Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed is backfiring with 69% saying, Hell No! In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was established and over time, gutted to give manufacturers, doctors, and any related to the use of the untested for safety toxic chemical cocktails indemnity from liability and litigation when the child is severely injured by the injectable poison. Since, with only 1% reporting over 4 billion dollars have been parsed out to families of children injured by the poison chemical cocktails. With increased faulty legislation enacted protecting the drug companies, 2 out of 3 seeking claims get denied with heightened adversarial treatment and years until any renumeration is received. More inequality or fraud is perpetrated since the taxes levied on each vile sold is paid for by the patient, and what is used to compensate the parents of the injured and now disabled child. The preventable but sadly inconsolable inequity is that the youth is permanently debilitated and what this family gets in money is actually what they had already paid as tax for getting the child rammed with a toxic injection. 

In 2005, the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness act(PREP) was passed to protect vaccine makers for fast tracking vaccines to market anticipating serious injuries to recipients, protecting the drug maker from being sued. The next year, 2006, Congress passed the Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Act, which was a partnership of the Federal Government and drug makers giving DHHS the power to give tax payer money to drug manufacturers for research and development for bioterrorism and pandemic vaccines. Included in this act was liability protection of the drug makers from anyone trying to sue them because of the chemical injuries from the vaccines. The science of physiological injury by chemical poisoning kicked aside again, Congress has eliminated the negative symptoms of syncope(fainting) and Brachial Neuritis suffered by the vaccine poisoned patient. 

Can you see what the expected reality is forthcoming with the COVID vaccines rollout? AstraZeneca has already been given blanket immunity by some countries for its upcoming vaccine and according to a company spokesperson, injuries occurring 4 years from administration is expected but they unwilling to take responsibility for the injuries. Moderna and Pfizer are fast tracking a messenger RNA vaccine which changes your DNA and makes your cells produce viral proteins and thusly an antibody response. Lots can go wrong, and can this genetic mutation be around your entire lifetime and passed on to the next generations? Scientists 18 years ago noticed a paradoxical effect with the Messenger RNA test vaccine with Ferrets which caused promising results by producing Antibodies, but all died when exposed to the wild SARS-CoV-2 virus. Since then no vaccine has been successfully made. 

Now, fast tracking with human trials with many becoming severely ill, it seems unlikely that a vaccine can be safely introduced to the public. What if it does indeed mutate DNA with these mutations passed on to the next generations? Can this reckless implementation of a messenger RNA vaccine untested for safety and fast tracked for public use in a year with already dangerous results be catastrophic to our global brethren? Seems that in the Ferret experiment 2 decades ago clearly displayed a paradoxical autoimmunity attack which killed the test animals. These animal study results and the dismal recent human trials should be the blow horn that fast tracking an unsafe chemical cocktail is not in the best interest for humans but a trillion dollar Bonanza for the Drug industry and depopulation coup for Gates and Fauci(collectively known as Gauci). With 69% indicating that they are rejecting fast tracked vaccine poisoning, the wafting breeze for freedom is escalating into tornado magnitude noise for human rights and choice of what one agrees to be put into their flesh temples. 

What about you? Mandatory bend over and stuck with the vaccine toxins and getting lifetime cognitive and physical disability or deciding upon what you choose is right for you? You don’t have to be unidimensional vacuous nonthinkers but can choose to be analytic and doing the right thing for you and your family. Measles, Polio, Influenza, SARS, MERS, HIV(actually a mix of illnesses) and all the other viral and bacterial bugs are still around but we have overcome them because of our immune resilience and diversity of our gut microbiome. Vaccines do not work and like face masks make you less resilient and sicker. Do your own research and peruse Pub Med.Gov, greenmedinfo.com, Mercola.com, and Children’s Health Defense , the RFK Jr. creation. Get educated and fight for your freedom.