Gobbledygook, Afraid, and Favorite Songs

This article is meant to allay your fears of this 2020 falsified virus going viral leading to worldwide panic and economic devastation and regrounding you back into trusting yourself.

According to CDC yearly death statistics as percentage of total population, this 2020 supposed lots of people dying killer year by a killer virus is the lowest in a decade and second lowest since 2000. The CDC as you have learned like the FDA and WHO are deceptive manipulators making us afraid so extreme measures like toxic vaccines will be more accepted as best solutions for microbe panic called pandemics, have ironically collected accurate data on mortality for each year. Since 2000 the average death rate from all causes was between 0.015-0.017% of the population. In this 2020 year the weekly death rate is 0.0153% and oddly less than the 0.0164% in 2019. The fear campaign set in motion by the CDC with WHO backing allowed power positioned criminals like CDC Commissioner Robert Redfield, CDC Infectious disease head, Tony Fauci, and billionaire vaccine monger, Bully Bill Gates, to easily make us afraid with their killer microbe scare when the CDC’s own statistics clearly debunk their fear domination agendas. Dr. Colleen Huber, taking the time to research CDC yearly mortality statistics for all causes broke down the numbers for daily, weekly, and monthly death rates. Shockingly, she found that the hyped 2020 COVID 19 pandemic because of the presumed guilty, SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, one of 150 in this family of viruses, is no pandemic but a year with the lowest death rate in 10 years. The lowest death rate year, 2009, since year 2000, is ironically when the dreaded killer H1N1 Swine Flu was supposed to have killed 22 million Americans when the actual figure was less then 200. Why the intentional lies and why the trusted health agencies combine to peddle false information to make the public afraid? The simple answer is, follow the money. Because Western medicine or Rockefeller drug cartel pill for an ill medicine is a business, massive profits can be realized with repeat monthly sales, more customers, and we generationally brainwashed into believing that every sniffle and fever, ache and pain must be subdued with a chemical pill, hoping it will decrease the symptom. Isn’t this true since every time you see your doctor, aren’t you expecting to walk out of the appointment with a prescription? Now the legal drug trade known as allopathic Western medicine has created a position called, Physician’s assistant, a non doctor but having the legal ability to write you prescriptions so more patients can be seen for increased insurance billing and reoccurring drug sales. Doesn’t this remind you of Pablo Escobar, Juan Guzman El Chapo, and the Al Pacino character, Tony Montana? Notice that your doctor is always in a hurry rushing in to spend about 7 and a half minutes with you, skim over your chart on the computer screen, do a cursory stethoscope listening, making you take a few deep breaths, tapping you on your chest and back, asking what ails you, and handing you a script signed earlier? When you can’t get the 7 and a half minutes of the doctor’s time, the Physician’s assistant gallantly steps in with your expected prize, a prescription for a chemical that you can’t pronounce and no one knowing, doctor included, if it will work. 

The Colleen Huber research tells of the corruption of the CDC which owns patents to many drugs and gets large kickbacks because of it, sells drugs to health agencies for a 2 billion profit, and accepts bribes donated to the CDC Foundation which exchanges favors for money, a wink wink deceptive practice and green light for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Doesn’t this make the CDC a for profit drug company and not a trusted public health agency? Robert Redfield, the current CDC top guy was previously investigated by the Military for his criminal manipulation of data which would benefit him in future drug and vaccine sales, and now rising to the top of a powerful health agency. Hegemony vaxxer billionaire, eugenics Gates, has financial interests in each and every vaccine company on the Planet, made billions from thee sales, and hiding the money in the Bill and Melinda Foundation Trust to avoid paying taxes. In previous reporting I have informed you that Bully Bill’s depopulation intentions have allowed him and the Gates gang to have access to the poorest in India and Africa, coercing them into getting injected by his vaccines(primarily children and fertile females). The tragic outcomes are many dying, females sterilized, and over 496,000 children rendered paralyzed. The Gates gang have been since banned from the country of India for his crimes against humanity yet still our Federal government consider him the global Public health Czar, have committed to his soon to be mandatory vaccine injections, and sheepishly follow his cure for this COVID pandemic, which it isn’t, and strangely something he predicted in a mock exercise in October 2019 at Johns Hopkins. Will Gates III was born into eugenics(my genes better than yours) and has been committed to reversing global population growth by sterilization and accompanying side affects of physical and cognitive impairment, and death, known as murder. So, you know, the poorest countries have implemented population growth education and resulting in a birth rate of 2 children per couple and less than the large families in the West. This means that mass sterilization , maiming, and murder isn’t necessary. Gobbledygook is confusion that can be made simple when you trust in your intuition, your spiritual gift, learn actual facts and remain open, and aligning with Universal truth that will guide you in the best and right direction. 

