Who am I?

Who am I and why read my Blog?

With the billions of websites and billions of Blogs out there, I jumped in thinking that I could be of valuable service to most people, families, organizations, businesses, and to the environment.

I have, through persistence and a deep desire to serve others so they can live their greatest lives and highest expression, done so but wanting to assist more and more.

I am Dr. Randall George Nozawa and I am a caring, compassionate, and truth seeking man, creating a world that works for everyone leaving no one behind. I do this by teaching my authentic unstoppable you blueprint, Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity(TAIO) customizable to each person, family, group, large and small business.

I have a radio talk show, Be The Change, on the Pyramid One network that feeds to 138 countries and co-hosted by Pyramid One owner, Bob Charles. I also have a YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine, co-hosted by notable researcher, Journalist, and Blogger, Patrick Herbert.

I was a dentist for many years until the unexpected happened and twice.

A near fatal car wreck then 4 years later getting shot in the head destroyed both eyeballs, caused extensive skull and brain damage, and almost severing my tongue which had to be sewn back on.

I should be dead but Infinite Intelligence wouldn’t let me die, and after prolonged recovery periods, I get to live my calling, or my dream life.

Starting life all over in my mid forties, 17 years ago blind, broke, and almost homeless, was a daunting challenge but what I needed in my life to realize my dream. I now believe that you have to believe it before you can see it, because life happens for you, through you.

I repeated this phrase back then and still do, to remind me of where I’m going and not anchored to the past. I had been studying and teaching personal development for over 24 years, helping people eliminate old restrictive subconscious programming and replacing them with dream building, and implanting self-awareness and making the fear scoundrel a friend to move forward with.

I now had the opportunity to follow my own advice.

Do you know that the Universal God laws actually work? The law of Attraction is the most known as many have watched the show, The Secret. I wanted to find out more so I read and reread Raymond Holliwell’s, Working With The Law, a comprehensive description of the 11 primary God laws which are working 24 hours a day without you noticing or being aware of.

Like Gravity is commonly accepted and obeyed, the laws of Attraction and Vibration and the others come packaged like a rainbow, expressing what is dominant in you at the time.

Vibration or energy, represents everything on Earth and the immeasurable depthless Universe. You can feel the energy in a room and if it is positive or negative, attractive or repulsive.

I learned of, unconditional love, from Patrick Herbert as he had undergone an awakening and a rapid ascendance to a higher plane of awareness and being.

Because I follow the Samurai Warrior code called, Kaizen, I am constantly wanting to improve, discard old ineffective ways, and to adopt new methods to expand and grow. I comprehensibly teach the 9 Human needs and 9 Pillars of Wellness.

When we do meet, our energies will connect, become greater than the both of us, and guide you to where you would most desire to be.

Thanks to the Internet, I get to help people in different countries and cultures, different beliefs and rituals, and coming to the understanding that we are all the same for all we want is to love and be loved.

Sounds simple and it is, but the meme achievement at any cost, Ego program dominance, and conditioned win/lose conviction, dooms people to constantly coming up short, not there yet, and settling for daily and pervasive, guilt and shame.

Is this you?

Still trying and not quite there yet?

Or have you given up entirely?

Has that light gone out, or is that fire smoldering and awaiting a spark?

Contact me immediately at: drr@drrandallgeorgenozawa.com for an absolutely free 1 hour strategy session, which could get you going again. If you then think it a match, let us team and ascend together.

Whatever you choose, do tune into my radio show, Be The Change, on the Pyramid One network, YouTube show, Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine, and my Blog. 

Knowledge is not power but mere entertainment unless you use it to benefit you and allow you to grow.

Kaizen 2020 Namaste.

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