How to make a Successful Cult

Does the thought of this statement turn you off, trigger curiosity, or fill you with exuberance? 

The definition of “cult” varies from religious group, worshipping a person or ideal, to gathering the like minded.

Many of you must Admit to yourselves that religion is a cult from, Christianity (and yes Christianity is a cult), Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic and Protestant, to Nazi, Silicon Valley, CIA and FBI, team sport fans, Democrat or Republican, and anti traditional rule breakers like the Hippies. 

What are your rules and convictions, and who do you hang out with? What group do you identify with and who do you condemn, criticize, and retaliate against? What race and culture makes you feel comfortable and which creates anxiety and fear? Which side have you chosen to be on, the Coronavirus mask wearing, 6 feet distancing loyal fear team or the fake crisis freedom movement called COVID Busters? 

Cults made headlines like: Charles Manson and his followers, Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, David Koresh (more attention getting than actual name, Vernon Holland), anything Catholic and a few infamously famous pedophile priests, Hitler and his Nazi’s, Christians and ironic, thou shall not kill, Inquisition and Holy war crusaders, Bagwan Shri Rajneesh and Rajneeshpuram, Elite Criminal Cartel started by the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s, and Tom Brady led Patriots. 

Humans have inborn penchant for socialization, interpersonal transactions, and in congregating with those of something similar to themselves. The like minded or like circumstanced gather at AA or NA meetings as do minority segments of different ethnicities forming criminal gangs. 

So how to create a successful cult? Be clear that my proposal of creating a successful cult is one that benefits all of humanity as well as the self. 

Life is situations, occurrences, interactions, all ending in outcomes. Nature, God energy in action, always acts resolute and solves any problem efficiently without waste or left over. This means that a tree, dead because of being hit by lightning or eaten by bugs, crumbles to the Earth, its bark, branches and leaves, and internal structures, absorbed by the soil, and now re-birthed as plants, another tree, or food for other bugs or microscopic life that creates the balanced relationship between Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. 

This naturally occurring cult is labelled, Nature and is efficient, effective, and perfect. The described is Win/Win where life can only happen with death. Knowing that life and death are on the same timeline and hopefully on far and distant opposite ends, focusing on the in-between is your choice. 

To build a successful and lasting cult, determine the purpose and if this purpose elicits passion from you and makes you come alive. Does it benefit the Universe and helping it to grow? Do leaders emerge whom lead in their unique way and whom you graciously incorporate into your purpose and passion? Next and continually, is to keep on educating, inspiring, and empowering the membership while doing the same with others looking to expand, contribute, and love unconditionally. 

Leverage your relationships and join communities so all benefit and continue growing. Use the Social medias ignoring the ramped censorship for the biased absolute power over others cult is preventing honest conversation of pertinent issues. 

My proposal is for a cult of good and inclusion where actual truth and real facts promote wiser decisions made. 

Currently and invisibly constructing a food, finance, data collection and surveillance, and ideology totalitarian dictatorship cult is the Illuminati or Cabal puppeteering our global governments while rich and powerful front men like Tony Fauci, Will Gates III, Jeff Bezos, and George Soros, enforce the enslavement plan. 

This absolute power cult is getting its way in depopulating the Earth by poisonous vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs handed out like candy, in recommending a high refined carb diet and lowering of good fats, in repeated exposure marketing of enslavement to convenience with cheaper processed and plastic wrapped Frankenfoods, smothering the populous with unsafe Wi-Fi and electromagnetic radiation powering our devices, in keeping most of the human brethren in poverty, and now the effective war against humanity modern Trojan horse called COVID fear me Mommy Dearest. 

What most do not know is that this silently ruling cult is but only a fraction of the 1% alive. This means that we the 99%, when educated and moving as a singular freedom cult movement, can break from the slimy tentacles of our enslavers intent on our murder and the few remaining, brainwashed, vaccinated and surveilled, and forced into Stepford herd consciousness of being happy as slaves. 

You are not and never will be invited to join the criminal Cabal or the upper echelon of the rich henchmen enslavers. You are considered ordinary, genetically mediocre, financially destitute, unworthy of reproducing, and a worthless expendable object. 

I offer you cult status in the Freedom Movement under the name, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine (NELM) and using your individual power to connect with the masses creating unity and solidarity never seen before in our history. Also called the, Unconditional Love cult, we are a growing mass, gaining momentum, and designing our own future founded on freedom, choice, and imagination.

Ready to bust loose from the shackles of Evil Empire enslavement and free to design the life that you would most love to live? Join us, our NELM movement, and get loud. This cult will serve you well and ensure that your lineage enjoys absolute freedom and not absolute enslavement. 

Namaste, Kaizen, Chu Shu.

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