Superbugs evolve and will always win.

The twentieth Century saw the creation of Pharmaceutical based Western pill for an ill symptom treatment Medicine and Antibiotics. Initially a discovery that would save over 200,000 lives from infection, Antibiotics abusive misuse and overuse these past 100 years have sped the evolving mutation of more virulent Bacteria or Superbugs. This evolutionary occurrence involves all microbes including Viruses because any environmental stressors facilitate the transformation of all types of life especially the microbes into stronger and more resilient iterations. History has reported that the famous and infamous have succumbed to the bacteria, Syphilis, like, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Henry the VIII, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Al Capone. Because of the misuse and overuse of Antibiotics, stronger and virulent strains of Syphilis and Gonorrhea are now infecting the masses. You have heard of MRSA, and now there is Penicillin resistant Streptococcus, Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus, Erythromycin and Tetracycline resistance, which means that Bacteria have mutated and become more virulent because of the continual overuse of the Antibiotic stressors. 

Flesh eating bacteria is not uncommon anymore and eats away at skin like an all you can eat buffet. Rockefeller pharmaceutical investment business in tandem with IG Farben who spawned Bayer company, has groomed the world into drug medicine for symptom relief but not curing remedy. Pneumonia, associated with Flu and respiratory illness is now 40% of all cases due to antibiotic resistance. Monoculture farming created by the biocide giant, Monsanto who created Agent Orange and PCB which are still in the environment, has made Roundup and Cancer causing hormone disrupting Glyphosate in their popular herbicide which 200 billion pounds of it are sold worldwide. Medical doctors over prescribe antibiotics because of the global Rockefeller drug business with these supposed healers trained to be drug pushers like Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, and big screen thug, the Al Pacino character, scar face, Tony Montana. The greater evil however is that 80% of Antibiotics sold in the US are to the factory livestock farmers who give cattle, chicken, and porcine indiscriminate quantities of the microbe killer for bacterial control but also which speeds up their growth and thusly faster transport to the grocery stores. Combine bacteria killing Antibiotics and the Glyphosate in weed killer Roundup found in great quantities on the Corn and Soy fed to the cattle, fowl, and pigs, and soon these chemical poisons find their way in you. 

Since the early 1900’s 80,000 new chemicals were made, untested for safety, and now circulated in our daily lives along with prescribed and over the counter drugs, Glyphosate herbicide, Phthalate insecticides, and untested for safety EMF’s especially the short beam DNA mutating 5G. Prior to the discovery of the Antibiotic drug, plant sources acted as anti-microbials which kept our ancestors healthy. Unlike the synthetically made Antibiotic chemicals when naturally occurring like: Echinacea, Berberine or Golden Seal, Rosemary, Oregano, Green tea, and a hundred others, no microbial resistance occurs with the human and livestock remaining resilient and robust. 

This 2020 is the year of C19, SARS 2, or possibly a nonexistent microbe, blamed for illnesses and deaths, and unconfirmed by the scientific method. These are viruses or protein sacks containing DNA, RNA, and protein making Ribosomes. Preceding the Hominid species and ironically incorporating into molecular matter allowing for differentiation into mammalian, it is the Virus that allows us to be Human. Without viruses, we would have never developed and become the most complex and domineering species. The Cosmic plan in place teamed Bacteria and Viruses to work together in turning on and off our genes for symbiosis and optimal health response. This is why vaccines and systematic killing of bacteria, viruses, Fungus, Yeasts, Molds, and parasites, are wrongly conceived health strategies for they decrease our resilience and ability to balance the outer world with our inner one. We created Superbugs, stirred bacteria to evolve faster with more virulence, and distancing ourselves from plants as food and as medicine which they were designed to be. Microbes outside of us develop according to the types and amounts of stresses they encounter speeding their mutagenesis or transformation to a stronger microbe. In other words, environmental stressors are how microbes adapt for longevity. 

The Cosmic plan is a Divine energetic path of harmony and symbiotic balancing of the outside and our inner worlds. The overuse of the well intentioned Antibiotics especially in the food supply have caused advanced bacterial mutagenic transformation and a situation which weakens us and shortens our longevity. The solution is for our humankind to return to plant medicine which was designed for us and our healing, maintenance, and thriving growth. The radical solution before the experienced solution is to reclassify Western pharmaceutical medicine as limited adjunct to plant medicine Divinely and energetically designed to keeping us healed and happily thriving. As a species this 2020 has brought us to the cross roads of herd pruning and decline or the opportunity for return to our destined synchronous path of interacting systems where outside and inside exchange information then acting efficiently. 

Superbugs can be restored back to necessary microbes and harmonious symbiotic balance. Like vaccine poisoning is a choice for this fake viral panic, so is rejecting Antibiotic drugs unless meant to save your life from immediate death. So instead of trying desperately and foolishly to kill all bacteria and Viruses(not living but rather an indispensable information carrier and gene modulator), the wiser move is to strengthen the immune system, 80% located in your gut tube, and to advance the health of your gut buddies with Organic plant foods, grass grazed and grass finished cattle, chicken, and pork, plenty of exercise, and turning distress into eustress. Start with unconditional love and your path will be distinct and clear.