Exercise necessary but what is right for you?

Sounds like a simple topic but like thoughts on religion, politics, race and culture, diets, and dating, misinformation and marketing blur the truth. Knowing what you know about Nature, the predators and prey in it, would you recall any animal type that will run for many miles to kill something or run long distances to get away from the pursuing carnivore? Migrating herds like Caribou, Wildebeest, Musk Oxen, Bison, Antelope and Gazelle, classified as Ungulates or head down grass eaters travel, walking as a group, long distances for plants to eat, birthing, then returning. Interesting the circular pattern that is also seen in helical DNA which defines the life we know. Along the way, knowledgeable predators, meat eaters, stealthily position themselves for a sneak attack for a protein and fat meal that will sustain them and their young. As it is with any species of animal, running long distances is not part of their lives, with the predator/prey relation founded on quick and explosive bursts of high energy sprinting leading to one getting a meal or the other escaping to enjoy another day. Researchers interviewed a tribe of Kalahari bushmen asking about their daily hunting strategies and learned that this ancient group walked 20-30 miles daily in search of prey often returning back to the village the same day with the catch. Asked why they didn’t run the 20 miles plus to catch an animal, met with big smiles and laughter for they explained that running long distances would only get them tired, the element of surprise not possible, and they too fatigued to sprint to kill the meal. For both predator and prey therefore is ambulation or walking which conserves energy and immediate high intensity short distance sprinting to catch something or to get away. So, both Carnivore and Herbivore share the commonality of Fast Twitch muscle type for explosive speed, tire quickly, and playing the life and death game as it was set up to be played. 

Notice the physical differences between a sprinter and distance runner? Usually the sprinter is more muscled with Fast Twitch muscle fibers allowing him explosive speed but not endurance. The distance runner has primarily Slow Twitch muscle fibers which means that fast contractions are not as powerful (less short distance speed)and this muscle type made for more efficient Oxygen exchange, longer distances, and tolerable Lactic acid waste which means tolerable metabolite pain. The short distance sprinter is similar to the stealth foot hunter, Predator carnivore, and fleeing Ungulate herbivore. This means that the differences in muscle Fiber type dictates amounts of energy needed and used if predator or prey. We humans boasting our top of the hill(only on solid ground and mainly in cities and the suburbs) Apex predator distinction, socially interacting if we snobbishly choose, travelling long distances riding around in luxury motorized horseless carriages, listening to Marconi and Tesla sound waves, continually stressing on making more money while fraught with jealousy and envy, rejecting and purposely neglecting physical movement, and stuffing our once sleek Predator bodies with Frankenfoods and dismayed at becoming fat and sluggish, crippled with chronic pain and fatigue, and gleefully getting prescription for different colored pills(synthetic chemicals looking like Skittles) to miraculously cure our diseases of lifestyle. The Kalahari Bushpeople live close to the Earth, eat what Nature provides, uninterested in advanced technology for playing computer games, checking Face Book, that the President’s favorite meal comes from Macdonald’s, and live free from Cancers, Diabetes, heart attacks, Arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. 

In the seventies, the Ken Cooper aerobic revolution took fire with hundreds of thousands taking up distance running for proposed cardiovascular health and more so for sleek sexy bodies. It was always the great pick up line in dimly lit vars, I’m a runner, followed by fawning admiration or smirking disinterest. During that time in Eugene, Oregon a startup shoe company called, Nike, got going and the perfect place because Eugene was a college town and promoting outdoor activities, especially hiking, bicycling, and running the many trails around the University and surrounding the Autzen football stadium, now named, Rich Brooks stadium. In 1976 a Freshman, Alberto Salazar from the East coast donned an Oregon track jersey then becoming an All American in the distance running events. Dedicated to running, he won the New York City Marathon before returning as a U of O track coach. His normal training routine consisted of 100 miles and more ran weekly and participation in Ultra Marathons. Most would perceive this distance running Icon as aerobically fit, having cardiovascular superiority, and a guy meant for an optimal health filled life on Earth. We have come to learn that years of long distance running or consistent long bouts of distance training including cycling actually cause Cardiac Fibrosus, or heart scarring. In the not so distant past, it was befuddling to me when I learned distance running superstar Salazar suffered two heart attacks. How can this be, since aerobic exercise is touted as a heart and artery health benefit and enhancing activity? We now know that pushing the Lactic acid limits, or the amount of pain that you can tolerate, with prolonged distance training when done for years, can irritate your heart and deliver ill health instead of what was sought as a health builder. 

