Germs or Terrain, and the Sun does not Revolve Around the Earth

For millennia, Clergy were more educated than the average person with the Papacy dictating religious and social doctrine.

Copernicus using new technology called a telescope quickly realized that the Sun did not revolve around the Earth as religious leaders had declared for centuries. Fearing retribution or being executed by the men of the Cloth, he kept this secret until his death bed. 

Galileo discovered the same and reported the finding to the Pope, his former college roommate, and who then subsequently threatened him with certain death if he did not recant. Alas, he did, and left to exist in torment for telling the truth. 

In the mid eighteen hundreds, Austrian physician, Ignaz Semmelweis, postulated that the high death rate of birthing mothers could possibly be because of surgeons doing cadaver dissections for advanced anatomy knowledge before rushing off to assist mother’s in the birthing process.

The combination of microbes and chemicals associated with dissecting dead bodies and carried on the hands and instruments of the surgeons as they transferred the multitude of pathogens to the birthing female, seemed to Semmelweis what was possibly killing them. Not realizing yet what microbes were, he implemented hand washing, which led to nearly no mothers dying in childbirth. 

Shortly after, Louis Pasteur created Germ Theory of disease. He subsumed that the body was sterile and that any pathogen, a germ, coming in contact with the germ free body was the cause of disease. This model of illness is still the foundation of modern medicine and where a pharmaceutical specific to the germ would kill it thusly restoring health.

Like it was with Copernicus, Pasteur admitted on his death bed that it was indeed the internal terrain which allowed disease to fester or be gobbled up and not the lone pathogen causing the ill. 

During the same mid nineteenth century, Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechampe proposed, Terrain Theory, that the health of the internal body, eating high nutritional foods, ability to detoxify the organs, and lower the acidity of blood, was what allowed disease, dis-ease, or microbiome imbalance to continue or perish. 

The Western medicine system now a powerful sickness cartel, became firmly implanted on pharmaceutical use in the early 1900’s funded by the Carnegie and Rockefeller camps. They needed people to sell their lucrative tiny chemical Skittles and created institutions called medical schools spitting out pill pushing white coats called medical doctors. Now a trillion dollar sickness machine, the medical doctor has become a dispensary of pills for all ills, also selling radiation for burning, and surgery for lopping it off. 

President Eisenhower, in the fifties, warned of both the military and medical industrial complexes becoming dominant dictatorial forces controlling the Nation and other countries. Since, the human genome project and human microbiome project have been researched and documented indicating that the human animal is composed of about 23,000 genes, over 75 trillion microbes or microbiota and primarily found in the gut tube, mouth to butt exit. 

There are over 100 billion brain cells and a thousand pathways from each neuron., Mitochondria, or where energy is made are 80 to 2,000 per cell depending upon the energy requirements of the cell cluster. These power packs initially started off as bacteria before being incorporated into the animal species used for creating energy. 

What has been discovered is that though our genes are our life blueprint, it is the microbiome, bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, molds, and parasites, working in commensal balance that turn on and off genes for resilience and longevity. The current conundrum or head scratcher is that this Bolognavirus or what Elmer Fud would mutter, Cwazy Viwus is founded on the antiquated and rejected Germ Theory which researcher scientist Pasteur had rejected himself. 

Terrain Theory commonly collectively called Eastern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Energy Medicine, Love as Medicine, or Holistic medicine, exhibit statistical superiority in healing and restoring the individual to optimal wellness. The basis here is to allow the Immune system to do its job which is to recognize any new pathogen, memorize it, and to create antibodies to destroy those invaders in the future. 

Conveniently and smartly positioned, 80% of the Immune system is located in the gut tube and closely working with the digestive process which is commanded by the nonhuman microbiome. Note that Charles Darwin waited over 20 years before submitting his theory of evolution for he was unsure if it was actually correct and left room for debate as Lamarck proposed his own theory of evolving by generational intention.

Science has agreed upon the high energy of emotionalized thought, firm intention, subconscious rules, unconditional love, commitment to the human will, that each cell has biophotons or emit light, and this light containing information of past generations dating back to the Creation of the Universe. Science keeps evolving and now trying to uncover and measure the spiritual energy. 

In the here and now, distorted marketing has filled the masses with fear and uncertainty. Amidst the collapse of National economies comes open doors of innovation, imagination, and creation. Hidden in the worst is greatness but we must first friend fear and move forward, unafraid. The Fud superbug hypothetical Viwus is infective but what a robust Immune system can protect you from by recognizing and memorizing it, enhancing your resilience and thusly your longevity. 

Be confident in your inner terrain or Gut Microbiome for this Department of Defense was provided for us to thrive no matter what the challenge.


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