Love will keep us Together

The title of this article is also the title of a catchy hit song from the seventies, oozing deeply felt love between real-life duo, singer Toni Tennille and sunglasses-wearing straight-faced keyboardist Daryl Dragon.

Love described in every civilization since antiquity has yet to be define to what it is and the limitless enormity of the feeling. Love is also known as the highest of all known energies which is another name for God, Creator, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom,  and the Source of all things.

Look no further than your own body which appears simple and like everyone else with slight outer differences.

Think for a moment for love is also a knowing intelligence, a representative of truth as it has always been,  and exquisite Grace which automatically senses the outside and inner worlds so unifying harmony can be fulfilled.

Imagine that at any level that one can concoct or contrive that love exists as all knowing invisible energy calmly going about the business of relationships and Win/Win balance.

Microscopically, this is cell to cell communication, cell to surrounding aqueous environment bathing, taking in nutrients, excreting waste, receiving  and sending information connecting the inside to the outside and
outside in.

The love energy is also represented as biophotons or illuminating light which each cell can emit. Within this light is information which science has told us is an accumulation of generational biographies and what connects flesh and spirit.  Each organ, gland, vessel, blood,  immune cell, DNA, Gene, and nerve vibrate at their own frequencies and communicate both within and the without.

Somehow relationships start sub-atomically as inside of the smallest particle called an Atom is a hollow nothingness with the nothingness packed full of powerful energy and a consciousness of what to do to ignite life.

So, what breathes you?

What makes your heart pump blood?

What makes your Lungs take in and expel air?

What makes you happy or afraid?

What makes you sleepy or alert?  

What makes you desire to reproduce?

What makes you hungry and thirsty?  

What makes you feel fear and what makes you feel love?  

Repetition like studying for a test, pushing or pulling resistance to build bigger muscles, and running more miles for aerobic conditioning describe energy usage for intended beneficial outcomes. Is this love, since we choose the repetition for an intended and anticipated result that is emotionally uplifting?  

From smallest to biggest, from the inside to the outside, from the alike
attracting the alike,  and a knowing force that allows us to live, can it
be that love is consciousness and innate knowing and doing?

Think and imagine for a moment that contrast allows us to compare what is different, tall compared to short, thin compared to rotund, a smile compared to a frown, and the look of keep your distance contempt compared to an inviting embrace.  

The purpose of this writing is to remind you that your existence is high energy or love and up to you to feel it and to live it, or not.

The God law of two sides explain that opposites co-exist and that though we were meant for unconditional love, that the God law of choice allows us to pick the lesser and repeating the lesser then conditions us to that identity.

Love Will Keep Us Together is a choice, true if all agree, true if all
commit to constant growth, true if all accept and empathize, and true when
all open up to letting go and allowing and loving without condition.