The Moderna Vaccine will most Certainly kill you Before it Saves You

Moderna is primed to save you from the deadly Coronavirus with their life saving Vaccine. 

Recently, 15 brave individuals volunteered to take part in human trials being injected with an experimental Moderna, COVID-19 Vaccine. Within a few days 3 became very ill and had to be hospitalized.

The star, however, was Ian Haydon, who was to testify that he felt great and had no Adverse Effects (AE).

Unfortunately for him, Moderna, its shareholders, corrupt NIH shill Anthony Fauci, and self proclaimed world public health Czar and vaccine devotee, Will H. Gates III, Haydon, 12 hours after the toxic injection started vomiting, spiked a 103.2 fever, had intestinal cramping and with intense pain, collapsed and lost consciousness and rushed to the hospital. 

When he asked Moderna officials what happened he was given the explanation that his symptoms were unexpected and likely nothing to do with the COVID-19 experimental vaccine. Really? The ruse continuing, Haydon explained what happened to him to TV host Dr. Sanjay Gupta, right before they went on air and both agreeing to keep the near tragedy a secret. 

Well, a secret no longer, we now know the level of the deception and that Dr. Gupta agreed with Haydon to lie on National television. Ian, your celebrity days are over because you got caught getting sick and almost died after getting your life saving COVID-19 injection. Moderna was intending on accruing a half billion dollars of public funding to proceed with the poisonous vaccine, pleasing their investors, getting 30,000 doses made by November, and 2 billion doses within a year. 

Usually animal studies start the testing process often taking 5 to 10 years for enough compiled evidence. No vaccine has been ever tested for safety and not one proven to do what it was designed to do. Instead, though the idea is a good one, every vaccine has high risks and no benefit, according to Dr. Sherry Ten Penney. Dr. Meryl Nass in her interview on the, Be The Change show broadcast on the Pyramid One network, noted the corruption of the FDA, CDC, and WHO for becoming shills for the Pharmaceutical cartel and that public health was not a concern and that greed has corrupted the ideals of many in medicine. 

What happened to the other 11 who were injected? 

As of this writing, the Children’s Health Defense reporting by Robert F. Kennedy Jr did not have any information on them. Often, negative symptoms occur days, weeks, and months later, as seen by parents after their children are injected by these so called health protection chemical toxins, actually venom in a syringe.

After Vaccinations, hours to months, the individual experiences immune deficiency to other pathogens, a general weakening of the immune system, and increased propensity to infections, getting allergies, indigestion and decreased ability to digest foods and absorb nutrients, getting headaches non occurring prior to the injected poisoning, brain decline in basic understanding and cognition, physical retardation and loss of developed skills, becoming chronically tired and experiencing continual pains for no apparent causation. 

Vaccines are inflammatory to the brain, gut tube, and organs especially the heart, Kidneys, and Lungs but very few have studied it for the financial pushback by the Pharmaceutical industry and the bribed doctors, politicians, and government officials accepting money, want the substantial payouts to continue.

Did you know that the FDA, CDC and NIH accept drug money and hold money making patents for many drugs? Doesn’t this make them drug companies and unfit to be unbiased public health agencies? 

Your seemingly trusted, FDA, and the faulty accepted meme, FDA approved, is yet another public deception for they green light vaccines for market and any drugs requiring evidence of safety but accepting the safety reports by the companies selling the vaccine and money making drugs.

This is synonymous to taking a test and grading your own paper. Not surprisingly, you get A grades all the time. 

Health Czar Gates III expects mandatory vaccinations within 18 months and admits that there will be casualties, which means severe injuries and deaths. The benefit to the Cabal or Corporate Criminal Elite is that the Gates III intention is to inflict patent 060606 on each human, or as many as he can falsely oppress to ensure them being micro chipped and getting brain implants for surveillance and their data collection. 

If it takes minimally 5 to 10 years for a vaccine to be reviewed and hopefully be tested in a placebo study for safety (which has never happened), then why is Bill Jr. pushing furiously to get a vaccine to market in 18 months and pressuring our government for mandatory injections? It doesn’t appear to be about the money for him though he will make billions, but more for absolute power as Rockefeller and the Rothschilds did before him.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have already been banned from India where their accelerated vaccine program has paralyzed nearly 500,000 children, and where Russia has removed all Microsoft products replacing them with other software and technology. 

