Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold

Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold is a familiar trio noted in the Bible associated with 3 Kings from the Orient bringing gifts to Yeshua or Jesus. Translations from ancient Babylonian, Phoenician, Arcadian, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and European English, bring us to the current versions of what we know as the Bible. What the books of Exodus, Genesis, Mathew, Mark, and John indicate is the generational and cultural wisdom of those living in the Eastern geographies. 

Myrrh comes from the sap of the Myrrh tree found in Southern Africa primarily Somalia and the Indian subcontinent. This tree blood or sap was used by the Ancient’s for ceremony and healing. Used in salves and poultices, mixed into wine, inhaled as Aromatherapy, used as a pleasant scent, ingredient in sacred anointing oil, Myrrh was also medicine for gastritis, ulcers, improving digestion, and treatment for tumors, Cancers, and benign lesions. 

Evidence found in Egypt antiquity exposed the use of Frankincense in health benefits as well as embalming of mummies. Frankincense, from the Boswellia Sacra tree, also comes from its sap and used for stomach and digestion problems, injuries and lesions to the skin, bones, muscles and connective tissues, and for tumors and Cancers. Gatherers of the valuable resin noted the danger of the collection of it because of the venomous snakes living in the tree branches. 

Could this be foreshadowing what was to be written in the Bible? 

Found in Africa and the Arabian peninsula and used as medicine, consumed, topically applied, and inhaled (aromatherapy and perfumery), it is reasonable to assume that this was a highly valuable Nature or God gift and worthy as a gift to the child named Yeshua or Jesus. 

Both Myrrh and Frankincense also stimulated blood flow circulation enhancing healing and repair of injuries internally and externally. Commonly used in wine like Myrrh, Frankincense or Olibanin was found to be a potent natural healing substance for multiple ailments. Accumulated historical and recent evidence has referred to the Biblical Gold as the Turmeric root. 

As interpretations are numerous, doesn’t it make practical and scientific sense that 3 of the most healing substances of the time were mentioned as offerings of the highest of value to the future teacher and influencer of humankind? 

The Gold mentioned is a direct reference to the most potent and Universal healing plant called Turmeric and common from the East where the Kings came from. Turmeric and primary healing ingredient, Curcumin, then, and confirmed today, is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-tumor and Cancer, digestion aid, healing ulcers and lesions internally and externally, and used in the culinary arts originating from India. 

The 2 tree sap resins and root vegetable were anecdotally known to be medicinal and put on Earth as gifts to humankind. Originating from the dirt or Earth, these healing substances were also consumed as food, combined in many different cultural food dishes, and drink especially mixed in wine. 

Noah, famous for gathering animals, building a big boat almost as long as a football field, and living hundreds of years, stepped onto solid ground after the Great Flood and planted grape vines, the earliest known vineyard, for wine making. Juice from fermented grapes was a ubiquitous drink for our ancestors and considered socially connecting, spiritually unifying, as well as medicinal.

This is why medicines like Myrrh, Frankincense, Turmeric, Ginger (also a root vegetable and used for stomach upset, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer), Thyme, Rosemary, Holy Basil, Parsley, Sage, and all varieties of plants, were used as healing agents. This is why the Father of modern medicine, Hippocrates declared the Universal healing phrases: Make food thy medicine and medicine thy food; all disease starts in the gut. 

In the Bible are references to the Olive tree, its leaves and fruit, as medicine and how healing and restoration comes from plants. 

This article is meant for useful information and to encourage you to research what comes from the Earth that can heal any of your illnesses. The many versions of the Bible, with the distortions, translation errors, and unintended misinterpretations, still present undeniable historical evidence of the healing power of plants or what was grown from the Earth.

This fact alone tells you that a superior intelligence set in motion what was to be known as harmony, abundance, natural systems now called nature, and that what grows from the ground is both food and medicine. 

I leave you with this: was the apple in the famous, Garden of Eden, actually poisonous, or was it both food and medicine meant to help the first couple to survive and to thrive? 

Blessings to you all and do remember that viruses were part of Adam and Eve as well as every plant, every rock and in the soil, in the Serpent and the animals coming after, in the water, and meant to be there and shed daily. Viruses are messengers, partners in health and resiliency, and needing hosts to live inside allowing them to proliferate, allowing knowledge to enter us providing information from the outside world as we shed our internal viruses giving information from what is inside of us to the outside. 

Like the Biblical gifts, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Turmeric Gold, so are viruses also Holy gifts, because without these micro neighbors, we would be dead. COVID-19, therefore, like with Frankincense or Boswellia, Myrrh, and Turmeric, should be respected for it was placed here to strengthen our immune systems making our human species more resilient ensuring our continual presence on Earth. 

So replace fear, misinformation, and corporate greed, with intuition, vision of the life that you desire, accurate unbiased information, and immediately start living the life that you would most love to live. Freedom is not a government edict or what Empire soldiers dictate but rather your God given right for being alive on this glorious orb called Earth. 

Can you now see that the three Biblical gifts from the 3 Wise Kings, speak of a sacred system of balance and the high energy giving life to this multitude of systems. Can you also understand that viruses work with bacteria and trillions of other microbes to make our immune systems stronger which potentiates our species longevity? 

I challenge you to obey your intuition and consciousness, to design your own destiny, and to live this Holiest of systems called freedom. 

The Biblical plants mentioned are reminders that we have everything needed for health filled thriving and that supporting the immune army of resilience can overcome any adversity. Take this moment to make fear your friend and venture forward and outside to live freely, abundantly, and with unconditional love, making this here and now, your heaven on Earth.