Goodbye, Buddy

Goodbye, Buddy and you are missed.

Buddy, is a 7 year old German Shepherd belonging to the Staten Island Mahoney family, Robert, Allison, 13 year old daughter, Julianna, and 10 month old German Shepherd, Duke. A few months ago, Buddy became ill and was taken to a Vet clinic that was open because of the COVID fear. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma and at the insistence of Robert given a COVID test. The test came back positive and when Buddy was tested again, and once again waiting for the results, he was now negative. The youthful Duke had Antibodies so everyone assumed that the younger pooch was infected and created antibodies to the virus. In other States 2 dogs have tested positive for COVID and have since died. Is this evidence for zoonotic transmission like was proposed in Wuhan? Is this deadly pandemic worsening since beloved pets out number their owners? 

The article unclear with exact details and elapsed time, Robert came down with a severe cold, blamed on COVID, recovered, and soon after Buddy becoming ill. Allison and Julianna are not sick and 10 month old Duke has tested positive for Antibodies. Let us take a moment here to review and to follow what medical institutions, health agencies, and political authorities have told us and mandated. This nanoparticle called a virus and given the name, COVID 19 and presumed highly infectious and for some deadly, and there are hundreds of trillions of other viruses, by strange coincidence clairvoyant Global self anointed public health guru, Bully Bill Gates, had predicted its coming, and since, the microbe making millions presumably ill and many presumably dying. Scientists , researchers, medical professionals, healthcare workers, and governments, sprang into action to identify the killer microbe and quickly implement martial law mandates including: wearing masks, 6 feet social distancing, no large group gatherings, locking down at home and not coming out to earn an income. 

What could have helped Buddy? Should the Mahoney’s have used masks at home, social distanced, remained in separate rooms, designed masks for Buddy and Duke, and somehow kept them 72 inches apart? Buddy tested positive then a short time later, negative, which might mean that he is disease free? Duke, tested positive for antibodies, so does this mean that he was previously infected and now protected from these viral invaders? The current COVID modalities and antibody testing are flawed with false positives , false negatives, not designed to be conclusive of what the microbe is, antibodies detected but not knowing the type and what caused their creation, and required specificity and sensitivity not built into the testing. In other words, what is tested for is finding viral or bacterial segments and not knowing what they are, how long it was there, and if the genetic sequences identified came from other viruses or microbes. Buddy, unfortunately had Lymphoma and was physically and immunologically weakened, but his doggie demise reason as COVID on his death certificate. 

Are the Mahoney’s to blame for not following the killer microbe mandates and responsible for Buddy’s death or is it, involuntary murder? The two other canines mentioned had co-morbid symptoms and were already ill and weak. 

Is there going to be a burgeoning and booming industry for family pet face masks? How do you social distance your animal friends at home and outdoors, and what if their masks don’t stay on? As a pet owner, I feel sorrow for the Mahoney family and the loneliness of 10 month old Duke for the loss of his older and wiser mentor. 

If you take a different perspective and one founded on logic, actual science, and how we have been conditioned to bow to authority(those assuming power with what the masses have endowed upon them), it is clear that as a species that we have become shallow thinking dumb, easily made afraid, unwilling to stand firmly on truth, and further weakened by poverty, loss of employment and income, and retreating into our powerless peaceful enslavement global prison. Take this moment to assess your average day and are you free to do whatever you want, go wherever you want to go, eat wherever you want to eat, and socialize with whomever you want to hang out with? Is your day deciding on the cleanliness of your mask or are you conditioning yourself to designing a better looking Oxygen depriving facial covering? Is your savings dwindling or is it gone? Are you depending on the government to save you and throw you a few dollars here and there(with not all getting any of the crumbs)? Currently, over a million have applied for unemployment benefits and how long will this slavery go on until they cut you off? Are any of those you voted into political office going without a paycheck and fighting for you to get back to earning an income and thriving in freedom? 

Today I read that retired boxing Champions, Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones Jr., 51, are making a gerontological comeback and will brawl in a sanctioned fight in September. Are they required to wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and get vaccinated for their safety and protection? The fighter with the much much longer reach Will certainly have the advantage. Will the Gates Gang pick the referee, mask him up, order him to stay 72 inches apart from the fighters, and inject him with the vaccine chemical cocktail? I am not diverging from the main point of this article for this comedic close is that because you are dumbed down conditioned peaceful slaves, that instead of choosing a true and actual fight, that you will wither and skin your knees begging for crumbs from your Master. 

For Centuries the Rothschild and Rockefeller silent empire has taken control over the Corporate International money supply while inventing patent pill for an ill Western medicine and quietly but firmly dictating how Governments are to operate. Your President, the politicians, the militarized police, the Military cartel, the Medical cartel, the Billionaires, the Telecom industry, the Big Agri businesses, and now the Biotech industrial complex, are tightening the noose on your dreams for freedom, ensuring your continued enslavement or hastening your murder. Did you know that the newest Billionaire is the CEO of Moderna, and his company sprinting toward the first COVID vaccine? Vaccines have never proven to be safe, never proven to work, documented to actually create the illness it was made to prevent, actually weakens the immune system, and in numerous instances, causes Cancer. Vaccine makers know that it takes 5-10 years to come up with a vaccine that might be tested for some efficacy, with none yet approved for safety or disease prevention. 

Going back to the Staten Island Mahoney’s, at a later Vet visit the staff were, according to Robert Mahoney, dressed in Hazmat suits to prepare Buddy for euthanasia and all fearful of the nearly invisible microbe. Similar attire is worn by CDC cleanup crews when a vile of Vaccine is dropped and broken because the contents of those viles are considered hazardous chemicals. Not surprising is that the euthanasia injection that killed Buddy is less poisonous than the vaccinations that daughter Julianna probably had to go through as a teenage female. 

Isn’t it time to investigate, to reclaim your freedom, to reclaim your life, and to unite as a species that neutralizes as much as possible the iron grip by the Cabal? What are you doing now, each day, and what do you dream of? Are you waiting the patient and peaceful slave sporting your form fitting mask that doesn’t work, anxiously anticipating the Government to save you? You have been conditioned to be a non thinker, sugar and junk food eater, to never question authority, and to quietly stand in line accepting the money crumbs you worked hard to scrape up, and now calmly listening to your Masters ordering you to remain stuck at home, broke, immune weakened because of fear, isolation, and uncertainty, and anxious of how much worse it will get. The only way to break free from this enslavement, and you are a slave, is to summon your courage and fight for your freedom and for your life. Make no mistake and have no doubt that the Rothschild Rockefeller Empire want to remain in total control with you bickering and fighting amongst yourselves and that any distraction(racism, misogyny, low wages, and sickcare, will reinforce this skillfully well crafted enslavement psychology of Amschel Rothschild. 

My hope is for Duke to grow up healthy and sniffing each hydrant, each butt, and exploring the outdoors, for Julianna to eventually having her own family and all unvaccinated, and for each person alive to design their destinies and to live it.