What Would Viktor Frankl say About COVID-19?

Surviving the Nazi death-camps and intellectualizing the horror of what humans can do to other humans, Dr. Frankl qualified his ideas simply and powerfully.

From ordinary life to enslavement, taken for granted freedom only a memory, and hopelessness the only reality, Frankl and his imprisoned mates slogged on hour to hour, day to day, wanting to live and to feel freedom again.

The constant was the uncertainty of staying alive for another day or dying by starving, frigid cold, being shot or beaten to death. Frankl indicated that people instantly becoming imprisoned worthless and expendable slaves experienced shock, then apathy or extreme selfishness to survive, then eventual disillusionment, disinterest, and distrust in humankind if they lived.

PTSD the norm, anger mixed with depression, uncertainty and anxiety of what was taken including loved ones and time never to begotten back, and a freedom that could not replace the freedom stolen, was the life Holocaust survivors learned to exist in.

Many could not emotionally and psychologically adjust for the literal torturous Nazi enslavement and death-camp years radically upended their identities with freedom something they didn’t know what to do with then.

When hopelessness and helplessness are the only constants, uncertainty the only certainty, and their existence up to the prison guards, life becomes what the fake COVID-19 pandemic is doing to us at this very moment.

Frankl separated the guards into two distinct categories, decent and indecent. As far as guard behavior goes he noticed most guards going about following their daily orders, with the indecent ones, intentionally beating and humiliating prisoners for their increased pleasure.

Those whom managed to survive developed a conundrum relationship with the guards, hating them for what they were doing but expecting them to do what they did.

Uncertainty becomes the norm, hate, fear, and hopelessness the new identity. For Frankl and what he noticed in others trying to maintain their sanity and glimmer of freedom, was that they kept the dream of life after enslavement alive and envisioned living it.

Mental imagery attached to positive emotion transports the person into the vision as if he were physically in the middle of it. Though only a brief respite to the torturous horror that was each minute of each day, this mental picture kept many alive until the war’s end.

Do you see the similarities with this COVID 19-enslavement, what the accelerated immunization schedule and soon to be mandatory vaccinations with micro chipping, the unlimited exposure to electromagnetic radiation for device use and the Internet of Things, and Glyphosate in all your foods?

It is probably sinking in now but it is what Frankl and his imprisoned Jewish brethren were feeling, hopeless, helpless, wasting away in fear and anxiety, and solely dependent on what the Nazi’s sprinkled their bread crumbs on.

For our purpose the primary enslavers are the criminal one tenth of the top 1% led by the Rothschild family and foreign corporation, Federal Reserve, another foreign corporation, IRS, IMF, the Rockefellers, the Vatican, the Royal family, the Pharmaceutical cartel, the Telecom industry, and upper level henchmen, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Face Book, and corrupt, FDA, CDC, EPA, NIH, and FCC.

Very much like the Hunger Games, this COVID-19 play is to exact a definite result, which is to destroy the economy as we know it making us totally dependent on the Federal government, and also having the Criminal Cartel intending to culling the population down below a billion.

As it was with many of the Holocaust survivors, their use of positive mental imagery was their roadmap to a life with freedom. Many, however, suffered mightily by choosing to live in bondage to the horrific past and refusing to imagine what life possibilities could become.

What is essential here is to get accurate information and to become activists and to unite.

No force can stand up to the 99%.

Dr. Viktor Frankl chose purpose and envisioning to live his greatest life and this gave him the strength to survive the Nazi’s and to live another 52 years after the war end. Our modern day Nazi’s are the Criminal Elite playing their hand in introducing this false yet effective scare called /coronavirus, vaccinations, EMF’s, Glyphosate, fast foods, Fluoride, separation and instability with Dems fighting Repubs, Christians fighting against everyone else, Climate change forcing people into different camps, and people committing to a Win/Lose, us versus them warring style.

Dr. Viktor Frankl who survived the Nazi torture did so with an effective strategy which is to live with purpose envisioning his greatest life which only he could design. Let us keep that life lesson forefront because the 99% physicality and conscious collective will force the Criminal Elite to modify its destructive intent, thusly putting the people into the driver’s seat.