Agenda, Control, and Absolute Power

In this posting based on articles coming out on May 21, are levels and degrees of agendas, control, and use of influence. 

Let us start with the pithy and pitiful actions of actress Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli, who together doled out a half million dollars in a college enrollment scam to get their 2 daughters into USC.

The aging actor of Full House fame, was sentenced to 2 months in prison, having to pay $150,000 in restitution, hours of community service, and a couple of years on probation. Giannulli, a designer for the Target discount store chain, was sentenced to 5 months in prison, $250,000 restitution, community service and years of probation. 

With details unknown, if the teens didn’t have the necessary grades or test scores to warrant admission to this noted California college, then why cheat to get them in?

Over the years thousands have applied with many accepted and many denied, as it is with any college or University. The point is that effort and achievement by high school youth or any applicant provided the opportunity to justify the application and if the requirements for admission were satisfactory then it would be reasonable to expect admission. 

What the Loughlin/Giannulli duo and a deceptive third party did was to portray the two girls as athletes, which they are not, and to slip them in with falsified documents. Here, winning or control using large sums of money, allowed the undeserving females entrance into a group where they did not deserve to be, with the parental perpetrators tagged with minor debt to society. 

Expand the agenda, control, and absolute power to include global public health, lockdown, loss of jobs and businesses, ordered to separate from other humans by 6 feet or 2 meters, to be dependent on the government, State and Federal, for money, await their permission to return to normal life, and relinquish all freedom to Bill Gates and his mandatory vaccinations, computer tattoo, and lifetime surveillance as data for your masters. 

Like John D. Rockefeller did to improve his public image by handing out dimes and in forming Foundations and other shill companies purported to benefit medicine and health, Bill Jr. is doing the same thing. Let us take this time to use, BAM (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) to accurately describe this Corona or Bolognavirus fake crises. 

Bill Jr. has reinvented himself as the Global Public Health Czar or King of the World. His Microsoft billions and 20 years of rebranding himself as philanthropic good guy savior, has doubled his wealth and made many pharmaceutical and vaccine companies rich. He has also orchestrated legal protection for the drug makers so they cannot be sued for poisoning the public with their toxic pharmaceuticals and vaccine chemical cocktails. 

Ever wonder where news media, the social medias, spineless doctors, government officials, the WHO, CDC, and especially the current President, mention social distancing and an 18 month wait time for the vaccine cure to be made available and mandatory for everyone if you want to live as a free person? Well, this is all constructed, designed, organized, and orchestrated by Bully Bill Jr, using the BAM to control the world with absolute power by buying loyalty. 

Riding on his Decade of Vaccines program, Bully Bill Jr. and BAM lied and experimented on millions of the poorest in India and Africa with his Polio and HPV vaccines, with Many dying and nearly 500,000 paralyzed or permanently injured. In news conferences the self-appointed Global public health Czar calmly indicates that casualties are expected and that herd vaccinations will protect all from disease. Blinded by his King of the World self appointment, college drop out and businessman Bully Bill and BAM have been banned from India because of the human carnage that they left, including many who were murdered.

Absolute power and total control is what Rockefeller was craving but Bully Bill has almost accomplished it but awaiting the human species mass vaccinations and computer chipping of those who somehow survive.

Vocal heroes like: David, Jaymie, and Gareth Icke, Tom Minderle, Joe Mercola, Meryl Nass, Judy Mikovits, Sherry Ten Penney, Suzanne Humphries, Heather Wolfson, John Rappaport, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Patrick Gentempo, Barbara Loe Fisher, Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan, Zach Bush, Josh Axe, Mark Hyman, Bob Charles, Peter Osborne, Tom O’Bryan, and Patrick Herbert, remain committed to fighting for freedom, unwilling to succumb to the global public health Czar of herd vaccinations and depopulation. 

If you don’t believe me, then research and dedicate yourself to lifelong learning for though this fake crisis is founded on lies, the herd fear and economic devastation has forced us to buckle and break or to create anew with courage and vision. So instead of remaining divided and arguing amongst ourselves and cowering in fake fear, let us unite and actually connect, Soul to Soul, while we create a world that works for everyone leaving no one behind. 

Bully Bill and BAM and his master, the Cabal, will not prevail for they are the mere less than 1% and we, 99% strong when unified.

Are you all in with us or not? Do you want to suffer in slavery or stand proud with your freedom? Do you want to design your destiny or be imprisoned by the deadly and sinister self-appointed King of the World? Are you willing to be micro chipped, monitored 24/7, and told what you can do and cannot do? Are you willing to die fighting for your freedom? If yes, then let us unite!

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