Pleomorphism, Our Miracle Body, What is Outside is Inside

Just finished digesting an interview with Psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Kaufman and he added a deeper dimension to my knowledge of our miraculous body and expanded on the concept of, Pleomorphism. He reminded me that what was on the outside, the outer world, is also already inside of us. This phenomena is that each of our cells have the ability of small packets pinching off and differentiating into bacteria, viruses, Fungus, Yeasts, and Mycobacterium or Molds. The process is called pleomorphism and another cosmic gift to allow our bodies to assess the outer world, reconcile it with our inner environment and always proceeding toward symbiosis or balanced functioning. As I have reported in many of my postings about the gut microbiome, there exists colonies of different bacterial strains, trillions of viruses, Fungi, Yeasts, Molds, and Protozoa, just like diverse integrated neighborhoods living in peaceful harmony. What Dr. Kaufman reminded me of was the innate intelligence woven into our bodies for harmonious interconnective functioning and making what it needs for both resiliency and longevity. As you already know, our gut bacteria and viruses team together to regulate our genes managing any microbe invasion and imbalance causing dis-ease to the organism. Natural clean foods primarily plants are nutrients, information, and energy. Our bodies always move toward balanced functioning or symbiosis for prolonged imbalance becomes stressful, manifesting in negative symptoms, then illness. So why do our bodies contain more nonhuman cells than human ones? The answer is philosophical, biological, evolutionary, and spiritual for we are flesh costumes housing an eternal spirit, a specific energetic frequency with historical information of the genesis of the multiverse and conduit to the Source of all things. Some possess advanced psychic abilities and insight into the Universal knowledge that created everything and knowing of their plan on Earth meant for them. 

Evolution has taught us that preceding the human animal was Fungi, bacteria, viruses, Yeasts, Molds, parasites, plants, and insects. The tiniest microbes incorporated into our makeup as the human gene blueprint evolved as did Oxygen levels. The cosmic plan assessed by observation, and calculations of everything that could be measured allowed science to evolve as a way to explain our external environment and the creatures inhabiting it. Our Planet was primarily water covered until volcanoes and dry land surfaced accompanied by countless collisions with asteroids, meteors, Nova’s, and space debris. As Ocean life evolved and developed with creatures coming onto the land, it was speculated that Fungus was the first to appear about a billion years ago. Yes, mushrooms predated plants about 500 million years. 

So you know enough research has been done indicating that about 30% of the humanoid population is spiritless or empty vessels and one of the reasons for the strife encountered with antisocial, psychopathic, sociopathic, and remorseless aggression perpetrated on the innocent. The gift of emotion and its extremes can restrict rational thought and can also elevate to varying levels of hurt inflicted onto others. 

For the purpose of this article, the pleomorphism is an energetic survival gift allowing the human animal to make the microbes necessary for resilience, symbiosis, and managing any microbial invasion including injuries, starvation, and intestinal dysbiosis. The current panic is the Coronavirus which has yet to be properly identified as the causal agent of this WHO labelled pandemic. The Coronavirus family of 150 different viruses, 2 causing the common cold, 7 associated with Lung infections, and 3 of the 7 singled out as SARS, MERS, and SARS-CoV-2 have been blamed for past and current global infective pandemics, but never, never, isolated confirming their infection guilt. There have not been placebo studies done, Koch postulate testing to confirm causal infectivity, blood levels of the targeted virus, or autopsies done to confirm that the named virus was indeed the microbe that killed the human host. The current testing types were not made to identify specific microbes, for the Coronaviruses for example are 30 to 40,000 base pairs long, and the test kits identifying only 300 snippet strands. Adding to the confusion, the testing cannot differentiate virus, bacteria, or if the microbe was indigenous to the person’s microbiome or inner environment. 

Insidiously sinister is the CDC intentional deception in instructing doctors to presume and assume that admitted patients have the Coronavirus and to document it as causing their ailment. Those who unfortunately die are wrongly given the causal agent as the Coronavirus, padding the statistics but no autopsy done to confirm the claim. This article however tells of the magnificent built in systems which allow the innate intelligence of our human cells to pinch off into tiny packets which can transform into viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that will allow the body to return to symbiotic balance. This is called pleomorphism and yet another innate survival ability to sense imbalance and to correct it, so the microbial neighborhood is resilient, constantly getting stronger with each new viral encounter, and our bodies making whatever is needed for thriving. The bigger question that no one is asking is because the Coronavirus has never been identified as the cause of this fake pandemic, then spending billions on a vaccine and mandating everyone get vaccinated is absurd. 

Vaccines have proven to be useless and definitely the cause of inflammatory dis-eases like Autism, ADHD, gut microbiome dysbiosis, brain swelling, constipation and diarrhea, IBS and IBD, ulcerative colitis, Arthritis, Lupus, MS, and Alzheimer’s. Think for a moment that if the celebrity Cabal henchmen, Gates , Fauci, Redfield, and WHO know that the Coronavirus is an empty Trojan horse, then the idea of mandatory vaccinations, mandatory enslavement poisoning is actually meant to speed the herd maiming, sterilization, and depopulation by chemical murder. Is it possible? Vaccines cannot be technically made if the microbe to vaccinate from is unknown and billions spent on research and testing. Is it possible that the fakery is meant to make mandatory vaccination poisoning legal? Do not forget the militarized police force, Operation Warp Speed, and the President’s ease on attacking his own country and fellow citizens. We have discussed the magical properties of pleomorphism, symbiosis, and that a strong inner microbial terrain can provide resilience and longevity. 

What if there is no killer virus since none has been identified but the fact lost amidst the panic and desperation? Since Dr. Colleen Huber has already documented that this 2020 has the lowest death rate since 2009, the purported virus never isolated or officially identified, and fast tracking a COVID vaccine by hundreds of vaccine companies furiously racing to get the toxic injectable poison to market with the FDA greenlighting anything coming out, speaks to curious implementation of human objectification and automatic poisoning. Let me know your thoughts for nothing makes sense for factual science is totally ignored and martial law now the norm. We must stand and unite in mass to rebuff the enslavement and having the militarized police busting down your doors to forcibly inject you and implant you with contact tracers so your every move is recorded just like a micro chipped canine. Let me know your solutions and how to reach more people before the noose tightens.