Size Matters

Size matters, big and small are needed and are friends. Picture this: the size of a virus is about 0.06 microns, bacterium 0.5-1.0 microns, blood cell about 6.0 microns, white blood cells about 12 microns. A Micron is one millionth of a meter. In dentistry, the sharp tip or tyne of an Explorer hand instrument approximates the size of a Red blood cell. the Bacteria, plural, can be observed under light microscope while viruses require electron microscopy to be seen. Bacteria have organelles or internal organs, take in nutrients, excrete waste, die, and reproduce. Virus has a protein coating and made up of DNA and RNA parts, require a host to live and reproduce in, and technically not a respiration entity. The human blood cell takes in nutrients and excrete waste, carries Oxygen to other parts of the body, can be breached with viruses and made ill with new or concentrated bacterial excrement, White blood cells are made in bone marrow and activated in large numbers when alerted by the immune system lining the gut tube if a pathogenic intruder arrives or injury occurs to the organism. When Monocytes, large White blood cells are lesser in number, the person will get sick more often. 

Now to the current anti science 8-month panic and fear game, firmly resting on the frail and narrow shoulders of a virus called Corona. Remember that Viruses are awfully small, a couple hundred trillion happily co-habitating already inside of us, travel freely outside with each breath, armies of them entering us from animals, including fellow humans like your family, from plants, water, air, and soil on the outside, and work in harmonious tandem with our gut bacteria to regulate our genome restoring balanced symbiosis, or resilient thriving. Did you know that the normal inside your body milieu or microbial neighborhood contain communities of diverse creatures called: Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Mycobacterium or Molds, and Protozoa or wormy parasites? Is this the new hot and sexy? The family feline, canine, birdie, and for some, scaly cold-blooded reptiles, have communities of viruses inside of them and like you, freely allow them a free travel pass to come and go. The trees, grasses and bushes, vines and hedges, shrubs, pesky weeds also thriving life, flowers and bugs, lakes, streams, rivers, rain and the puddles, the Oceans, air and wind, are saturated with Viruses, placed here for the most wonderous and interconnected relationship called life. 

When certain microbe lines accumulate in us in high amounts and our immune defense army cannot engage quickly enough and neutralize them, the imbalance responds with symptoms of out of balance illness like fatigue, fever, aches and pain, excess mucous production, decreased hunger, and whole body malaise. Fever is an indicator that your immune system is working for it represents healing as your immune microbes engage the invading pathogens and kill them. You have been gifted with both protective innate and adaptive immune systems, which are cellular and circulatory. This means that your magnificent miracle called the human body comes equipped with interconnecting systems that are energetically connected to the outer world, and genetically programmed for symbiosis or in returning the flesh container to balance. Though the study of the human body has been ongoing for thousands of years, we are still learning how this divine gift operates and how it already knows how to survive and to thrive. We are complex masterpieces with the multiplicity of separate systems organized to fully interact as what happens in the feet is known in the intestines, fingers, chest, and chin. 

You might not notice, but your Divine flesh vessel is constantly communicating within and without intent on bringing balance back. Each day is the continual jockeying back and forth of imbalance back to balance, change and smooth operation the norm. Isn’t it amazing how we were put together with the many different structures of Flesh, innate intelligence in interconnecting systems, thoughts, and emotions that can influence the physical, and the invisible energy beyond the mind? Humans were gifted the ability to imagine and create, making what was not present and invisible, visible and what can be held. The Henry Ford motorized horseless carriage, Edison lightbulb, Vinyl record then CD, computer, Internet, and digital finance, were extracted from the invisible energetic ether and now common conveniences. 

Size of blood cells, bacteria, viruses, and even white blood cells, were made those sizes for a reason, similar in each person, whether 10,000 years ago or present, and even if your ethnicity is different, where you grew up, what you ate, and language you spoke. There is a cosmic system firmly in place and certain Natural laws, some say God laws proven by Physics and the academics and scientists that study them, confirming its actuality. For example, Gravity is still not adequately explained but all life bows to the phenomena, for without it we float away and with it present, we splatter on the concrete pavement if we fall off a 20 floor building. Each of your human cells, we are more non human than human, have a bifid or double wall fat layer, have transport carriers called Ionophores bringing substances in and out, organelles with specific duties and influencing the other, filled with living water with memory and intelligence, storage of packets of DNA and RNA, viruses coming in and out, taking in nutrients and excreting waste, influenced by neighboring cells doing the same, and able to sending chemical cytokines to other areas of the body to communicate. Whole natural foods were placed here to both nourish us but to also allow information in the outside world to travel to our inside dimension. Packets of information called Exosomes pinch off the foods and travel to specific locations, the mechanism still unknown, delivering information so the body can confront any challenge and to prevail back into symbiotic balance. There is a White blood cell called, NK or Natural Killer cells which hunts for invading pathogens and squirting them with Hydrogen Peroxide and thusly eliminating the threat to the body. 

Within our magical magnificence, is expressed our individual uniqueness and one of a kind selves, but the ubiquitous commonalities of cell size and that the human genome and human cells are freakishly less in numbers than the bugs quietly co-existing with them. Divinely programmed to working together for the outcome of symbiosis, it is the nonhuman cells who direct and guide our human genes. Humans have continually disrupted the intended internal balance by introducing over 80,000 new untested chemicals into daily living, promoting high refined carbohydrate and grain eating styles, a low fat diet which has proved disastrous in those dying of heart attack and Stroke, obesity, inadequate digestion, Cancers, Diabetes, and clogging visceral fats covering organs, especially the detoxifying, Liver, daily use of electronic devices and exposure to electromagnetic radiation which is stressful and not allowing the body to recover and renew, and now imprisoned in a global fake panic over a microbe causing fear corroding Cortisol to damage our organs, brain, and nutrient extraction abilities. Size does matter when it comes to the depthlessness of a dream, a vision, heart pull, and Soul purpose. Designing one’s destiny and guided by Soul purpose and the high intelligence energy that is generated and attracting more of it, is the juice or glorious joy in being alive on Earth. 

 Size of the cells and microbes mentioned take on the intention of the brain and emotions in your cerebral brain as well as the brain in your heart and gut microbiome. Did you know that your heart contains 40,000 cells called Neurites that look and act like brain cells that can also feel? Did you also know that your gut tube starting from your mouth and terminating at your butt contains 80% of your immune system as well as making neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Acetylcholine?, Modernity and generalized herd meme dedicated to attaining financial riches called the American Dream and Puritan work ethic, explained by the God law of two sides, brought extraordinary riches, technological advances, conveniences, joy and ease of living. Alas, when life intent is unidimensional with accumulating lots of money the primary goal, the stress hormone Cortisol driven by wanting more and more, corrosively sears tissues and impairing digestion, nutrient extraction, corrupting all parameters of wellness, and speeds the race to mortality. Cell and microbe size stay the same but now under new marching orders of detrimental imbalance as the norm. The result? Escalating steep rise of heart attacks, Strokes, Cancers, Early onset dementia, Diabetes, Obesity and visceral fat collection, MS, Arthritis, Lupus, Autism, Attention Deficit, destructive emotional extremes, and most are still broke or increasingly stressed by trying to maintain what they worked hard to attain. 

What’s next? Transform this fake panic into your greatest opportunity, turn stress into eustress, dream bigger, and reject Cabal and governmental martial law dictates. Hidden in the worst are seeds of imagination and an open door to the life that you would most love to live. Size matters and make this life your biggest, constantly growing, and maximizing your cosmic gift for you were meant to be here and thriving in whatever you choose.