Your Genome

Your Genome is you, or is it? In 1990 the Human Genome Project got started and concluded 13 years later. The genetic code was thoroughly researched and this biologic blueprint the foundation of the human animal and of you. There are about 20,500 genes passed on through the generations by your ancestors and now you the current iteration. Curiously, a worm and fruit fly (Drosophila) have similar numbers of genes but there is a vast difference in their size and function as well as lifespan. So why the differences and who or what created this imaginative diversity in our Planetary world? Genetic mapping is a mathematical study but begs the questions, who, what, where, when, and how. Under every rock are different creatures and you wouldn’t know they existed unless you turned that rock over. What is their purpose and how do they contribute to our lives or life in general? What about those pesky mosquitoes, the fire ants that sting, bees and butterflies, snakes, Elephants and Giraffes, Penguins and Ostrich and other birds that can’t fly, Wolves and your pet pooch, Saber Tooth Tigers and your purring aloof kitty, Parakeet and Eagle, Chimpanzee and Gorilla? Depending on the last time you watched the movie, Jaws, did it make you afraid to go into the water? 

There is a cosmic or spiritual side to genetics for something or someone had to dream it up and cause it to happen. If our Galaxy is about 13.8 billion years old, what came before it, and why is Earth the only one with abundant life on it, as we know? Yes, there are space aliens and quite likely integrated into our genome and confirmed with the nonlinear Anthropologic evolution of the history of our species. Check out Gobekli Tepe In Turkey and that advanced ceremonial settlement predating known pottery making. How do you explain it? So, you know, genes code for proteins for each organ, gland, vessel, blood, heighth, eye color, facial features, voice sound and speech patterns, and everything in our miracle bodies made of proteins. Unlike our worm , fly, slug, plant, and creepy crawly relatives, our genes code for multiple proteins obedient to a cosmic software that we do not yet understand. Unfortunately, drug makers, genetic researchers, vaccine makers, the Military, FBI and CIA, athletic performance coaches, and cognitive enhancement academics want to manipulate and regulate improved outcomes of whatever human abilities that we were given to be in this life form. Understandable but limited in the global picture of the unknown multitudinous functioning and intricate relationships of each gene and how they symbiose. 

Heir Hitler through protegee, Mengele experimented on imprisoned and enslaved Jews to further confirm his idea of the Master race but more so to promote the drug giant, I.G. Farben. Unfortunately for him, he lost the war, opening the global economic dominance of the Rockefellers in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, reoccurring pill for an ill sickcare, eventually known as Western medicine. Drug makers desire to address ordinary human responses, symptoms, relative to the outside world unconcerned of root causes or cure, which is return to symbiosis. They want to manipulate our genetics and block inborn responses to whatever makes us sneeze or cough, to decrease fevers which is the inborn sign of the immune system combating invading microbes and signifying healing, to decrease stomach acid which kills pathogens and continues the digestive process, to decrease Cholesterol which makes our hormones and critical to optimal brain and organ health, to decrease blood pressure bypassing the imbalance in the gut microbiome and Enterocyte intestinal tight junctions, and replacing Prebiotic fiber to relieve constipation and Diarrhea and the 10 pounds of stuck poop that the body desperately wants to get rid of. Pill for an ill symptom decrease can also be called stupefying half ass genetic tampering for each gene has many functions and makes numerous proteins that have different duties. For example, when you buy a cough suppressant from the convenience store or where you get your gas station sushi, you hope to lessen the cough, but what else is this drug going to do? The dominance of the Rockefeller Big Pharma spawned relationships with the big drug companies in Europe like Bayer who now owns Agent Orange and Roundup maker, Monsanto. Be appalled that the biggest chemical companies like DuPont, Dow, Johnson and Johnson, and Syngenta, control the food supply by selling poisonous herbicides and insecticides to monoculture industrial farmers. The point is that your factory farmed plants and animal proteins are poisoned with biocide toxins, antibiotics, and GMO’s which are marketed to you as must have items especially for the health of your children. This con job is killing you, mutating your genes, decreasing your health systems, decreasing your resiliency, and damaged genetic information that you pass onto the next generations. 

