Getting off Prescription Drugs and all Medications Safely While Getting the Result that you Want

In the United States the third leading cause of death is what is called, Iatrogenic, or doctor caused. This includes misdiagnoses, using the wrong combinations of medications not suited for your constitution, medications and combinations including certain foods that slowly and insidiously cause imbalance and increasing stress, and drugs meant for a particular result but causing more harm than good. 

In the early 1900’s, the Rockefeller and Carnegie groups collaborated to reduce the number of medical schools from 500 down to 50 and eliminating Chiropractic and Homeopathy specialties. They birthed Allopathic or Western Medicine, otherwise known as pharmaceutical, pill for an ill, symptom medicine. The fundamental principle was not to heal but to reduce symptoms and not curing the underlying cause. 

Tactically and financially the Rockefellers and Carnegie‚Äôs understood that repeated sales of the product called medications or pharmaceuticals makes lots of profit. Needed was a sales force to dispense the drugs and keeping the consumer buying monthly, indefinitely. These educated dispensers would be called Medical doctors. They were specifically educated and trained to qualify all treatment on the drug first protocol based on symptoms and the meds matching what is to be quelled or reduced. 

The guess work being imperfect and larger profit making coming from increasing the number of patients seen and drugs prescribed daily, became the Allopathic norm. The emergence of medical insurance and this business sector incorporated into the health system by the HMO Act of 1970 entrenched outside non healthcare entities in what was to become pill for an ill treatment of symptoms. 

The pharmaceutical industry is now a 1.2 trillion dollar business including the manufacturing and dispensing of a growing vaccine schedule now worth nearly 60 billion dollars yearly. The FDA has approved another half dozen vaccines which the corrupt CDC will mandate doctors to force parents into making their children getting more and more toxic injections called vaccinations. Dr. Sherry Ten Penny defines vaccines as high risk with no benefit. Each vaccine has a medical insert purporting the implied outcome with all the multiple adverse side effects, including neuronal inflammation or brain damage, organ inflammation and probable heart dysfunction, organ failure, circulatory impediment, digestive impairment, nutrient dysfunction, and autoimmune dis-eases. 

Sadly Western medical doctors were trained to list symptoms not knowing the root causes of them and prescribing the pill most closely associated with the symptom relief. Usually the side effects, some severe and life threatening, are not discussed or casually mentioned and not emphasized as important. Also not mentioned is when multiple meds are prescribed for doctors are not trained in drug interactions and the understanding of the uniqueness of each individual. Doctors use the debunked DSM(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) to find the symptoms most related with the right pill and for proper billing. 

From a couple dozen categorized illnesses 40 years ago, the medical profession has now fabricated many more totaling 297 and 10 personality disorders. Dr. Allen Francis, the orchestrator of the DSM III and IV, has gone on record to state that the DSM taxonomy used by medical and Counseling practitioners worldwide has no scientific basis and compiled nilly willy or by estimation or guessing. The antithetic serendipity is that medications prescribed based on the accepted DSM medical Bible has no reliability or validity. This means that millions of innocent people have been legally poisoned by misled and ignorant doctors prescribing medications they thought would at least reduce symptoms and hopefully not result in amplified harmful side effects. 

This article is to assist and help you get off the drugs safely and to get effective results from natural substances primarily clean Organic foods, meditation, focus with purpose, Fasting, exercise meant for your body type and subconscious convictions, and your Sympathetic response to stress levels. First understand that your current medications can be discontinued or replaced by certain foods, supplements, herbs and spices, and with mental/emotional focusing and positive self-talk. 

It is critical that you do not stop your current medication intake abruptly for this could mean a disastrous outcome for your body has come to depend on the presence of the foreign chemicals for the normality you expect. There must be a transition or weaning off the meds as you clarify your purpose, your vision of the life that you desire, who you want to become, the lifestyle you envision, daily nutrients required for your specific needs, and the commitment to natural daily living. 

This article is the outline of what you will be experiencing and specificity when you choose to work with me. Regardless if you choose me, please work with a Naturopath, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Ayurvedic specialist, or Holistic healer. The meds could be targeting certain organs, vessels and blood, the gut tube, digestive tract, or brain. Quitting cold turkey is not recommended and could debilitate or even kill you. The psychoactive meds are especially difficult to get off because your brain has come to expect their presence and what they turn on and off. 

Remember also that your gut microbiome, the 75 trillion viruses, bacteria, Yeasts, Fungi, Molds, and parasites, engage in commensal harmony or working in balance with the others. The human Genome project tells us that we are made up of about 23,000 genes of which 19,000 code for proteins. The Microbiome Project tells us that we are a Holobiome of over 75 trillion microbes of which viruses and bacteria work together to turn on or off and up and down regulate certain genes for survival , healing, and thriving of the vessel. 

We, you, are interested in root causes of imbalance manifesting in symptoms of discomfort or illness. Unlike the Allopathic pill for an ill Western treatment of symptoms and not curative, I recommend the allostatic, new normal, protocol of natural remedies focusing on clean food as medicine, and medicine as clean foods. I have outlined the reproducible system needed for you to get off the meds and to allow your body to heal itself. Using whole clean foods, physical and spiritual practices, committing to dream building and vision clarity, will solidify the firm foundation of your new life and the one that you would most love to live. 

If you are committed and all in, then contact me. You are unique, one of a kind, and meant to be here. Your vision and clarity of that vision is where you desire to be and only a roadmap needed to get started. Being drug free, and they are drugs regardless if prescribed, purchased at the store, or from your drug dealer, you are here to break free from them and to be entirely in control of each aspect of your life. Let me help and let us start now.

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