1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act

Vaccines, injectable chemicals(microbes, surfactants, Adjuvants, heavy metals, GMO’s, and mutated pathogens), have been a small part of the trillion dollar Pharmaceutical industry but making headlines in the seventies. Moms, especially, noticed their children suffering from different types of ailments after the kids were vaccinated. The adverse symptoms included: gastric/intestinal pain and disturbances, organ irregularities, headaches, inability to focus, brain damage, and debilitating decline in cognitive and emotional functioning. More Moms started complaining and pursuing legal intervention against the drug makers for after vaccinations their children would digress physically , emotionally, and intellectually. The Rockefeller created pharmaceutical industrial complex complained to Congress that they could not withstand the financial losses and therefore would reduce the quantities of vaccines made. The double headed Hydra of Greed flexed mightily with the United States government creating and implementing the: National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986, signed into law by Ronald Reagan of Howdy Dudy fame. As you know, greed driven special interest groups like fossil fuels, the Military, Education, and drugs, represented by deep pocketed Lobbyists have bought and bribed elected politicians for their votes. Remember that the government as a whole and politicians make lots of money by peddling drugs with the fancy names pharmaceuticals, biologics, or medicine. 

The cornerstone of Western Medicine or Rockefeller, pill for an ill symptom sickcare treatment has made trillions of profit dollars for the legalized drug business and those in government producing the legal legislation for public obfuscation and theft of their money. Yes, you are legally being stolen from as your health and the health of your children erodes and you becoming sicker and sicker. Sadly the ruse has a second layer of disguise called the FDA, CDC, EPA, NIH, USDA, and not so ironically the UN created, World Health Organization(WHO) with now biggest funder, vax them all, Will Gates III and his Gates gang. These so called health agencies own patents on many drugs, sell them, profiting billions, while masquerading as public health organizations created to ensure your wellness and safety. More than a conflict of interest, the legalized drug culture or Big Pharma, owns the United States government, all its politicians, the Executive and Judicial branches, mainstream news, and the censorship wielding Social medias. 

Physicians or the white coated ones with MD stitched onto their greater than God jackets of superiority get their medical information from the RICO drug company, CDC. Piloted by convicted felons moving easily between the drug companies and the supposed arms of public health organizations, your doctor, the healthcare expert, is fed falsified information founded on drugs as the only treatment for minor, major, or fabricated diseases. An effective scam bilking trillions from you, keeping you in the system and continually sick, and worse, making your children sick with permanent brain damage, has become the normalized herd meme. Trickle Down Howdy Dudy Reagan ensured that vaccine makers couldn’t be sued with blanket indemnity as millions of children became Vaxxed poisoned with permanent brain disabilities. With the legal green light of selling injury causing defective products without exposure to being sued, vaccine makers pumped out more toxic viles of poisonous chemical cocktails under the costume called immunization. Since, the vaccine chemical poisoning schedule has sped up and now youth required, mandated by the RICO CDC, to get jabbed with 69 shots or 16 vaccines, starting at birth when the immune system is absent and taking at least a year to mature. A minor pharmaceutical industry category, vaccines will soon top 60 billion in profits with trillions ahead in the COVID global scam. 

Many Doctors turning their backs to facts and science, chose blind devotion to medical policy, unsubstantiated regulations for assessing and delivering symptom relief and not curing, and complicit in poisoning children, the elderly, and now pregnant females with toxic drugs. Since the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, more than 4.4 billion have been awarded to the families of the permanently Vaxxed injured youth. With only 1% reporting of the vaccine injuries because of doctor misinformation ignorance and the misled and misinformed public, the numbers and rate of degenerative and autoimmune diseases skyrocket even as the drug industry thrives. No one asks why including the mainstream and social medias, paid off by drug cartel billions for advertising, censorship, and lies about the efficacy of natural remedies. So why is it in the Western world that unlimited amounts of food and legal drugs called medicine are readily available, but the population still getting sicker, fatter, and with more and more kids becoming permanently ill and dumber? 

In the seventies only 13% of children had chronic diseases and now with all the tech advances and drugs, the rate is now 55%. Autism fifty years ago was one in 15,000 and now, one in 36. Deceptive postings by the CDC, FDA, NIH, and bill Gates funded, WHO, promote vaccines as health enhancers when past and present research clearly indicate that injecting toxic substances into the circulatory blood stream causes devastating illnesses they were intending to prevent. Why does this species killing meme still persist? Greed and absolute control over the masses orchestrated by the 1% Elite Empire which controls our world governments. The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act was a coordinated collaboration between the trillion dollar drug industry and the Federal government intent on making poor people poorer and the rich richer. The Reagan trickle down dollars were ripped from the shallow pockets of the poor and eroded middle class and sent directly into the slimy clutches of the wealthy and those overseeing the global prison of the unidimensional mediocrity. 