The result of this 8 month long continual stoning with falsified information is fear, abdication of autonomy, and reliance on the government we were brainwashed into believing is our ally and representing the people who created it. the effective afraid state, the only Cabal artillery, which many of you are held in bondage to, is powerful and tapping into our Sympathetic inborn psychology of stress and worry response. Human bodies were cosmically put together where multiple systems interact and interconnect to manage both outside and inner environments, with staying for the fight, running away, or freezing to accept death, options for reducing the corrosive Cortisol and Adrenaline hormone saturation in your blood. The lockdown , staying put, and continual fear of a microbe we need for continual immune resilience, allows stress hormone Cortisol to remain in circulation, increasing blood Insulin, liberating stored sugars, priming you for Diabetes and brain inflammation, and ironically making you immune compromised. Modernity and dedication to the American dream of attaining financial riches primarily and often exclusively has made you sedentary, automobile and fossil fuel dependent, and not using your body for movement which it was designed for. Overweight and being high body fat is the norm of our highly advanced techie society, taking pills for ills the norm, and being afraid still the best controller if weaponized against us. The proof? It has a scary name called COVID and equally scary causal agent yet innocent microbe named, SARS-CoV-2. 

Some of the fast-tracked vaccines are experimental Messenger RNA designed to get into your cells, manipulate and mutate your DNA, with the faint hope to combat this virus, and we housing 265 trillion viruses in our gut microbiome already. The facts just don’t add up. The testing, and there are three types, to confirm the presence of the SARS version and being identified as the actual cause of so called COVID is unreliable, over 80% false positives, and absolutely no isolation of any virus as the causal offending agent with no comparison studies of those with and without the microbe and in what quantities. The danger of all COVID vaccines especially the experimental Messenger RNA ones that Moderna, Pfizer, and Arcturus are speeding along bypassing animal studies have produced severe reactions in all humans in the test trials. Even seasoned vaccine experts state that it takes up to 10 years to come up with a vaccine that may or may not work but at least producing less adverse affects. Bully Bill wants to inject frontline healthcare workers first and I don’t believe that anyone of them are wanting to be experimented on with toxic chemicals that definitely cause severe and permanent disabilities with no redeemable benefits. I say be afraid and listen to your intuition and most importantly, do not agree to slavery as you are accepting now. Fight for your freedom and refuse to be injected with toxic chemicals and weakened with bombardment of gene mutating 5G radiation. 

Time to get back to center or returning to the calm of Universal eternal energy or the God flow zone. You know what this feels like but have separated yourself to participate in this dog eat dog, win lose, me first and screw you, high stress herd meme which is killing you. Isn’t your only job on Earth to be happy and expressing at your highest expression? This might be for you accumulating tons of money, being the best and most loving spouse, the best Father, best Mother, best coach, best teacher, best gardener, best story teller, best joke teller, best daughter, best son, best giver, best problem solver, or being the best in just being. Something you can try is to remember and sing your favorite songs. What do you feel and where has this transported you? Back to your childhood as a 4 year old, your first kiss, the fear you felt when you got lost at the Carnival, the pain of being shamed by peers, losing the race or winning it, helping out and the satisfaction you felt by your unselfish giving, or meeting the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Songs, the lyrics, and music, is art and gift to our humankind and allows us access to the invisible world of imagination, creation, and Soul expression which miraculously joins our emotions to word phrases and rhythm. So, what happens when you hear that special song you haven’t heard in awhile? Aren’t you transported by magic carpet ride back to that time and place reliving the exact same feelings you felt then and who you shared it with? This cosmic gift erases all stresses, allows you to think clearly, gives you immediate perspective lessening your current tumult, and liberating the gratitude and love that are your primary substances. For me it is: Love Will Keep Us Together, Love Train, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Favorite movies? The Replacements with Keanu Reeves and Tombstone with Kurt Russel. The sounds, words, characters take me to that peaceful and satisfying place totally erasing any lingering stresses and a cosmic gift or thought directive to place love and gratitude before any temporary problem or event that might seem impossible to solve. For you and for most of the masses, the current and inescapable predicament is a 0.06 micron named SARS-CoV-2 that may or may not be the culprit of this contrived global panic. Isn’t the stress and agreeing to go broke and being a prisoner under martial law making your insides churn knowing that you are free with human rights and Divine rights gifted to you by the Source who put you here? Is the Fauci mask and soon to be goggle suggestions your idea of love and freedom and protection from a microbe meant to strengthen us? When you remember the names to your favorite songs or even ones that you had listened to many years ago, the same thing happens as you get transported back to that place and time, and all who were there. Folks, this sign reminds us that we are free beings beholden to only ourselves, not to false information, not to lies, not to hate, and certainly not to a domineering government or Cabal keeping us divided and bickering about meaningless politics. 

Microbes call them bacteria, viruses, Fungus, yeasts, Molds, and even parasites, live in commensal harmony within us and essential for our longevity and generations resilience. As many of you are doing now is to trust in yourself, reject the current one side narrative, accept microbes as friends and necessary for longevity, and to go about the business of successful living. Now is a great time to get plenty of sunshine on your skin which uses Cholesterol in Vitamin D production, strengthening your protective immune army while making your gut microbiome stronger and ensuring that your heart, organs, and glands, have unblocked energy pathways. Everyone, transform the negative agenda gobbledygook into an open door, turn afraid into love and courage, and place yourself inside your favorite songs for this time transport back to peaceful harmony. Get out of your lockdown, take purposeful action, and grab your freedom appreciating the microbes as you thrive in the life that you were meant to live.