Benthos, invisible, thriving, co-existing with killer Human

Benthos, means creatures and sea life at the bottom of Oceans, lakes, and rivers. Their world is under water but predator human eats and sells what can be harvested, dump garbage on them, and for this article, poisoning this invisible Planet of life with millennia’s old fossil decay called oil. Recently an oil spill off the Mauritius island polluted miles of pristine waterfront, blanketing the thriving Benthic sea-bottom dweller world, as well as killing whales, Dolphins, seabirds, Coral reefs, varieties of fish, and the hard shelled crustaceans going about their business. In 1979 an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico called, Ixtoc I, allowed millions of tons of fossil oil to escape, polluting hundreds of miles of coastline, poisoning and murdering the Benthos, endangering the health of humans who get their food from the Ocean, and for a while eliminating incomes of those farming the sea-bottom. In 2010 the Deepwater Horizon exploded, killing 11, dumping millions of gallons of oil into the water polluting thousands of miles of coastline and beaches , poisoning and killing many sea creatures, and again preventing residents from harvesting the sea for their incomes. Far North in 1989, the Exxon Valdes oil tanker ran aground spilling millions of gallons of oil into Prince William Sound killing much in the Benthic water world, polluting miles of shoreline, and permanently disrupting life below and above the water. What people don’t know is that what is reported as the tons of oil spilled is often 5 times more than what the headline news reports and that the oil sinking to the bottom is tonnage equal to what stayed on top, including the toxic spill chemicals sprayed to contain the oily mess. 

Oil harvesters, BP, Exxon, etc., make trillions , pay only billions to partially clean up the horrific messes they made and court fees, unaccountable for employee lives they killed, the environment they destroyed, and protected from prosecution of the hundreds of thousands of life forms in and at the Ocean bottom poisoned, maimed, and murdered. Like Wall Street, the Telecom industry, Medical Industrial complex, Pharmaceutical cartel, Vaccine business, cancer corporation, Biocide Agriculture industry, Federal Reserve and IMF, all may pay fines for intentional theft and murder but no one goes to jail. Billions of years have elapsed with anthropological evolution bringing us to current. Discoveries, continual technological advancement, dedication to greed, commitment to attaining absolute power, and using violence, warfare, propaganda, religion, commitment to continuing female degradation, have defined the callous Win/Lose complexity of the human animal. The largest companies, largest employers, largest money makers, and largest businesses including nonprofits(great money vehicle and strategy to avoid paying taxes), have become exclusively profit driven and people becoming meaningless replaceable objects. 

We, the supposed top apex land predator, at least in cities and suburbs, are mere prey for the top 1% Cabal, the most vicious and who control our governments, slimy spineless politicians, and those creating and enforcing enslavement laws for the 99%. 

This article speaks to the watery world that we never see and to the thousands of various life forms harmoniously co-existing in the separate Planet called, Benthos. Depth , water pressure, visibility, and mobility, have prevented the innovative human from fully exploring the deepest in our Oceans. However, beneficence and maleficence, or the two sides principle, gives a global view to profit, energy source, what humans are accustomed to living with, and how they, we, are easily manipulated to following directions without asking questions and temporarily leaving morality and ethics neatly folded by the door. Fire, was a milestone in our humanity and evolution of decaying plants becoming an ignitable goo called oil. Oil also came from Whales but life and environmental concerned Conservationists pushed to preserve Nature with less of our mammal relatives hunted and harpooned. Jed Clampet of Beverly Hillbillies notoriety, with Granny, Jethro, and Ellie Mae, used the bubbling crude as large amounts of money and move to the mansion with the swimming pool. 

