ACE 2, Bats not Cats, and YOU!

First, admit to yourself that this Corona show is a big hit and thanks to your winning performance, do take your encore bow clutching your bouquet of dusty paper flowers, the engaging half year thriller getting you securely locked down, broke and smothering in poverty.

Deathly scared of a microbe that can barely be seen even by Electron Microscopy, with you sheepishly going outside and maintaining a 72 inch distance from others (how do you measure this and do you suddenly get the sniffles when you accidentally misjudge the distance and wander to 71 inches), rush home because of the curfew or also called, Martial Law, anxiously awaiting your $1,200 crumb from your benevolent government jailers that often never comes.

Now you proudly assemble outside in large numbers and march your downtown streets protesting racism and police brutality, chanting, George Floyd, George Floyd, George Floyd! 

Apparently the SARS-COV-2 that causes the COVID 19 is an equal opportunity infector because most of you already have it and it doesn’t seem to prevent you from getting outside and getting close enough to share these deadly viruses. 

So is this SARS/COVID thing really deadly when the death rate is less than, 0.026%, most asymptomatic, and fewer with cold symptoms, quickly recovering? My Co-Host, Patrick Herbert of our YouTube NELM show, sent me an amusing but sensible article for how law enforcement should engage Protestors in this COVID 19 extravaganza to adhere to the safety guidelines declared by the Trump government or rather, Global Public Health Czar, Bully Bill Gates III. Listen closely. 

Stay away from the Protestors following the 6 feet rule (is this similar to the 3 second rule?), do not get close and do not touch, keep your mask on, encourage the Protestors to walk 6 feet apart, encourage looters to wear masks, gloves, and use hand sanitizer frequently, and definitely do not shoot anyone that may cause the splattering of bodily fluids.

Any doctors out there going door to door (Jehovah Witness and Mormons can instruct you well), taking temperatures, jotting down cold symptoms, and administering the failed and useless, rT PCR test to identify the Coronavirus which the test wasn’t designed for and producing over 80% false positives, thank you for your service. 

Let us get to actual science. 

The SARS, seemingly lab designed was intended to use the ACE 2 receptors on cells to gain entry, thusly infecting the water filled structure. ACE 2, means Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2, compared to ACE, where both interact for vasodilation or vasoconstriction. There are ACE receptors on the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Intestines, and Arteries.

The ACE 2 is essential in the regulation of extracellular water and the flow of fluid in and out of the cell. This process regulates blood pressure as body water is conserved or managed for optimal blood pressure. It is at this site on the S1 portion of the protein where there is the most genetic sequence variance compared to other Coronaviruses and the now famous, Bat Coronaviruses. 

Scientists from the United States and equally infamously famous, Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Transmissible Diseases, of the NIH worked closely with Chinese doctors and researchers of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and giving them 7.4 million dollars for trying to enhance the infectivity and lethality of bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus. Coincidence? Probably not but why have a program to increase the virility and infectivity of bacteria and viruses? 

Professor Francis Boyle from Harvard has told us that since 2001 that the United States has spend over 120 Billion dollars developing bioweapons, which is microbe manipulation and perfecting the disguise of not being tampered with. Boyle is also the creator of the Bioweapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989.

The science has told us that the viral proteins have two parts called, S1 and S2 delineating the first half and second half of the structure. The S2 portion is more than 90% similar to the multitude of Coronaviruses out there including the SARS and COVID 19. However, the S1 portion is only 60% like the rest including the Bat version. 

Researchers agree that this variance could not occur naturally and is most likely human tampered with to increase the infectivity of the virus. Is the release of the SARS-COV-2 from the WIV, intentional or accidental? This cannot be explained with confidence or accuracy because of the nature of purposely creating a more infective virus and the difficulty in containing the nanoparticle escape from the Biosafety laboratories on the lab staff, researchers and doctors, clean up crew, and visitors. 

Suspicion and intrigue a plenty for a spy novel but the actuality is that half of this 2020 has forced us indoors in mandated lockdown, agreeing to loss of finances and going bankrupt, being afraid and abdicating our authority to the government guided by the Evil Global Public Health Czar, becoming increasingly dependent on a corrupt and confused Federal government for money crumbs and permission to go outside, censored by the corrupt Social Medias, fed misinformation by the mainstream news, and quietly becoming more and more disempowered, helpless, hopeless, and sinking further into choking depression and desperation, like the Derek Chauvin knee to the gasping George Floyd neck.

Sadly and unfortunately, George Floyd, suffered mightily in the last 9 minutes of his life and did not know that when he got up on the morning of May 25, that it would be his last day alive. Check out my interview with Dr. Meryl Nass on my June 2, Be The Change show, co-hosted by Pyramid One owner, Bob Charles. She delivers real science and what exactly the COVID 19 is, how it might have been made, the corruption of the FDA, CDC, and WHO, and suggestions for us to thrive again. 

Statistics show us that only those over 65 and in poor health, weakened immune systems, taking multiple medications, fighting autoimmune diseases, and near death, are the ones who succumb to the added health insult. The low rate of dying, the many infected without symptoms, and those infected and recovering normally, is your proof that this Corona show is truly only a fear mongering show stimulating your fear response to give away your control and allow others to make decisions for you. 

We humans are gifted with a powerful, scanning, analyzing, and resilient immune guardian system that even enhanced viruses cannot topple or defeat. The human species have endured, adapted, innovated, and gotten stronger and stronger with each seemingly unbeatable obstacle. Historically, it is ironic that the most formidable of our opponents were miniscule, minute, and microscopic. 

Not all ancestors gave legacy to who is here now, but yours have. The growing count is 7.8 billion and continued growth, or overgrowth, is not sustainable for our Planet or our species. However, unlike the Bully Bill intentional people pruning or depopulation and forced sterilization, education and commitment to family size control is what we must do for thriving of the species. In the worst is a hidden Silver lining and this COVID-19 stage show is a massive opportunity for change and a joyous one if we unite, connect, and collectively design our destinies. 

Isn’t it interesting that dedicating to high ideals which include unconditional love inclusive of everyone, radically changes our view of the world? Unknown and unseen by you is that positive attitudes, smiling and laughing, giving and being selfless, turning chronic stress into eustress, anger into hope, stuck into possibility, transforms your life into the one that you would most love to live. 

The magic or miracle of your body and divinely constructed is that it is perfect and can handle any obstacle, threat, and worst adversity. From each Electron, subatomic piece, each nanoparticle, exosome or cell part, unstoppable energy courses unrelentlessly so we can connect with the Source who put us here. We were given the ability to be afraid to decide our subsequent actions. 

Our ancestors have gotten us here and up to us to figure out this fake pandemonium and draw from it our under used greatness. Coronavirus, naturally occurring or lab made, is no match for our dominant immune system and by strengthening this protective army with natural clean foods, exercising, loving more, and making dreams real, we will create the world that all of us want to be part of. 

There is much complicated science to manipulated viruses and their enhanced status. This does not matter because we were meant to thrive no matter the size and strength of the Goliath and his troops. Positive energy can heal and open closed doors while negative energy, ignorance and chronic fear, can kill and worse, condemn you to a living hell. What to do? Cut this shit out, get outside, get on, create, imagine, and do it as big and loud as you want!

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