Milk drinker? Befuddling is that the human is the only animal that drinks another animal’s milk. However, this behavior is common in most cultures and this you must know. About a thousand years ago the milk Casein A2 protein mutated into Casein A1, in some cow varieties including the Holstein which most Americans get their milk from. This is why many suffer from milk allergies or often wrongly attributed to Lactose intolerance. For millennia, the human got used to drinking A2 milk which thanks to genetics, was digestible but also causing unfelt cellular inflammation. With the change in the milk genetics, many cannot tolerate A1 milk from the Holstein cow. Jersey cow milk is more A2 and Camel milk is more like breast milk which is digestible. Goat and sheep milk are also better digestible options. Remember too that Pasteurization(Louis Pasteur father of debunked Germ Theory) is boiling to kill germs which also kills any nutrients, with the manufacturer adding back the vitamins and minerals that should have been there but destroyed. So, what is milk exactly and could it be described as boiled white liquid with GMO vitamins added to it? Of course, you were taught to pour it over Kellogg cereal because, milk does a body good, right? Remember that cereals, wheat , corn, soy, and other grains unless grown Organically, start to finish, are sprayed with Glyphosate in the Roundup weed killer with corn genetically modified to withstand the herbicide dousing. Unknown to you is that much of your vegetable and fruit intake is poisoned and the staples like corn and soy, genetically altered for fast and high production, makes the biocide sellers lots of money, and you sicker and sicker. Herbicide and insecticide poisoned corn and soy, along with high doses of antibiotics are fed to the cattle, chicken, and pig that you gobble up because you were taught that high protein is good. Not! Dieting and exercising more and still fat and weight that keeps coming back? Toxins are turning off or muting your good genes and why your body is not responding. The commercial farmer is thusly an indentured slave to the Agri business giants for they are forced to buy the GMO patented seeds that are sold. Better to get your produce and animal protein from the small local farmer with healthier plant and livestock practices. 

Can you see the many ways that genes are modified and how imbalance causes symptoms of illness which is treated with drugs that suppress the inconvenient symptoms, and further mutating our genetic blueprint?. Let us keep rolling. There are gene mutations called, MT HFR and MT HFS, which inhibit your cells from Methylation. This means that you cannot properly utilize the B vitamins, Folate, Vitamin B9,and Cobalamin, vitamin B12 as needed for optimal functioning. Methylation is critical for each cell in your body to operate effectively. There is a term called: SNP, or single nucleotide polymorphism or mutation. Remember that DNA has 4 base pairs, A, G, C, T, Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thiamine. Different combinations, the basis of your uniqueness is cosmically arranged in a blueprint and the foundation of who we are as human animals. There are Autophagy genes or Fasting genes and a survival and optimal health gift from our ancestors. Back millions of years, food wasn’t always available or plentiful. Our ancestors had to go without food for days and weeks which caused gene mutations which not only supported their survival but contributed to the body operating more efficiently and expanding the innate intelligence we were also gifted with. When food wasn’t available our bodies stimulated apoptosis or planned cell death of older, weakened, or injured cells. Another example of dying becoming life, the demise of these cells and cell parts produced Amino Acid building blocks which assisted undifferentiated Stem cells to replace those cell lines which died. This tells us that our bodies possess the innate intelligence to make proteins without consuming foods, and for a while, a few months, equipped to live without eating. The additional benefits are that all the multiple systems recalibrate becoming more efficient, youth envigored, brain functioning enhanced, immune system strengthen, and toxin removal more thorough. Because of the abundance we have now, producers and manufacturers wanting to sell you more and more, convenience tech like refrigerators, stove tops, and microwaves, making life more and more convenient, our humankind have become accustomed to continual excess and never-ending plenty. Weather and geographic location dictated foods grown and eaten especially when vegetables and fruits were available only in late Spring through late Summer. As the weather cooled and the snow blanketed the soil, we had to adapt, eat less, and benefit from regression, metabolism slowing and resting, and not constant growth. Can you see that 365 days, year after year, of growth can also allow Cancers to continually grow? Conveniences have allowed us to ignore the 4 seasons, what grew in those particular periods, and making us privy to excess when we benefitted from lack and the natural rhythms of the energetic Intelligence of the Universe. 

There are Alzheimer’s genes and passed on with the female DNA. Many get frightened when buying the 23 And Me or finding out that they too have the Alzheimer genes and that they too will get it. Nonsense, because many with those brain dysfunction genes, never get any symptoms while many without those genes, suffer brain decline. Curious again is that the diseases found listed in all medical books are named after guys. Is this engrained silent misogyny institutionalized in our literature and professions? Thanks to Oprah Winfrey we now know a powerful celebrity by one letter, O, and who took her abusive and poverty youth and transformed it into mega societal benefit. 

