Pia rise and fear Propaganda Weirdly Similar

Pia Alfreda Schipani born in Hoboken, New Jersey to violinist Dad, Alphonse and Broadway wardrobe supervisor, Mom, Saturnina Zadorowski chose entertainment as her lifepath. Young Pia adapted her Mom’s name to Zadora and what she has become familiar to the public as. She is most known for her starring roles in the 1964, considered the worst movie ever made, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians and in the 1981 production of, Butterfly, a movie with an incest theme. Zadora won the Golden Globe award for brightest new star for her part in Butterfly and concurrently the 1981 Golden Raspberry awards for worst actress and worst performance. Why the radically different views on her on screen portrayals? Seems her wealthy husband, Meshlam Riklis, 30 years her senior had purchased most of the billboards lining Sunset Boulevard and gotten her a spread(pun intended) in Playboy to influence the Golden Globe judges. Well it worked, though I can only speculate, with the Golden Raspberry crew seeing her performance much differently. As she progressed with her acting and singing career(none of her songs or albums charting), Pia Schipani from Hoboken was eventually voted as the second worst actress of the 1980’s as Madonna took the top spot. Not being there and not knowing the voting rules or seeing both of her early movies, I cannot opine an informed view. However, it is known in psychology that mind conditioning, learning by repetition, in her case, Billboards seen daily, celebrity marketing in Playboy, and Golden Globe judges courted or having their asses kissed, would make her a favorite or consideration. Cinema history doesn’t often present the conundrum of an actor awarded with a highly prized and coveted, Golden Globe as well as receiving The Golden Raspberry for worst actor and worst performance. This almost 4 decades past moment can be compared to grooming the public to be afraid or fearful about something not yet here. I refer specifically to highly publicized pandemics, which weren’t but still propagandized as deadly to the public, instilling fear and reinforced daily.  

In 2009 the H1N1 Swine Flu was marketed heavily by the CDC as a people killer and that all must be vaccinated for their safety and for the safety of the population. The actuality revealed by reporter, Cheryl Attkisson exposed deception and CDC corruption for they found no H1N1 viruses or viral parts in any of those suspected of having the advertised Swine Flu, This meant that no one was sick and no one dying. Not wanting to be called out as liars, the corrupt CDC took a page out of the Trump propaganda attack back handbook, by announcing, lying to the public, that 22 million have died because of the Swine Flu. In Europe where the poisonous vaccinations rolled out faster, adverse affects like Narcolepsy, heart attack, Kidney dysfunction, and brain swelling, were common sequelae of the untested for safety hastily made vaccines. Sound familiar with this fear mongering COVID 19 planned panic and fooling you to believing that another untested for safety vaccine, a recorded history that vaccines do not work, have severe debilitating and permanent inflammatory caused disability can save you? Please wake up and shout as loud as possible, hell no! Encourage Cabal celebrity front men, Gates and Fauci(Gauci) to go first with the vaccine injections and monitor their reactions.  

Taking the global view, it is clear that psychological conditioning, repeated exposure to declarations and claims true or untrue, get engrained as truth confabulating a belief in it. Thought processes connect unrelated information mysteriously further muddying what is factual or confabulated. This is why eyewitness reporting are tenuous and often unreliable. For this article, the similarities between the Pia Zadora Golden Globe win and our priming brainwashing with fear speaks to how easy it is to influence decisions, how repetition can silently groom our thoughts into a belief, and for the CDC fake Swine Flu panic, using fear to have scared many to get injected with the poisonous chemical toxic vaccines to save their lives. For the Pia Schipani career it is opinions which grade her contribution to entertainment, but for public health it is criminally misusing our inborn fear mechanism with false information to heighten our afraid state making us choose life using injected poison to save us. Does repeated fear mongering, illnesses and deaths due to Coronavirus(90.24% inflated) remind you of this 8 month COVID martial law enslavement? hasn’t this 2020 year fear conditioning (mask wearing, distancing, lock down, going broke, political, news and social media obedience to money, and jelly spined President)make you wonder if this panic was planned and that all you can be certain of is your intuition and actual factual reporting by sources other than the mainstream news medias? Know that the major news outlets(NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc.) are beholden to the Drug cartel because of their billions spent on advertising, and reporters no longer Journalists but compliant shills fearing losing their high paid jobs if they dared to tell the truth. Think for a moment of how you learn, what you believe is true and not true, and how you know what you know. It is possible that Pia Zadora was successfully hyped by her rich husband who bought up the Billboard ads promoting her and getting her the pictoral in Playboy that successfully influenced the Golden Globe judging panel to pick her as the 1981 best new star award. The Golden Raspberry award judges were not influenced and voted her the worst. Entertainment is money driven and if the public will pay for it, studios are happy. Public perception can be manipulated with an exotic name, continual marketing as the best and spotlighted in well known publications like the then naughty, Heffner Playboy. The Coronavirus, family of 150 viruses around for decades, was given a scary name, COVID 19, in late 2019 and promoted by Vaxxer, having financial interests in every vaccine manufacturer on Earth, self anointed Global Public Health Guru, Bill Gates and his CDC minion, Tony Fauci. The continual fear brainwashing is daily repetition as CDC Commissioner, Robert Redfield avoiding criminal charges as a statistic manipulating immunologist for the Military, then rising to head of the CDC, blurts out that mask wearing, distancing, staying locked down, will flatten the curb on killer microbe assumed, presumed, unproven, Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. The 2003 fake SARS-CoV-1 virus outbreak, another fake with little getting ill and dying, did not end with a vaccine and it has been 17 years. So, what makes it possible for a vaccine made in a year to target and kill the SARS-CoV-2 and not poisoning the injectee? The easily accessible to the public Pub Med. gov research literature contain hundreds of papers indicating that vaccines are toxic, don’t work, but will chemically poison the person getting it. The purpose of this article is to describe to you what repetitive learning can do and how beliefs or new beliefs are made. One day I will listen to: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians but not, Butterfly, because I am not interested in incest even if a creative art rendition.  

Take this moment to make fear your friend, ponder who benefits from National and global poverty, billions ordered to wear masks and possibly soon to be eye covering goggles, and how your life has been exposed as a slave not knowing that you are a slave, to knowing that with 100% certainty that you are one. If you think that you are not a slave then why are you locked down, wearing a mask, distancing, going broke or penniless, and anxiously waiting for the Federal government to give you permission to go outside but existing with restrictions in the global prison? You aren’t free if you are told what to wear, where you can go and when, and if you do still have a business, that only 10 people can congregate there. Is this freedom or your prison guard telling you what you can and can’t do? Of course, the Cabal, 1% Corporate Empire enslavers who dictate the terms to the sock puppet government comprised of those slimy self-serving politicians breathe easily as we argue amongst ourselves on race, religion, and social class, and bowing down to conditioned aroused fake fear. Isn’t it time to stand tall and fight for freedom?