Oh, Mexico, but do I have to drink the water?

This article will focus on Terrain theory and reasons to be hopeful and confident that our bodies already know how to be healthy, adapt to new situations and environments, and how maintaining a happy and positive attitude actually strengthens our protective immune army. Mexico is a heavenly place to visit but do you avoid drinking the water? The usual outcome if you do is that you will suffer tummy upset and pain, nausea, and thunderous Diarrhea. Conveniently in the hotel gift shop is sold a mild Narcotic, Lomotil, which binds the stool, so your vacation is not spent on the toilet or you constantly running to find one. The Mexicana’s know the gut bug differences in those visiting and are prepared to help in their physical comfort so the holiday can be enjoyed. So why do the residents there drink the tap water , unaffected, and carry on with their daily lives without distressful digestive symptoms? 

Let us be clear that different geographies hold different microbes and that there are no bad ones. Visiting Mexico might get you sick, but this is because of you not having in your gut microbiome the microbes common for that area. Specifically, it is the bacterial, Fungal, Yeast, and parasite waste, viruses still questionable that is the cause of your ill-timed malaise. The tiniest of microbes we already have in our gut neighborhood and co-existing in commensal harmonious balance. But when we travel to different geographic locations, even in our own countries, we are exposed to new microbes which when we breathe in or eat will excrete waste, and the reason for our digestive pain and inglorious Diarrhea. 

The Pasteur Germ theory, Germ meaning, budding off, was a fraudulent claim , that Pasteur knew was phony but he presenting his research anyway. His theory indicates that an exogenous or outside the body germ or microbe is the cause of illness. He knew that this wasn’t true but stuck with it. Did you know that no microbe called virus, inaccurately named a poison, has ever officially by scientific method ever been identified? Foolish as this sounds, speculation, presumed and assumed to be so, and a one-sided narrative has given life to something that may not exist. Doesn’t this render the recommended Flu shot especially for the elderly, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune system(crazy ironic, isn’t it,) irrelevant , a faux public safety faulty meme, but making vaccine makers billions? Exosomes, you might have heard about, through the process of Pleomorphism or the genetics of creating other forms like viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Molds, and parasites is part of our being, a cosmic gift, and what we already have inside of us. These critters leave freely as does those on the outside entering as freely. Exosomes are stimulated to pinch off from our human cells because of trauma or stress(negative feelings included) to keep the internal terrain informed of what is happening within and in the without. The whole idea is energetic communication and exchanging information that serves the physical being to thrive in any environment adapting to any new pathogen and their metabolic excrement. 

Science, actual facts supported by the scientific method, placebo control and considering unexpected and unintended variables, is the only predictable way cause and effect can be measured. High correlation is also instructive as well as anecdotal positive results which can later be studied for cause and effect mechanisms. Interestingly, our magnificent and miraculous physical flesh temple is fueled by the trillions of nonhuman cells in us and communicating with microbes on the outside to strengthen resiliency while promoting longevity of the species. For over a century, Rockefeller Western, pill for an ill medicine, has ruled primarily as a business investment and little to do with healthcare. Teaming with I.G. Farben, Pharmaceutical and chemical giant in Europe, drugs cognitively soothing called medicine became a 1.2 trillion dollar sickcare industry and growing rapidly thanks to a fake microbe named, SARS. Vaccines have accompanied the popularity of drugs for this and that as more are rushed to market to treat common illnesses easily neutralized by our powerful immune army. Now there are 17 vaccines, 72 shots, and a half dozen more greenlighted by the racketeering corrupt FDA and CDC, increasing yearly profits to over 60 billion. Cancer, thus far is a significantly more profitable business by rising to over 600 billion in profits with Cancer doctors rewarded with lucrative kickbacks when they get their patients on expensive Cancer drugs that ironically like vaccines, cause what they were made to prevent. 

Terrain theory put forth by Claude Bernard , Antoine bechampe, and others describes an internal milieu now known as the gut microbiome. Viruses and Exosomes appear similar, could be the same, but are communication messengers alerting the other trillions of nonhuman microbes to function in unison to adapt to any new environment and new pathogen. What is at this time known as a virus(protein coat containing RNA, DNA, or both) could be an Exosome but regardless, they teaming with gut bacteria to regulate our genes so we thrive. The consistent structural and energetic all knowing cosmic intelligence in DNA, RNA, each human cell, viruses and Exosomes, Fungi, Yeasts, Mycobiome or Molds, and parasites, know their roles, interact harmoniously, exchange information, and automatically pre programmed for balance and harmony, adapting to any new environment and microbe, and meant to constantly becoming more resilient. 

The virus called Corona, the fake panic, those not getting sick and not dying, and fear used to confine us to a global prison? Well, this should and must piss you off. Lies, greed agenda, population control agenda, surveillance agenda, and enslavement strengthening is truth by puppeteer, Corporate Elite 1% flexing mightily using this Corona subterfuge to keep you jailed. When visiting Mexico it is known that the microbes there will often sicken the vacationer because they do not have them in their gut populations. Eventually, integration and immune tolerance will increase with the visitor adapting and calmly living without sickness just like the longtime residents do. 

Corona is the name of a microbe, virus or Exosome necessary to gut microbiome and immune system growth and resiliency., What your mask wearing and social distancing is doing is to decrease the continual communication with your gut buddies with their friends on the outside, which will weaken your immunity opening you up to imbalance and dis-ease symptoms. Without continual communication and interactions with the microbes outside of you and your internal microbiome terrain, you will suffer miscommunication with your immune system sluggish and less able to protect you. Sunshine and fresh air(full of microbes) positively affect DNA, RNA, each human cell as well as all the nonhuman ones to thrive and interconnect. 

You have been informed that this 2020 year has the second lowest death rate in the past 20 years, few dying, 99.8% either recovering from illness symptoms or not showing symptoms at all, and that you have been purposely lied to and fear mongering used to make you comply with lockdown, leading to bankruptcy or financial ruin. Solution? Act like the microbes you can’t see and have been made to fear. They, like you, have innate intelligence and unlike you, cannot be fooled by fakery. Life and all in the Nature kingdom, have been placed here intentionally and mired in a cosmic high energy soup where unconditional love is the only fuel and deciding differently taking you down desolate side-roads which end in disappointment and levels of destruction. You have the chance to make a different decision, one that will free you, and one that will make the Cabal fearful that they can no longer control you by fear. The Coronavirus has been mislabeled, dangerous and deadly when it is actually a friend needed for an immune system constantly wanting to get stronger. Don’t play this win/Lose game and being on the losing side because you are the scared sheeple and afraid to live as you choose, do what you want, and giving away your invincible power to your enslavers. Stand your ground I say, and reject the 1% enslavers, their police soldiers, the jelly spined government and Happy Meal President, and cowardly snake oil salesmen, Gates and Fauci If you truly want freedom, you must fight for it and encourage your brethren to unite with you. .