SARS, C19, and Coronavirus

SARS, C19, and Coronavirus, shouldn’t be eliminated but rather welcomed. Most of you have been fooled, duped, deceived, and lied to about a family of viruses called Coronavirus known for decades, and for many you possessing antibodies because of them. For generations starting from 1911, we have been groomed to want pill for an ill Rockefeller Western medicine for symptom relief, but ignoring the multitudes of negative unwanted side effects. Why does the drug or pill do more harm than good and often causing the symptoms that you are taking the pill to get rid of? Why do Cancer drugs cause Cancer and curiously the Cancer you want to cure? Who makes the big money by selling you plastic bottles full of colored pills and auto ship refills each month for the rest of your life? 

Your body is a miracle or interconnected systems innately knowing how to interact and transact, pass along information, and to heal collaboratively. Your body automatically knows what to do, each organ, gland, vessel, and blood. Invisible energy courses through each cell, each Mitochondria, each brain neuron, each DNA strand, each muscle fiber, each thought, and each emotion, nourishing them with information of what is inside and outside, and from the starting of your lineage. When you hear of viruses, bacteria, Yeasts, Fungus, Mold, and parasites, you might be repulsed because these miniature life forms we were taught cause disease. Did you know that our digestive tube or gut as well as every tiny space in our bodies have them getting along and doing what they were meant to do? A phenomena called, Pleomorphism, has shown us that our own bodies make these icky microbes and that they are all required for our survival and existence. Though these microbes enter and exit freely(your mask a silly nondeterrent) Nonhuman DNA outnumber your human codes, with these tiny creatures born in your body. Without these microbes and for this writing, viruses, we will be dead. Yes, these nonhuman inhuman specs work cooperatively, already knowing how, with our human cells turning on and off genes so we can maintain a symbiotic balance. 

Our bodies hold over 265 trillion viruses while the outside world has an estimated, 10 to the 31 power of viruses in the soil and rocks, plants, bushes, flowers, trees, and grasses, each body of water, and each animal including your beloved pets. Viruses are not living but do replicate inside a nurturing host. They are protein bags of RNA, DNA, or both with no organelles requiring energy to live and none to give away. Since 1998 there have been 12,800 new viruses or pandemics so why are the powerful few focusing on the common family of Coronaviruses? 

So what is the purpose or functions of viruses? Known to be a thing or component of life though not living, viruses do not require energy to replicate because they don’t have internal machinery and do not give off energy. Technically not alive but crucial for our existence/survival plan and intricately woven into the known life matrix. Fungus or mushrooms were around 1.3 billion years ago with plants and insects created 400 million years before the time of Jesus. A master plan was organized with coherence, or knowledgeable energy piecing together the bilateral transition of energy into matter and matter to energy. 

The Pasteur Germ Theory was founded on the Semmelweis speculation that unseen things were causing many Mothers to die during child birth in research hospitals in Austria in the middle 1800’s. Pasteur looked into the speculation and presented his Germ Theory but from his notes, he knowing that his findings and recommendations were based on fabrications and lies. Sadly, this debunked theory is the foundation of Rockefeller pill for an ill investment Pharmaceutical medicine, now a 1.2 trillion dollar successful business. 

There are historical episodes of many dying or getting sick when introduced to a new microbe. Along with Many of the Native First People dying from contracting Small Pox from the illegal immigration of Northern European White Cristian males plus many of the good Christians spreading Syphilis, the Native microbial gut colonies in commensal balance were quickly thrust into disarray. Terrain Theory seems to be the better solution for building strong immune responses but nonetheless new microbes could weaken the corporeal physicality of the human before she can mount a protective immune response. A modern day example is visiting Mexico or third world countries and drinking the water. Because the new to the area visitors do not have the necessary gut microbes to digest the foods and liquids in that geographic location, they will get various intestinal disturbances including: diarrhea, nausea, pain, fatigue, fever, and headaches. The locals don’t experience the painful inflammatory symptoms because they all possess the necessary gut microbes that allows for inside out balanced digestive and circulatory communication exchange. So if you chose to live in Mexico, eventually your gut microbiome would get populated with the microbes of that area. 