As you can sense, accurately so, is that you are graded by your financial masters as irrelevant, meaningless objects, valuable for your money, and dispensable. By 2050, the Autism Spectrum will be 50% or half of our children permanently brain damaged, wearing adult diapers, many in crash helmets, unable to be employed, and forced into institutions. Remember that the government will pay for these institutions but the funding coming from your increased tax rate. The sinister and observable scheme is that you are forced to comply with mandatory vaccinations already proven to cause brain , organ, and digestion damage, and you suffering a lifetime of decreased health that was preventable. 

Take a look at the movie, Vaxxed, made by courageous optimal health committed Dr. Andrew Wakefield, unjustly ostracized by the medical profession and more so by the drug industry. He has recently finished a second film, The Act, which is an in-depth look at the depopulation murder legislation called the, 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. The objectified public extinction is clear as Reagan, the medical cartel, the drug complex, the mega rich, and in the shadows 1% Cabal thrust poisonous mandatory vaxxing onto us. Besides the theft of your money to pay for disabling your children, seniors, and pregnant females, with these toxic injections, you have been also robbed of a lifetime with your healthy prodigy. 

So what about the youth eventually becoming the adult generation succeeding us? Well, statistics show the trend toward increasing chronic illnesses, brain and organ damage, more with digestion insufficiency, and poverty and enslavement the norm. Can you see the freedom eroding trend using ramped up fear as the catalase for peaceful slavery? Can you see the Gates gang intention of mandatory vaccinations that is continual with implanted sensors in you to record your actions and compliance? Not science fiction but Orwellian fact and hard core actuality. 

We have been conditioned to be afraid of a microbe, which may or may not be Coronavirus and possibly nothing at all, with the cure a cobbled together quick to market vaccine which is maiming all in the human trials. The misinformation and microbe fear propaganda has been effective as billions worldwide go broke, die from hopelessness stuck at home in lockdown, have become penniless because of the illegal distancing and mask wearing mandates, with purring genocide conductor Gates III making a billion weekly with his financial interests in each and every vaccine company on Earth. 

Dr. Andrew Wakefield was prompted by the Moms in his practice to look into vaccines as the culprit that destroyed the brain and body health of their children who were thriving before being injected with the chemical poisons. His dedication to the health of his patients motivated him to research vaccines, their efficacy, the ingredients, and the etched in stone policy that engrained their presence in healthcare, more appropriately called make you really sick care. For his dedication to his patients and to what true healthcare must be, his profession and drug industry kicked him out as a conscious threat to the slavery scheme called vaccines. His courage and compassion for humankind led him to become a film maker, lecturer, Author, and major contributor to the Revealed Films documentaries, Vaccines Revealed part I and II. 

Currently AstraZeneca and Moderna and 4 other drug companies are in a desperate race to get a COVID 19 vaccine to market. No vaccine, ironically and curiously, has ever been studied for safety, if it even works, and if the known science of our physical biology is congruent with its effective use. The 1986 Vaccine Injury legislation and the domination of the Trojan Horse called Coronavirus has brought to the surface absolute power slavers and jailers, Cabal, eugenics propagandist Bill Gates, the medical industrial complex , the Biotech niche of drug making, and the accepted consciousness meme of humans as disposable objects. The labels of Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Muslims, mainstream media, the Social medias, NRA, Neo Nazis, far left, far right, heterosexual, GLBTQ, and any category imaginable speaks to diversity and biodiversity. Because of the dual edged sword of technology and human complexity, advancement through the centuries have coalesced into a limited class called, Technocracy or the modernized 1% Empire, and the development of Artificial Intelligence(AI). Testimony to the best and worst of the human animal, AI represents the belief of the select few controlling their entire brethren callously objectifying them as disposable. 

This article however must be seen as an open door or unexperienced greatness, and hopeless desperation as a change maker of what is possible. Human against human for domination, resentment and retribution, belief versus belief, and win/lose, can be radically transformed into Win/Win collaboration, cooperation, and heartfelt connection. This means trusting in your instincts, trusting in your intuition, sharing and loving all in the limitless Universe, growing and giving. Humanity created our evolving existence of toxicity and can create an environment of true thriving and prosperity enjoyed by all. Dr. Wakefield was sacrificed and tortured by the medical profession and drug trade because he was dedicated to uplifting the health of his patients. This dedication and caring destroyed his career and he labelled as a conspiracy antichrist trying to defile the sacred sacrosanct cultist religion called, vaccines. There are human made laws, the God laws, and the occurrence of COVID which has given us choices. The 1986 Vaccine law protecting drug makers can be repealed and replaced with legislation benefiting the masses and control over their lives. Thanks to this lie called COVID, Corona, or SARS, and the extreme enslavement and freedom killing thrust upon us by the United States government with illegal martial law, an open door of freedom under our control is ours. 

What to do? Follow the Andy Wakefield lead and take a firm unbending stance for truth and justice, honesty and humanity, inclusion and acceptance, and for diversity as the norm. Forgive Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Robert Redfield, the WHO, the Western Medicine cartel, the Pharmaceutical industry, and the greedy and slimy politicians for they are ideology and greed driven. They are fellow brethren and can be taught that unconditional love is the only viable life theme for continual growth and expansion where everyone benefits.