Do you want to take Ian Haydon’s place as the Moderna high profile vaccine Guinea pig purporting its safety and life saving efficacy? The only thing you have to do is to get injected with the poisonous chemical cocktail and enduring through the possible life threatening symptoms. You can practice your acting skills in your weakened condition as you join fraudulent liar, Dr. Gupta on National TV spouting your full endorsement of the Moderna COVID-19 poison, otherwise called a vaccine. 

You will be weak and feel sick so toughen up for the camera and play your part! Moderna will have you sign an indemnity contract denying any wrong doing and that any ill health that you might come down with was entirely because of you and nothing to do with the vaccine chemicals they injected you with. Over 4 and a half billion bucks paid out to the many injured by vaccine poisoning, you may or may not be eligible for some money to compensate for permanent cognitive and physical impairment and lifetime of pain. 

At least you will be famous but only if you are a convincing actor for you will be in intense discomfort.

Currently, the Nation is taking a firm stance protesting the George Floyd murder, centuries of accepted racism now spotlighted and the public demanding change, and many finding their dormant courage ignoring the economic destruction of the shadow government blaming a common virus for a fake pandemic, the masses loss of finances and plunge into poverty, using fear to keep you indoors, and forcing you to accept being destitute, helpless, hopeless, and cradled in deepening despair with no way out. 

The statistics of this virus scourge of our 2020 existence? No one really knows for the reporting is falsely inflated to weaponize the fear, making you more desperate for a lifeline from the government, the cure all savior called the COVID-19 vaccine.

The yearly Flu infects over a billion worldwide and is .035 to .083 cause of death. The SARS-COV-2 which causes the COVID 19 is 0.026 deadly but usually causing minor symptoms or no symptoms at all. Those mainly affected are those over 65, in poor health with compromised immune systems, already having one or more illnesses, taking multiple medications, have poor digestion and elimination, and about 43% in nursing care facilities awaiting death.

Dr. Meryl Nass states that though the Coronavirus has been around for a while it was prominent in late 2019 and has since lost much of its virulence and infectivity.

So why are the noted mouthpieces of the danger of this weakening virus still cheer leading the hyperbolic fear mongering chant, for vaccinations, social distancing, avoiding gatherings including place of employment and groups greater than 5 people, and in wearing masks which seem to do nothing or to prevent the individual from taking in necessary microbes from the environment to strengthen their Holobiome microbiota? 

Our existence is founded on inside outside exchange and an immune system constantly challenged for increasing resilience. With faulty and poor consequence planning, quarantine of healthy people, social distancing, wearing masks, placing people into poverty, depletion of funds, and diminished self-respect, weakens immunity and weakens us when versions of the SARS-COV-2 crops up again after Summer. 

Those falsifying data with inflated infection rates and actual deaths attributed to the SARS-COV-2 from the University of Washington, Johns Hopkins, and Imperial College, might be due to inaccurate math or quietly devoted to a propaganda agenda which is a cure all vaccine.

Those from Imperial college and Neil Ferguson who distinguished himself with his mathematical projections, which are consistently and notoriously wrong and grossly inflated, have provided noted Influencers the fake evidence for extreme life altering and diminishing edicts. 

Every year, more than 60,000 worldwide unfortunately die from Influenza and Flu like symptoms but never was there lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, or wearing masks. So why for SARS-COV-2 causing the COVID-19? A vaccine was never successfully created for the 1976 and 2009 Flu’s as well as the 2003 SARS, so why fast track a vaccine for the COVID-19? For the pharmaceutical cartel it will mean billions of dollars, for Bill Jr. it will mean billions of dollars for his BAMG Foundation Trust plus autonomy over worldwide public health including depopulation, sterilization, and dedication to eugenics. 

Dr. Nass clearly indicated that accurate unbiased information is increasingly difficult to access and that for the inquisitive lay person, that fake information or plain lies easily supplant curated peer reviewed articles. She sadly also discussed that even the most known and respected publications like the British Medical Journal, JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, and the Lancet, have been infected with falsified science and untrustworthy information. 

So where does one get unbiased truth supported by actual science and easily accessed for non doctors? 

Here is a good listing which will open other truth filled sources for you: YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine, radio talk show, Be The Change, on the Pyramid One network owned by Bob Charles, Patrick Herbert, David Icke, Gareth Icke, Tom Minderle, Dylan Charles of Waking Times, Meryl Nass, and Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan, Peter Osborne, Jonathon Landsman, Patrick Gentempo and Revealed Films, NVIC with Barbara Loe Fisher, Jonathon Otto, Tom O’Bryan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense, Razi Berry and The Love as Medicine Project, David Perlmutter, Christine Schaffner, Dietrich Klinghardt, Mike Adams, Stephen Gundry, Suzanne Humphries, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Sherry Ten Penney, Zach Bush, David Wolf, John Rappoport, Nickolas Vasilli, Ocean Robbins, John Robbins, Tony DUrso.

