Drop your pants, bend over, and get Screwed by the Elite!

The title is something most deny doing all the while boasting of freedom of will, strength of self, and commitment to living freely and refusing to take orders. However, ask yourself: are you unconsciously enslaved? 

Delve into your beliefs of the institutions of authority like the Church, Medicine, police, government, school system (Kindergarten through Doctoral), Military, and biggest names in the corporate landscape, and you unknowingly and knowingly comply to your programming, pants around your ankles, bent over ready to get…. 

Humans learn by observation and when situations, expressions, language, and those of the inner circle are repeated, the conditioning grooms the subconscious mind producing a Stepford like automaton. Though the youth have unique thoughts and interests, they are usually unwilling to consider anything outside what they were taught when it comes to authority and automatic obeyance. 

Did you know that vaccines have never been proven to cure any illness, never studied for safety, never proven safe, and based on the faulty science of a single microbe or germ that causes a disease? 

Modern medicine is founded on the debunked Louis Pasteur, Germ Theory, which this noted researcher upon his deathbed rejected himself. Evidence now supports the Terrain Theory put forth by Claude Bernard and Antoine Duchampe crediting the complexity of the Holobiome, all microbes in our bodies, which allows us to live healthily in symbiotic balance. 

Pasteur did not know that our human bodies are composed of 23,000 genes and over 75 trillion nonhuman microbes. The electron microscope was invented in 1929, and what researchers saw were multitudes of microbes like bacteria, Fungi, with viruses still difficult to recognize since tiny Exosomes, pinched off cell wall parts, RNA, DNA, or both were observed and at the time difficult to categorize. 

A failed Enders study in 1954 using antibiotics and bacteria, without a control group, and misinterpretation of the findings, were sadly the foundation of modern Virology and misinformation the basis of this specialty. History uses past pandemics like the Bubonic plague in the mid thirteen hundreds, the Flu of 2018, and recent, Ebola, SARS, MERS, and now COVID 19, as evidence of the lethality of a tiny difficult to observe microbe under electron microscopy as the evil killer virus which we must run away from to survive. 

Those mass infections and deaths did occur but could the high mortality be due to inadequate nutrition and limited food supply, unsanitary living conditions, too many people per dwelling, and immune depressing rampant fear and anxiety? Many will say that vaccines cured Small Pox, Polio, Measles, Whooping cough, and Chicken Pox. So why are all still present? And why are all those vaccinated against these microbes still getting ill and actually infecting others who are not vaccinated? 

It seems that herd immunity occurs naturally and that new viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Molds, and parasites, are meant to strengthen our immune systems and necessary for humankind resilience and longevity. The idea of a cure all and protect all medical strategy is compelling and romantic in assisting the continued thriving of the species. 

Truth and actual facts however are required for any health advancement. For example, the microbe, Clostridium Difficile, found in the Colon is meant to be there and protective of this elimination part of the gut tube. When the body microbes are imbalanced and toxin polluted, C. Difficile in quantities out of balance may cause Diarrhea, tissue sloughing, and in some cases, Cancer. 

Understandably but wrong, is the simplistic reductionist thinking by eradicating this essential microbe that the being is healthier and Cancer protected. Unfortunately, initial false science creating more false science and the greed of the Corporate Criminal Elite led by the Rockefeller’s, Carnegie’s, and Rothschild’s, have brought us to this 2020 pandemonium , fake crisis, economic destruction, total enslavement, and a pivotal point for the human animal species. 

The Cabal, others calling it the Empire, has dictated to visible leaders like governments, politicians, big and rich corporations, health agencies, mainstream news media, the Social medias, and to average person ignorance, the subconscious conviction of limited personal thought and power, and continued servitude, like a good slave, to obey without questioning. 

In 2005, the MVAT II gene was studied for vaccine manipulation. The basis of this, control society idea was to inject all those without spiritual beliefs and possibly geared to speculated terrorism, with an antiterrorism vaccine. Fundamentally, this means that all people living in the United States should have been injected with this anti-terrorism chemical cocktail for the herd to be peaceful. This scenario, no longer a Stepford Wife television show was the foreshadow of COVID, why you are on lockdown, and why you remain the good slave. 

We have learned to revere and worship doctors or those in the white coats with the MD stitched above the left breast pocket for their all knowing health knowledge. But what if much of that knowledge was based on faulty information, brain washing and mind control, and ultimately, surveillance, creation of mindless drones taught to think alike, and eventually depopulation with the mindful and thought filled, killed off or murdered? Conspiracy, ridiculous, impossible? 

I ask you, where are you now and if anxiously awaiting government approval to live freely is actual freedom? Because you weren’t taught to ask questions, to research the incongruities and accepted daily lies in daily life, and forced fed the idea of obedience to authority, you are on the precipice of elimination or surviving as a slave undeserving of freedom of your own thoughts and doing. 

This is not a harsh statement but truth and fact. Enough factual science is out there and easily accessible for you to learn the truth, who is in control, who the rich known sock puppets are (Gates, Bezos, Soros, and their buddies), and why you are expendable objects. 

Know that vaccines, all vaccines, have dangerous risks and no benefit. Read it again for in the future with honest and credible scientists and researchers, vaccines could be beneficial. We are nowhere close to this health level, for corruption, misinformation, greed, and stupidity still dominates our conditioned subconscious programming. 

This is the time to summon your courage and to stand outside of your cherished beliefs and to start asking questions. Did you know that Bully Bill Jr. has introduced the Microsoft patent, 060606 which is nano electric technology of implanting micro machines in your brain and techno tattoos that will supposedly monitor you for health but actually intended for mind control and forcing you into herd consciousness as the good obedient slave? Impossible you are saying? Bill Jr., would never do that for he is a humanitarian, philanthropist, and generous with his billions to the needy, you will retort. 

I invite you to listen to his interviews, easily found, and recognize his self ascendance to the position of Global Public Health Czar. He calmly states that vaccines kill and maim but it is a small and minor cost for bettering humanity. This is an admission of intentional murder and poisoning which he is intent on doing. 

Are you happy to be a slave awaiting slaughter, experimented on, forced to have nanotechnology in your brain and implanted in you so you don’t have any thoughts of your own, and feeling free and content existing in Technocracy prison? 

Make it a point to listen to David Icke, Bob Charles and Pyramid One, all of us at New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine, John Rappaport, Sayer Ji and greenmedinfo.com, Kelly Brogan, Zach Bush, Peter Osborne, Tom O’Bryan, Sherry Ten Penny, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Patrick Gentempo and Revealed Films, Jonathon Otto, Dylan Charles, and all the Patrick Herbert curated research offerings. 

Sadly and unfortunately, Face Book, Google, the Social medias, all mainstream news, FDA, CDC, NIH, EPA, and WHO, are corrupt and paid off by the trillion dollar drug cartel and will not give you unbiased and credible information. Alas, their loyalty to drug money makes them cowardly spineless shills and you, meaningless and disposable. 

Join our Freedom Movement and get out of your comfort zone and get your neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and anyone you know to unite and with nonviolence, fight to live as you desire according to your design. Sign up for this Blog and anything by Patrick Herbert and get actual truth and actual facts. Unite and fight!