COVID-19 & Child Abuse

Child abuse on the rise because the COVID-19 Totalitarian edict forces abusive parents to stay at home.

A recent article in the Waking Times publication noted a sharp increase in child sex abuse as more youth are calling in to child abuse helplines reporting the abuse and wanting help.

Now the abusers are forced to stay home, giving them further liberties to sexually attack children.

Noted was that older children and siblings also have increased their sexual abuse against the young and most defenseless. The solution? Pragmatic simplicity is to stop doing it but of course the complexity of the human animal, for some, often goes down the darkest of shit holes.

Because this Technocracy Hunger Games has enslaved you, the cowards suffering in their emotional victimhood get to release their rage onto the vulnerable, just like what happened to them. This is no excuse, for victimization is a hidden treasure for building strength and courage instead of releasing the negative energy on the smallest and weakest.

The helplines are tremendous value but it is up to the spirited aware and compassionate to get active to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

What does this mean and what can I do, you are asking?

Civil disobedience!

Enough information, credible and not the concocted BS vomited in the headlines, will quickly inform you that COVID-19 is a virus that may cause the inconvenience of stuffiness, cough, and slight fever. This means that you might, not all, get a little sick if you are infected.

Luckily for you because you are a God gift, your Immune system will initially attack the intruding microbe then memorize it for producing an Antibody army.

Did you know that a fever is actually your body fighting the invading microbes?

This is why saunas, especially the infra-red kind, are wonderfully effective because they assist the immune system and why it is used more frequently in Cancer therapies.

Child abusers, if adult, have a high correlation of being abused themselves and subconsciously engraining the fear, shame, and helplessness in their identity. You might have noticed them exploding in anger, becoming violent for no reason, and unleashing the worst after boozing it up or taking other drugs.

As the spouse, relative, or friend, you can turn your head and ignore it or do the right thing. If you do want to act and to be effective, a strategy for safety and escape must be put together.

Remember that the abuser will not wake up the next day the perfect, caring, and most loving partner that you had manifested in your dreams. What you see in them, which might also mean what you have witnessed in the anger outbursts, are your hopes and prayers that he or she will magically become who you want them to be.

Each person can control their emotions, exchange faulty long-term views for better ones, and design their destinies founded on love, compassion, empathy, giving, and gratitude. Your honesty with the abuser might get their attention and less often compliance because their inner engrained hurt remains unresolved and who they think they are.

Helplessness, fear, shame, guilt, and the anger they cause can be transformed into self-actualization, consciousness growth, and permanent flowing of love.

Once in a while the person can transform themselves but usually they will need a personal development teacher. Do not solely depend on social services or the abuse hotlines, because you have more power.

Smartly done with strategy for safety, you must then make and commit to the decision of how you want to live and how you want your children to live.

You had romanticized a Hallmark movie life but reality blasted you with vicious pain and now the decision to endure the suffering of your children or live your greatest lives.

If there is abuse in your household, tell someone, get help, and understand the volatile inner world of the abuser. They will not relinquish their control for they release their anger, fear, and shame with sexual, physical, and emotional violence against those who cannot protect themselves.

The exit could be dangerous but exit you must. Contact as many as you can, develop a network, and get out.

If by chance that any abusers read this posting, you are not doomed to an eternity of suffering, fear, anger, and hurting others. It will take lots of practice and will not be easy but if you are willing and committed, who you think you are can be changed to who you desire to be. This is personal responsibility founded on unconditional love.

Love is the highest form of energy, the unseen ingredient in each Atom, molecule, the space between Planets, in each leaf and single blade of grass, each drop of water, in the oxygen we breathe, inside of every cell, in each heartbeat, and in each thought.

For the human animal however, the love energy can be turned on or off by intention or lack of use. For accuracy in this article, researcher Tom Montalk indicates that about half of humanity is without spirit or spirit asleep.

The spirit asleep can be reawakened with their willingness for growth and nurtured with love and compassion. The spiritless can be groomed to behave with kind deeds, expected social interactions, and memorized duties, but will not feel the goodness in it. They will reproduce what kind and caring does but sadly not feel what it feels like.

There is always a solution but outcomes will vary and diversity, two sides to the same law, will always come paired. Love will always accompany fear and hate, like with dislike, happy with sad, jealousy with gratitude, selfishness with generosity, perceiving with judgment.

COVID-19, is pandemonium not pandemic, a gift for species longevity not a curse, a partner with your gut bacteria allowing you to live with a stronger immune system, and reminding you that you are the most advanced and complex creature ever made. Do not run and hide because of a made up fear but instead disobey the ignorance, get accurate information, align with the knowledgeable, optimistic, and bold, and become the love energy you were meant to be.

Get active and get accurate information from: Patrick Herbert, David Icke, Tom Montalk, John Rappoport, Sayer Ji, Joe Mercola, Bob Charles, and me.

It was only 170 years ago that Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis found that simple hand washing decreased the maternal death rate from 18% to almost zero. He didn’t know anything about the unseen microbes and toxic chemicals used in cadaver dissection that doctors did before rushing to help mothers in childbirths. He wondered why the death rate was high? You must also question why what you consider good or bad happens.

We humans are in perpetual social transactions with each experience predictable, unpredictable, or unknown. In sexual, physical, and emotional abuse or tyranny, the one doing it is often driven to do so by the negative energy of self-hate, fear, in bondage to helplessness and hurt in the past, and keeping the hopelessness and anger alive in subconscious programming.

Identity is often accepted without thought or question with beliefs and attached emotions how one chooses to roll and how others perceive them. Sex abuse victims, parents of the sexually abused, and sex abusers, can all be helped but requiring a humanity effort.

COVID-19 is an inflated excuse for top 1% domination and unexpectedly exposing the emotional frailties of those victimized and now victimizing others.

There is a solution and that solution is you.

Let me know how I can help for when you believe in yourself and coming from love, you are unstoppable.

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