Socks, virus, and RBG.

Feel the flow for each experience is preceded by many your Soul went through but at the present unknown to you.

Did you know that missing socks, the protein messenger packet called virus, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are unrelated but the same? Know that philosophy is actual science and an honest look into the invisible unknown. The human animal was gifted critical thinking, broad band of emotions, imagination and creativity, and capability of turning intention into an experiential outcome. Take this time to feel the flow and get outside of your head. Socks, at one time were not around because no one had the idea for them. It was only after our ancestors decided to come down from the trees and get onto solid ground that the idea of standing upright then placing one foot in front of the other became walking. To present time not all our brethren cover their feet with shoes and socks but many do. Ambulation was quicker and more comfortable when the feet were covered. As both predator and prey the human animal sought advantage for getting food , avoiding attacks, returning to the village and travelling to distant locations. Modernity has brought certain customs, advanced technology including machines that wash clothes and machines to dry them. Notice that the socks bundled up with the other clothes and put into the dryer often comes out one short? Where did that one sock go? Searching for it doesn’t end with a return to that matched pair. As nonsensical as this sounds, doesn’t your life reflect expected continuity met with the unexpected? So if you can’t find that sock, then where did it go? When you are met with what you are not expecting, do you emotionally react or thoughtfully respond? What physical action or invisible energy caused the sock to disappear and what caused the unexpected to occur in your planned day? 

This scenario directly relates to that microbe called virus. The tiny critter cannot be seen unless under Electron microscopy and even then often difficult to identify and quantify. What was our world like without the telescope and microscope? Most believed because Clergy told them that the Earth was the center of the Universe and that the Sun revolved around it. Did religions change their rules because of the continual advancements in science? Obviously not since religions rest on their initial ideas, generations of passed along beliefs, and written text, accurate or not with authors unknown or misinterpreted. Freshness, real truth and honesty, comes from Tenzin Gyatso Gyatso, the Dalai Lama, who deleted some of the Buddha’s teachings saying that the Earthly God manifestation did not know science. Do other religions update their foundational texts knowing now that the teachings were opinions of that era, and now wrong? If not, then why? Are those statements and declarations, opinions of the ones contributing to the meme rhetoric collection and given an institutional name? Viruses are protein bags containing RNA, DNA, or both. They have no organelles, do not produce energy, and do not use energy to function. So what are they and why is the world afraid of them? Health and anti-health called sickness is what our ancestors chose to solve. They discovered organized systems of how our existence interacts with other coinciding systems. These discoveries were given names by developing cultures and though slightly variable due to language diversity, labels like Nature, God, Allah, Flow, Grace, the way, love, and energy came about. Our collective lexicon are rife with the same concepts but only with different names. Millennia’s ago to current, people get sick with many dying. We were always curious and sought to find the offending and infecting thing, then a neutralizing antidote. Multiple remedies were found involving the varieties of plants, Fungus, the minerals in soil and rocks, in certain animal parts, in prayer, in worship, and in beliefs which they thought would unite the flesh world with the infinitely powerful invisible one. Thanks to them, aren’t we doing the same? We learned to be afraid, to fear, to love, to hate, to steal, to be jealous, to be selfish, to demean and defile women, and to use physical violence to control the social environment and to control others. Sadly, we still do this and with much consternation, worsening. 

What are you doing now? Your answer represents total loss of freedom and you the modern day slave. The virus represents freedom, thriving according to its cosmic mandate, carrying out its mission as a deliverer of information and evolution promoter, and teaming with other microbes as well as human DNA to proliferate our species. That’s right, without viruses we would be dead, would never have evolved into mammals, and the existence we experience now, unimaginable for another predator line would have taken our place. The past twenty years have shown to us the human genome or our genetic blueprint and more recently, our microbiome or the countless nonhuman cells and DNA working with our humanness. What we know now, unknown until recently, is that the tiniest of particles like Atoms, Electrons, Neutrons and Protons, Neutrinos, Bosons, and Fermions all are energy driven and they knowing their jobs in the cosmic fabric called life. We must understand that the human species is both significant and insignificant as we are conduits for the all knowing energy starting from the conception of the Universe. Viruses and all the nonhuman microbes inside and on us were planned systems, meant to connect and interface with our genes, DNA, our emotions, and all the daily events knocking us out of symbiotic balance. This unbalanced energetic state causes illness. The creation of Ayurveda cured the ills restoring us to internal balance or harmony. Greed, dominance, and blinding Ego Narcissism shaped our evolving environment and generations, forcing us to be dependent on pharmaceuticals. 

