Copernicus, Semmelweis, and Pasteur Knew to Destroy Discredited Faulty Beliefs

This article is directly related to this Coronavirus, COVID-19, or world destroying microbe theater of the absurd.

People have died but not one has been confirmed to have the virus as the cause of their demise. Not one! For causation to be actual the microbe must be isolated and blood levels tested for quantity.

Each of you have trillions of virus bugs in your gut microbiome, in each cell, in each organ, and circulating everywhere. You shed viruses daily as do your pets and all animals, all plants, rocks and soils, all insects, and in all the lakes, rivers, and the Oceans.

As mentioned previously, viruses are ancient molecules with no cell covering or cell organelles, and needing a home or host to replicate in. Viruses in your Alimentary tube or digestive tract work synchronously to turn on or off genes for your survival and for optimal health.

Without viruses you will die.

If you didn’t get that the first time, let me repeat that without viruses in your body, you will die.

So what does Copernicus have to do with COVID 19?

Coming slightly before Galileo, Nickolas Copernicus used the telescope to see that the Sun did not revolve around the Earth as believed by all at the time. Declared by misinformed Clergy, the false assumption of the Earth as the center of the Universe became the law of the land. Advancing technology invented the telescope with Copernicus discovering the truth.

This truth he held silently until on his death bed because if he made such a heretical claim, he knew that the Catholic Church would have him killed.

Galileo, later made the same truthful claim and was convinced to recant by the Pope, ironically his old college roommate. Truth does eventually prevail for we now know about the expanding and contracting Universe, the billions of Galaxies, the Black holes, and the unimaginable spherical structures we call Planets and the mysterious and energetic space between and all around.

In the mid eighteen forties, Hungarian physician, Ignaz Semmelweis, noticed that of the two hospitals that he worked in, that one had a maternal death rate nearly 3 times higher. This difference puzzled him and after much thought, he tried out his new theory that if doctors washed their hands after cadaver dissection, that more mothers would live.

Back then, both hospitals treated mainly near term prostitutes who went to the medical facilities for financial assistance for the newborns. One of the hospitals did extensive cadaver dismemberment to study human anatomy with doctors at the time slicing and dicing dead rotting bodies, then quickly going to assist in the many child births.

The maternal death rate was as high as 18.3% as the birthing mothers came down with high fever usually leading to death. Semmelweis implemented a Calcium Hypochlorite hand and instrument washing routine, which decreased the maternal death rate to almost zero. Though his students observed the success in saved lives with this sterilization technique, the Semmelweis colleagues were rife with anger and arrogance for they were firmly grasping the false beliefs of the past and at that historic time that Gentlemen were not dirty and didn’t have to clean their hands.

The medical establishment in Hungary rejected his assertions though statistics indicated that Mothers weren’t dying. Disgruntled doctors coerced the medical hierarchy to get rid of him, though he continued teaching and preaching his sterilization protocol.

For you Biology nuts out there, the bacteria, Streptococcus Pyogenes, was the one isolated that set off the immune deficiency combined with high stress, poverty, lack of adequate nutrients, lack of sleep, and lack of certainty by the women choosing the sex trade infected with numerous sexually transmitted bugs to earn an income.

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis died in an Insane Asylum, put there by a fear of fact supposed friend when he was 47, beaten to death by guards. Now it is required practice for any physical exam, surgical procedure, including child birth, for the practitioner to undergo a thorough hand washing.

The Semmelweis success and courage, inspired Louis Pasteur to intensive researching of microbes, back then called germs, leading to his Germ Theory. With the human penchant for hanging onto faulty beliefs, upon his death bed, Pasteur admitted that the Germ was less important than the environment or gut microbiome. Blast forward one hundred forty years, and the ignorant and fearful are trying to run and hide from a virus essential for the human to staying alive.

Know that our Immune systems get stronger and more resilient when exposed to more and different pathogens. This Coronavirus is thusly essential for strengthening our resiliency but more importantly for continued survival of our species.

Using the inadequate Pasteur connotation of, Germ, what science has since discovered is a 75 trillion balanced community of Germs or microbiata (viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Mycobiata(mold), Protozoa and Parasites), living commensally or harmoniously in your 25 foot long digestive tube and necessary to turning on and off genes so you can live.

Sequestration, choosing the lesser and being in constant fear, is disastrous in economics as it is in health filled longevity. Trying to kill a singular virus is foolish and a better word for it, Dumb. Why would you want to kill an essential and required microbe that keeps you alive? Take a step back and without the heightened fear of dying and fear of getting sick, isn’t it clear that this COVID 19 Global Pandemic is mere pandemonium with the end game of enslaving you to the cure of poisonous drugs and vaccines?

I remind you to seek out or visit fact reporters: Patrick Herbert, Jon Rappoport, Tom Montalk, David Icke, Joe Mercola, Thomas Cowan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Barbara Loe Fisher, Sandra Ingreman, and Sayer Ji. Negative headlines are quite powerful when they arouse fear, hopelessness, and helplessness.

Folks, aren’t we much smarter than the fake propaganda spit out by the Criminal Elite wanting more of our money, caring not how this fake cry of a deadly virus is unfolding only for their benefit? Again, take a moment of what you envision the end game to be? Who benefits? Who makes the big money? Who has a stronger stranglehold on power? Are you willing to give up your freedom, roll over and die without a fight?

The Coronavirus is not the enemy, the supranational criminal corporate 1% is the imprisoning Auschwitz and Dachau enslaver. I am not being overly dramatic for most of you are reading this huddled in your homes, anxiously awaiting for somebody to save you. Only you can save you but like Copernicus, Semmelweis, and Pasteur, actual truth is your solution and the road to freedom.

Be open to facts, ask who benefits from this economy destroying craziness, and why each of you were divinely gifted with an Immune system with the knowledge and power to adapt, innovate, and overcome. Stand up tall and strong, and yell as loud as you can that you won’t be screwed with anymore!