news confirming a fake Corona diagnosis, it is worth knowing that Lung cancers are rising with 60% who are non smokers. Pneumonia causes Alveolar or Lung cell swelling, inefficiency getting Oxygen into the blood, fluid accumulation because of the swelling, and a 500% increase of heart attack. 

Multiple factors combined and what is called Epigenetics, tells us that toxic loads are high, that we are nutritionally bankrupt, exist in a high stress herd belief meme, and accepting increasing dependence on a Federal government, sock puppet of the 1% Cabal, who consider us, worthless expendable objects. 

Accept at this very moment that you are victimized, a prisoner of injustice, and the good obedient slave doing exactly as your Masters have told you to do. The solution? Change your beliefs and rise above your engrained shallow mediocrity, far beyond what was unaware to you. This means to allow your intuition to come alive, increase your attention to the rhythm of the invisible high energy called love or God, and set your high energy intention of the life that you would most love to live. 

More specifically, live as you want, do as you want, get outside, hug your loved ones, and design your destiny and not dictated to. Cast off the identified role as the good slave and be your own master and start living the life that you choose. 

The Coronavirus like most viruses can be infective but you are armed with the strongest defense and given to you for free. This is called the immune system, innate and adaptive, and meant for learning, protective to any new pathogen, and strengthening your resilience and longevity and longevity of our species. Without challenge, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, we will not grow, will become weak, and will wither and die. 

As you already know from my previous writing, everything in life comes paired. Love comes with fear and growing comes with dying. Yes, someday you will die but each challenge you meet head on making you stronger, preparing you for the next greater challenge. 

The immune compromised, those taking toxic meds, those already eating fake GMO foods, those mired with poor negative attitude, those already struggling with other illnesses, and those inactive, are the ones we must protect by quarantine but with the best medical care.

You have the power to reject being a helpless hopeless victim, deciding to replace injustice with justice, and to shed your slave role for one of free will and choosing unlimited possibilities. COVID is your friend for hidden in this mislabeled fake pandemonium is an opportunity to imagine and create a life totally unfettered to your known past of limitations. 

You have been victimized but you are not a victim. You are a leader, creator, imagineer, and open faucet flowing love. Sounds crazy? Time to be crazy and allow your dreams to be your here and now actuality!