Picture the outside world or call it Nature. The many organized systems given the name, Nature, or God, easily and effortlessly solve any problems where energy is neither created nor destroyed, but rather transformed. There is a cosmic or exoteric organized system that is followed and what is outside is also inside of us. Part of that preplanned system are viruses, not living but intricate in all life development on this Planet. There is an estimated 10 to the 31st power number of viruses in the air and similar quantities in water, the soil, plants and vegetation, and in all animals including insects, and family pets. Each human on average contain 265 trillion viruses, always taking in more to enhance resiliency for species longevity. With each respiration we expel and breathe in 10 to the 8th number of viruses, essential in keeping us resilient and balanced. This is why killing viruses is foolish for this microbe murder is also self murder or slow suicide. Viruses are knowledge mail carriers bringing information from the outer world to inside of us. Similarly, when we exhale, trillions of viruses leave us to inform their microbial brethren on the outside of what is happening inside of us. Changes in the outer environment(lack of food, Earthquake, excessive heat or cold, flood, drought, overgrowth of microbial species, Solar flares or cooling, high winds or Tornados, oil spills, and imbalances in the many creature species), are relayed to us by the information delivering virus. Science explains viruses as not living, preceding the development of the human species, but required and indispensable, for our longevity. This is why mask wearing, distancing, avoiding group gatherings, and weakening immunity because of increased stress, worry, inactivity, loss of sleep, and our inner environment cut off from our outer world will kill us. Stress also builds when our money tool is decreased for we have elevated currency equating it with our self-worth. Viruses helped 50% of our genes to evolve and further evidence of how we are connected to our ancient ancestors. Did you also know that many possess viruses of HIV, Hep C, Polio, Measles, Small Pox, Hep A and B, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Corona, Human Papilloma and more, with each colony co-existing in commensal harmony? It is our God gifted immune system that has allowed us to evolve and thrive. 

The magical and miraculous creation of us and how we interact with other forms is testimony to an extraordinary and Infinite intelligence. Unfortunately we have created poisons and toxins called insect and weed killer, antibiotics, plasticizers, fire retardants, and well intentioned chemical injectable cocktails called vaccines which are systematically sterilizing and killing us. Will you find that missing sock? Will you pair it with an unmatched red or green one, or one longer, shorter, or thinner? What about wearing shoes without socks or socks without shoes? What is your belief and would you be flexible enough to wear mismatched socks? Are you adaptable? Viruses are adaptable, interconnect with neighboring viruses to exchange information, possess knowledge millennia old, expel toxic waste if afraid, communicate with the other microbes inside of you, gather and pass along information coming from the virus family thriving in the outer world. So how can a nonliving microbe deliver information about the outer environment, allow our genes to develop, make us sick when the colonies grow too large or too small, and adapt as new viruses are created and automatically integrating with them, and immediately affecting the human host? The answer is harmony and unity, energy, positive and negative, and cosmic programming of multiple structures into interconnecting systems driven by the accumulation of knowledge with the single directive to create, harmonize, grow, adapt, and to thrive. 

You may decide to buy another pair of socks or set aside the unmatched one since you know that another pair will soon be breaking up. As you have choices so do viruses. Their directive is longevity of their hosts by exchanging information about the changing environment, adapting to the changes, thusly prolonging their presence. 

On Friday, September 18, 87 year old Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. A vocal leader for equality and fairness for everyone, she stood firmly against her Conservative Supreme Court colleagues. This so called highest court creates legislation or human made laws for the masses to follow. They also interpret existing laws according to their personal convictions and can overturn previous rulings they don’t believe in. Curious of how this small group can wield dictatorial absolute power manifested in laws which we are required to follow. As it is with the two party political system, this highest court are Democrats and Republicans squaring off with the party of the larger number, passing or rejecting legislation that they believe is most aligned with their beliefs. Justice Ginsburg endured through male dominated legal and judicial hierarchies standing firm on truth and what benefits all. Her final request on her deathbed was that her replacement be chosen after the next election. Biden will choose someone with Democratic beliefs and Trump will recommend someone with Conservative values. Slithering Mitch McConnel preventing a vote in the Obama Presidency stated firmly that he would immediately call for a vote for the Ginsburg replacement before the Presidential election. Politics are personal beliefs and playing the Win/Lose game where one sided ideology prevails and the other banished. To this one or the other game, less than half of the herd benefit founded on their liberal or conservative leaning. What happens if the primary directive is: Creating a world that works for everyone, leaving no one behind? This is Win/Win , not politics, but the Natural laws becoming the only law. RBG was a voice for the stereotyped female, the disadvantaged, those mired in unequal and prejudiced treatment, and courageous leader for our humanity. Her passing means that her flesh temple is ceased and that the microbes in her also die. However, her spirit is eternal and lives on as does the information carried from her by the exiting viruses as they deliver it to their outside family. Thank you Justice Ginsburg for being patient and vigilant in matching unpaired socks, in adapting to era changes and maintaining balance between squabbling ideologies, and for standing up for equality and justice. You hosted trillions of viruses for many years and sent them out to educate their brethren. Your replacement will occupy your vacated seat but will never replace your one of a kind being. The viruses you have educated these many years will pass on the acquired information to succeeding generations with your essence still delivering your goodness.