So who controls the collective herd narrative, the International money supply, beliefs on sovereignty and Nationalism, home ownership meme as a way to attain wealth, the benefits of paying taxes, the benefits of electing politicians, the benefits of putting kids in school, the benefits of enslavement to devices and computers, and the benefits of commitment to the ideology called, the American Dream? Do you really benefit or are you a shallow minded slave not knowing that you are indeed a slave? People go into Marine Biology because they are drawn to the watery world and the dynamic interactions , transactions, survival, housekeeping, and reproduction of fellow creatures genetically driven to do what they do. Their liquid environment like our air one is where they live, avoid predation, while becoming predators to live and to feed their families. Imagine millions of tons of gooey oil blanketing the benthic floor, killing much of the commensal neighborhood, killing the youth and families, transforming the Nature provided water encased terrain into black death, less Oxygen and difficulty breathing, food resources destroyed, your family and other species dead, and awaiting what is next? All on the Ocean floor were programmed to live according to their biologic blueprint or genetics, adapting wen necessary, and to continue living and reproducing until death prevails. They don’t have a choice and endure the Krakatoa like Lava rain but this time, billions old and billions of pounds of greasy slime that used to be plants, insects, Fungi, and numerous varieties of animals. 

each human creature has a genetic blueprint, governed by outside influences called epigenetics, is Ego driven for greed satisfaction, female domination, other tribes mastery, and playing the Win/Lose game to win. At the bottom of the Ocean, life can eat escaped Earth Fossil goop for a short while until they die or mutate. The all knowing life energy courses through them and is in every cell, every DNA helix, and each bacteria, virus, Fungi, Yeast, Mold, and parasite. They value life and programmed to endure. In the human realm, a small group, a tenth of 1% dictate the rules for living a human life. Their master manipulation total domination concept is absolute power by controlling every avenue of living. This is reinforced by their skillful unseen psychological treatise of encouraging us in bickering with others, arguing over the normalcy of diversity, and creating fear of a billions years old protein bag of genetic material called a virus which is meant to strengthen our immune system making us more and more resilient. Earlier in evolution, fire allowed our ancestors to see at night and command that section of the circadian day previously mastered by darkness. 

Light made dark vanish and the visual field the largest and most valuable for the top land predator. Over time, separation amongst the human species led to small groups of the like minded, wanting power over all others and willing to do anything and everything to ensure this total domination. When you control what people want and need, you then exert mastery over them. If you controlled the food supply, communication, travel, healthcare, entertainment, the money supply, the Military, politics, and those in governmental positions, you control humankind. In this article, control over the primary energy supply which most of the world needs for electricity, powering devices and automobiles, fuel used to feed our planes, trains, and Military vehicles, and our homes, provides the Petroleum hawks trillions in money power which translates into legal invincibility. This protection extends to poisoning, maiming, stealing, and murdering our brethren, any and all wildlife, the geological terrain, inclusive of our Oceans, lakes, rivers and streams, ponds, and ice melt. Money means power and freedom beyond what is established human made law. Money can buy freedom, cause wars, decimate and destroy, or build and beautify. 

We humans participate in above water Benthos while invisible puppet master, Illuminati or Evil Empire, dump financial, economic, food, taxation, and freedom restrictions onto us, teaching us to be good peaceful slaves. Unlike the Whales, Dolphins, birds, fish, Clams and Oysters, Sea Stars, Coral reefs, Shrimp, Crabs, Lobsters, Anemone, and Kelp forests poisoned by the disrespectful self-serving oil spillers, we can choose to take control of our own destinies. First we must individually and collectively stand tall and shout, I am not afraid of you and we can work together or you can dissolve! There are alternatives and smarter options than Fossil fuels but we must have the courage to implement these changes knowing the benefits and not so beneficial results during the change. Creating good relationships, predator to predator, person to person, group to group, team to team, State to State, government to government, Country to Country, regime to regime, religion to religion, and spirit to spirit, is a great start. The end game? When Win/Win is the only outcome, closer connection between us will manifest and higher level of solutions conjured. The Black Gold must be kept underground where it can exist as a relic of our evolutionary history and becoming a moribund secondary fuel source as we transition to Solar, Wind, Water, and air. What happens when we all improve our telepathy and using our minds to power our devices, planes, trains, and automobiles? If anything is possible, then with practice and belief, isn’t it possible to move energy with our minds?