Viruses have long preceded the entrance of the human animal and when partnering with bacteria, regulate our genes for longevity and symbiosis. In other words, we need viruses, bacteria, Fungus, Mold, yeasts, and parasites to live and to thrive. When these gut buddy colonies grow too large or too small, the imbalanced neighborhood is automatically alerted to return to commensal harmonious balance. The symbiosis is therefore continual and a miraculous inventory system that allows us to heal, adapt, and co-exist with the mega trillions of microbes being made. It is anti-life to kill off any microbe especially this large family called, Coronavirus. The ones that seem to impact us with increased symptomology is the SARS, MERS, and SARS2. What to do? Keep the immune weakened or compromised reasonably isolated from those with the active imbalance illness, while strengthening their remarkable immune armies. For the immune powerful, this protective system can always get stronger and more resilient. Modernity has brought many conveniences but has weakened us as a species. Tens of thousands of new chemicals untested for safety, vaccines untested for safety or if they even work, Pharmaceuticals or inflammatory poisonous drugs doled out like candy suppressing the immune system, human made electromagnetic radiation, Y Fi to 5G, untested for safety but known to cause autoimmune dis-eases, the poisoning of our food supply with herbicides, insecticides, plasticizers, antibiotics, forcing GMO’s and Frankenfoods onto a na├»ve public conditioned for convenience and low cost, and the accumulation of Fossil fuel combustion contaminants clogging the outer Natural world as well as our fined tuned innately programmed inner selves. 

Take this moment to think what this 2020 has uncovered, exposed, and unleashed? Ask if you are really in control of your life? Are you feeling like a powerless now broke slave awaiting the permission from the government to breathe and go outside? Is your desperation and fear full from gobbling up your courage, making you anxious and prompting you to be first in line for the Gates/Fauci neurotoxic heavy metal, Polysorbate 80 surfactant, GMO infused, and mutated monkey virus, chemical cocktail vaccine injection? Stock owners are enjoying an upswing in the Market but most of the 99% don’t own stocks or in quantities too small for economic security. Stocks that seem primed for increase are: Hershey, Hasbro, and Auto Zone. Many high profile investors are buying more Gold and Silver and getting away from banks, which look like Lehman Brothers about to fail. The bottom-line is that the intentional piling on of fear called C19 has turned most of you into weak, courage deplete, mouth wide open cowardly crumb catchers of the trickle down leavings of your Elite masters. Doesn’t this make you a lowly flesh object, easily replaceable with a more obedient and more dedicated slave? 

Your miraculous physical body is a magical system of interconnecting systems meant for constant growth, constant higher understanding, continual sharing of love, and expressing your individual one of a kind uniqueness that benefits us all. So from the unseen tiniest to the grand and majestic, we harmonize with the Nature flow and magically we mend, heal, and ascend. Your nonhuman gut bug buddies were designed to collaborate with your DNA, mammalian genes, and Eukaryotic cells. The gut buddies you want to kill with vaccines create the precursors of neurotransmitters that allow you to think and feel, B cells and antibodies, your ability to digest many types of foods, stimulating your immune system for resilience and longevity, and up and down regulating your genes allowing you to thrive in a predetermined symbiosis. You need, require, must have, all types of Coronavirus in you if you want to live into robust old age. Instead of finding ways to kill them, strengthen your physical being by eating only Organic plants, grass grazed roaming cattle if a meat eater, wild caught fish especially Salmon, Anchovies, Sardines, and Cod, eat what is in season, get plenty of exercise or plenty of movement, bending, flexing, and extending, get plenty of deep peaceful sleep, and make it a point to destress and replace with calm, emotionally neutral thoughts, with you fixated on unconditional love, honor and respect for self and for others, and simple but powerful living focusing on: good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.