Before you think of being injected know that natural herd immunity comes about as the population responds to a pathogen like a virus or bacteria, develop antibodies and immunity, and respond in greater numbers as more are exposed to the new microbe. This can and never will happen with vaccinations for as romantic as it may sound, immunity is not possible, boosters required, and compensatory lifelong weakening of the immune system as other minor pathogens gain virility causing the individual to get ill and sometimes critically so. 

Vaccines, like Christianity and the Jim Jones People’s Temple, have become religions and sought after cult brainwashing for peace and acceptance. The conundrum is that since the 1800’s, many have recognized and strongly vocalized that vaccines do not work, cause long-term damage, weakens the immune response, and causing chronic inflammation negatively affecting the Cerebral Cortices, Glia and associated Lymphatics, hart, Kidneys, Lungs, intestines, Liver, gut microbiome, allowing for leaky gut and leaky brain. 

Divide and fight with others have created two distinct camps, Vaxxers and non-Vaxxers. Like the labels, Democrats and Republicans, societal urging, encourages you to choose one or the other, sticking to one side, and making the other side wrong no matter even if they have the better idea which can benefit more of the public. Remember that vaccines are chemical cocktails including: Mercury and Aluminum both neurotoxins, Formaldehyde used for embalming dead bodies, GMO’s, SV40 or simian virus, Poly Sorbate 80, Squalene, and mutated animal cells which the vaccine is grown on. 

This is injected in you and the current schedule is 17 vaccines or 72 shots, starting at birth when there isn’t an intact and working immune system which takes about at least a year to form. Chemicals are toxins because the body did not make them and consider them foreign and mounting an immune response which is inflammation becoming chronic inflammation and internal imbalance leading to autoimmune dis-eases. 

Every year the Flu shot is touted, encouraged, and persuaded upon you for benevolent reasons but with the encouraging other not knowing that the Influenza strains are not the ones current for the year since mutations have occurred and the vaccine rendered invalid but poisonous to the individual lessening the immune response to other pathogens. The CDC knows this but because they are a literal for profit drug company, they encourage the elderly, pregnant females, and all others to get injected with chemicals that invite disease not prevent it. Unethical? Yes. Illegal? No. Unethical greed causing illness and death? Yes. 

The MMR and DTP have been around for a while and consistently cause childhood illnesses, cancers and early onset Diabetes, brain and organ swelling, continually weakening of the immune system, and sadly contributing to the Autism Spectrum which was less than one in ten thousand in the late seventies and now in some areas, one in 36. A multi factored cause, it is the massive use of weed killer Glyphosate, accelerated vaccine schedule, increased sugars and artificial sweeteners, low intake of good fats, increased environmental toxins including BPA and BPS plasticizers, fire retardants, Fluoride, and pesticides. 

It is up to you to research and compare information, talk to as many people as possible, and to look up all the resources that I have listed. There is also an organization called the, Cochrane Collaboration, which initially was a non-biased review for science literature but now undermined with money from the drug industry. Keep researching and learning and do subscribe to my YouTube show and radio talk show. Do not be fooled for the mainstream media, Fox to NBC, CNN to MSNBC, are all bought by the drug industry and the hosts no longer journalists but drug industry shills unwilling to report truth but rather what the Cabal and industry controllers tell them to report. 

If you want to replace Ian Haydon as the face of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, they are looking for another chump willing to be paid to be poisoned with a toxic experimental drug cocktail called a vaccine. Ian almost died as did 3 other of his chemical testing cohort. All 15 started out healthy and robust and after a day, almost 25% nearly died and became intensely sick and rushed to the hospital. Vaccines like silent corrosive acid eats away at your immune system making you vulnerable to pathogens easily neutralized with a healthy immune protection army. 

Chronic inflammation you will not usually see except for skin lesions, flaking or psoriasis, spotting and splotching, areas of redness, and associated joint pain. The bigger picture is that your freedom is being quickly destroyed with this COVID-19 fake pandemonium making you desperate for a handout, lifeline, trickle down crumb, and quick fix, which is the advertised cure all vaccine. Don’t fall for it and get accurate information from my Blog and both my shows. 

Check out the Patrick Herbert Blog and get the most detailed information plus references to further expand your knowledge. Do not settle for mediocre or lies from the high profile sock puppets like Gates, Soros, Bezos and the Social Medias.