Only recently we have also learned that our gut microbiome, those trillions of microbial gut buddies, supposedly safely contained within the gut tube by the one cell layer thick, Enteric system of tight junctions, become inflamed, allow Lectins, LPS’s(Lipo Poly Saccharides(bacterial parts and excreted waste) and undigested food called macromolecules to escape into circulation. Our magical bodies then sense a threat, jump into action activating the Immune system, 80% located in our intestinal tract, and unleashing a Cytokine storm or army of chemical messengers seeking out what they believe is a pathogen attack while it is only escapees from our 25 foot long gut tube. This is called autoimmune dis-ease or our body misidentifying self as a pathogenic invader and attacking itself. A phenomena called molecular mimicry is when the immune force is fooled in the identification of the supposed intruders, because, ironically, the escaped molecules from our gut often resemble the cells of the different body parts like the Thyroid, Kidney, Heart, Pancreas, Lung, Prostate, connective tissues like in the shoulders, knees, neck, and back, blood vessels, and the brain. Arthritis thusly is more of an immune self attack problem and less than the wear and tear theory. athletes and competitive trainers suffer from irregular bouts of Diarrhea and constipation, more frequent colds, strange rise in blood pressure , pulse rate, insomnia, depressive mood, and more accurately attributed to the inflammation and porosity of the gut tube and escapees not being where they are supposed to be. You would never equate these symptoms with a highly conditioned athlete because being in top aerobic condition has become the Gold standard for being an optimally healthy human. We have learned otherwise and should have asked the Kalahari hunters sooner and taken their advice. 

Before moving on let us speak on anatomic structures for there are body examples of varying joint angles and how they affect mobility especially the running motion. For some, mostly females, there exists lower body conditions called, Genu Valgus and Genu Varum. Nifty Latin terms. Genu Valgus is knock kneed, or the inside of the knees angled toward the other mainly because of wide hips. The mechanical disadvantage of the Genu Valgus structured person desiring to be a jogger or long-distance runner is that they will place more pressure on the medial or inside of their knees leading to cartilage, ligament, and connective tissue injury. In the running motion, each foot strike carries with it 4 times bodyweight and if the knees are angled toward the other, running long distances will lead to medial knee injuries and associated trauma to the hips, low, and middle of the back. Because our skeleton is connected, this could also mean neck trauma and headaches. The Genu Varum person is bow legged and more often than not, a sprinter with Fast Twitch muscle fibers meant for power and speed. However, as knocked knees predisposed the person to inner knee injuries, the bow-legged person will experience more inversion ankle sprains which is the ankles leaning outward accentuated by the leg bow. One can assess further by examining the soles of those famous Nike shoes and observing the excessive wear on the outside portion(Varum) or inner part(Valgus). Imagine your body as a moving connected structure, unique nuances of length and angles, and designing a fitness program according to your desires, intentions, and body shape? 

Another example of a highly developed talent, faulty nutrition, intestinal permeability , and autoimmune self attack combining, is Professional golfer, lefty Phil Mickelson who became popular as a Professional Championship golfer but also for his struggles with Psoriatic Arthritis. Did you catch his commercials promoting the drug, Embrel, to stimulate sales of relief from the pain and joint destruction of Psoriatic Arthritis? So, you know, PA is an autoimmune dis-ease presenting as flaky skin or rash above an inflamed painful arthritic joint. What Lefty doesn’t know or wasn’t told is that gut or intestinal permeability. Is the cause of his autoimmune negative symptoms. As I have explained, when the gut tube lined by the one cell thick tight junctions inflame or swell because of toxins in foods like herbicides and insecticides, intake of sugars or artificial sweeteners in excess and consistent, excess of refined flour and Gluten in excess and consistent, unresolved stress ongoing, and poisonous medications and vaccines flooding the body, the secure gut tube becomes porous allowing macromolecules, Lectin proteins, and LPS’s(bacterial parts and excrement) to escape and getting into circulation. The body immune system fooled by molecular mimicry misidentifies these escapees as non-self and attacks what they think is foreign or not self. For Mickelson this means that some of these wandering macromolecules look similar to his joints and where the Immune army floods with inflammatory Cytokines, antibodies, and scavenging white blood cells. The flaking skin or rashes over the affected joints is also symptomatic of the Leaky Gut as inflammatory messengers rush to identify, in this case misidentification), and attack the intruders. Lefty’s symptoms are autoimmune and caused by his lifestyle, what he eats, the pollutants he breathes, how he manages stress, and his toxic load. Leaky Gut or intestinal permeability is a built-in alert of escaped intestinal microbes and some of the root causes of his joint and skin disturbance. As a Pro, I know that he practices daily to maintain his skill mastery of this precision sport requiring excellence in movements and strategy. Taking a drug will not cure his ills but unfortunately building up his toxic load and making him sicker with worsening autoimmune attacks. 