We now know that epigenetics, outside factors, influence gene expression or up and down regulation for balanced functioning. Epigenetics include: emotional state or length of time focused on negative or positive energetic thoughts, nutrition rich or bankrupt foods, length of peaceful sleep, reaction or calm response to statements or actions incongruent to your beliefs, continual toxic loads including drugs or meds, refined sugars and flour, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fire retardants on bedding and clothes, Fluorides and Mercury, Molds, chemicals in cleansing supplies, sun screen, and personal care products, GMO items, bacterial waste and escaped macromolecules from the mouth to butt tube. So, it is the epigenetic influencers including the nonhuman bacteria and virus teaming together to regulate gene functioning that is critical to immune resilience, healthy longevity, and renewal of the human organism. Our current is dominated with electromagnetic radiation powering our devices made worse by the extended time of use and the negative emotional state that this fake panic called Coronavirus has plunged us into. Untested for safety Y Fi and generations of human created radiation, the continual high corrosive Cortisol state we have placed our bodies in, and anticipated vaccine chemical poisoning is negatively affecting our microbiomes and genetic expressions. Unresolved stress mutates genes which get passed on to our offspring and then to theirs. The 5G, short wave nonionizing radiation is especially harmful because it is pulsed with delivery towers or antennae’s which negatively disrupts cellular water, the viruses peacefully existing there, and the energy frequency flow between each organ, gland, vessel, and blood. This constant negative situation starts the inflammation process, alerts the immune army to advance, and causing a Cytokine storm or hyperreaction placing the body into slowed healing, mucous collecting in the Lungs, nose, and throat, and disrupting the symbiotic communication between the gut microbiome, organs, heart, and brain. Breast and brain cancer are occurring mor often with the extended use of devices held next to the head and for women, placing their phones between their breasts for convenient retrieval. Sperm count and health of the Spermatozoa is decreasing significantly as the guys carry their irradiating phones in pants pockets, thusly silently frying their Gonads. Nuts, isn’t it(pun intended)? Make no mistake that vaccines have never been tested for safety and not responsible for the decrease of Smallpox, Measles, Polio, Human Papilloma virus, Diphtheria, Tetanus, or Tuberculosis. The improvement came from better hygiene, improved nutrition, better sanitation, and in tenements having less people in them. The key is that the protective immune system was reinforced so it could do its job as it was meant to do. 

As you self-assess, think of what traits make you you. There is a generational progression of what your ancestors thought, felt, and did, that is now part of you. The gene SNP’s caused then are now gifted to you. What you do now, think and feel are therefore what you pass on to the next generations via the gene mutations that you have caused. Toxins, unresolved stress, continual fear, worry and doubt, continual anger, jealousy, and envy, mutate the gene blueprint. The gut microbes, bacteria, viruses, Fungi, Yeast, Molds, and Protozoa are influenced by what you eat and when, how you feel, the exercises you do or don’t do, and how or if you neutralize the corrosiveness of Cortisol driven, Stress. The primary personality is activated upon birth with many subpersonalities learned by observation adding to the complexity of the belief system and what motivates you to act. Life and the factors not human therefore mutate genes with exogenous chemical and emotional repetition significant in gene blueprint modification representing your presence on Earth and gift to those in your lineage to come. The Source of all things has constructed an evolutionary growth system represented in gene mutations of historical events of that time. The genetic blueprint is the same structure but with individual genes modified because of life events and your responses. Notice those who react hysterically at any unexpected event or not congruent to their convictions and those who respond in calm analytic repose mired in mindfulness? Learned as youth or genetically engrained? 

Fascinating to know that the colonies of bacteria in the gut and in each segment of the body can learn from your emotional state, your negative or positive energy levels, the natural and clean foods you eat or don’t, and if your thoughts are giving or self serving. They in turn team with the trillions of viruses in your gut to regulate your genes for optimal resilient health or dooming you to dysfunction , dysbiosis, and suboptimal existence. Know then the gut microbiome or your gut buddies living in commensal balanced harmony dictate your sickness or wellness, painful constricted existence or purpose filled joyous thriving. 

If you enjoyed what I offered then please share and do tell me what you want to know, learn, change, or what is preventing you from living your greatest life and highest expression. Blessings.