Choose the VAXXER Lifestyle!

Hail, reader! This is a note from a highly educated, highly intelligent, and very rich Vaxxer. Sit down, wipe the drool from your face, and listen! I am Broderick Belair Bonaparte Bobo, and you can call me “B4”, and I demand that you get vaccinated immediately, often, and with all vaccines available. 

Our world is filthy with dirty toxins, diseases, too many poor people, too many ordinary simple minded people, and microbes created in China specifically to infect and disable Americans, related pets, factory farmed cattle and fish, and undermining our devotion to mindless servitude to our masters. 

I am shocked and angered that many of you discount and dismiss the wisdom of the living God, Global Public Health czar, Will H. Great III.

His devoted to Eugenics lineage and dedication to depopulation, sterilization of the poorest and minorities, and zest for being crowned as King of the World, should automatically make you bow down and kiss his ring with the Golden oversized, M, soldered to the form fitting jewel. 

Do you feel worthy, worthless eater?

His Royalness has doubled the riches of his Will and Melinda Great Foundation (WAM) as he owns and supports vaccine companies preparing for world vaccination and people pruning from the overpopulated 7.8 billion to a select and cozier 500,000,000 and mindless automatons all named Haime (why not?). In all honesty, it should be called the WAM-BAM-THANK-YOU-MAAM foundation for its endless supply of generous contributions to the world.

Though I am mindless and curious about nothing, a graduate of the Hardbird school of obedience and curiosity antiquity, I understand your hesitance to the mindless lifestyle and blind obedience to authority. I too, was steeped in curiosity and wanting to make my own decisions until I was educated in the Vaxxed living and how blissful and wonderfully shallow mindlessness can be. 

I hope to be part of the half million surviving the chemical cocktail poisoning. I can’t get a date with someone alive anyway so existing as a servant slave means that at least I’ll have a job. 

We are beset by the scourge called, COVID-19 which was coincidentally used as an example of a simulated war game called Event 201 hosted by none other than the living God himself, Will Great III.

Luckily, his leadership thinking and accidental choice of Coronavirus in this mythical exercise if the world was infected by a tiny virus which most of us have already, have served to save our species and to allow vaccine companies and the drug cartel to make billions of dollars while they experiment on us, decreasing the suffering of the over populated Earth. 

Thankfully many are dying and put out of their misery since spanning generations their ancestors were dirt poor, destitute, and slowly withering away in poverty and starvation. Much gratitude must be bestowed upon Will H. Great III and the WAM multi billion dollar Foundation for necessary euthanization, population control, and saving of our Planet. 

I have lots of free time now because I am no longer bogged down with curiosity, deeper thought and imagination expansion, critical thinking, and care and compassion for my fellow brethren. My half million co-hort family have the same thoughts, use moneyless Internet crypto currency only, and live to serve our masters, some call the Empire or others calling it the Cabal. 

I am lucky to be a thought devoid servant slave free from the bondage to creativity, independent thought, and unbridled feelings of love and empathy. I have only best wishes and thoughts for myself and anything that benefits me exclusively. I noticed that the more chemically toxic vaccines I was injected with and constantly flooded with noxious toxicants with the 060606 patent with brain transmitters and my microchip certification and data collection status, that I was much happier and totally detached from free will and the stresses of wanting freedom. 

My favorite television shows are now: Stepford Wives, Mandingo, World Wrestling Entertainment, Fox News, CNN, and everything from the Whitehouse. It is wonderful and joyous to be surrounded by a half million of my humankind family and knowing that we have the exact same thoughts and feelings, and not wasting valuable time on imagination, innovation, growth, and contribution. Just like the song, What a wonderful World. 

Thank you Will H. Great III and for depopulating and sterilizing us, for we could not have done it by ourselves. You are truly a living God and King of the World. Let me know what to think next so I get it right and not clogged with thoughts of my own. If I am chosen for depopulation or sterilization, I accept it gladly as this helps humanity advance to higher levels of depravity.

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