Recently, Marathoner, Eliud Kipchoge ran the first sub 2-hour marathon and like the first sub 4-minute mile by Roger Banister, was impossible until it was not. You will notice that most long-distance runners, not all, are slender, sporting small muscles, and appearing like the tortured and starved from Auschwitz and Dachau. The distinction is that using the Blue Zones as a reference, is that the longest lived are slender but muscled, less stressed, feeling wanted by their community, and consuming plenty of plants and good clean fats. They exercise daily by gardening, hauling, and building, repairing, delivering, and walking up and down hills and everywhere. Your exercise program must be specific to your body type and beliefs about yourself, and how you fit in the world. You are free to purchase any Nike shoe style, or not, but do commit to the metonym: Just Do It! Inactivity, sedentary, dedication to convenience, becoming the best easy chair Quarterback, beer in one hand and chips in the other, commitment to stress, choosing calorie dense nutrition bankrupt Frankenfoods, becoming anger and hate and not love, forgiveness, and growth, will kill your brain, body, and Spirit. 

So, what is right for You? The first implementation and inclusion are from your Kalahari family, which is absolutely no long-distance running. This is not to say that running is bad but if you choose it then do it with short quick bursts or modify to interval style or Fartlek or fast/slow running. This means slow jogging or fast walking with intervals of fast running , say between trees, buildings, mailboxes if any are still around, or the 5G towers infecting your neighborhood. If you are a pronounced Genu Valgus, be cautious for even the best and most expensive Nike’s will not save you. Find hills to speed up and to walk down. The up and the down burn similar calories because though it might feel easier on the down slant, your muscles breaking or resisting Gravity improves strength as well as consuming energy. Consider the varieties of exercise forms: Yoga, Pilates, combo’s of both, modern dance, throw back to the 80’s, aerobic dance, Hip Hop, Disco(my favorite), Square dancing, Salsa, climbing and hiking, pumping iron, walking the pooch or with your Honey, calisthenics or school gymnasium exercises, shadow boxing, martial arts(Tai Chi and Che Gung are great) swimming or walking in the pool and better if you can walk on water, pushups and sit-ups, Side Straddle Hops also called Jumping Jacks, gardening and hauling dirt, painting a house, cleaning the house more often, and going to the gym daily parking as far as possible from the front entrance and not getting pissed if all the stalls near the front door are taken. As we age we lose muscle, which is metabolic and helps us maintain circulation, and why applying good stress, eustress, is valuable because challenging the muscles with resistance, pumping iron, walking up and down hills, squatting and lunging, will strengthen the underlying bones preventing osteoporosis. 

Remember that exercise, air, sunshine, rain, and wind is free. Do not neglect getting as much sunshine as possible and that is also safe for your skin without covering up with chemically toxic sunscreen. All you need is 20-90 minutes daily, 20-30 minutes if fair skinned, 30-60 minutes if Olive skinned, and 90 minutes if dark skinned. Infinite Intelligence provided sunshine to work with our Cholesterol in making Vitamin D which has a receptor on every cell, intricate in the resiliency of our immune system, a known Cancer treatment, and natural ingredient in warding off any illness or new pathogen. Are you starting to see that we are complex and that our existence was thought out and planned with health promotion and resiliency factors put here to assist our generational progression? Our ancestors moved and were physically active outdoors so they could combine healing sunshine, receive restorative Electrons from having bare feet on the soil, moving their bodies which strengthened their muscles, bones, and organs, and in the process bolstering the protective immune system against any pathogenic assault. The God law of Two sides is clearly in play with the conveniences we enjoy and except with advanced technology but coming with health compromising physical inactivity, excessive and prolonged exposure to Cancerous electromagnetic human made radiation and device use,, the flood of toxins in our food supply, being poisoned by chemical cocktails called vaccines, and now immunity destroying exaggerated fear of a microbe called Corona which might be nonexistent or if present, a health strengthening necessity to ensure the longevity of the human species. 

It is time to make exercise, your brand and style, part of your daily life for this will enhance and expand your presence on Earth as your time here is limited. Make the most of this glory and live your greatest life at your highest expression. My email: drr@drrandallgeorgenozawa.com if I can assist you further. Let me know.