The best nutrition for you and starting now!

Notice the hundreds of new diets coming out every year, the hundreds of thousands buying the shiny new book to get them slim and sexy, the disappointment during the process, and continuing futile frustration the reward for the not so magical new diet plan. Let’s take a historical stroll and how we got here. Our ancestors still in the trees and unable to walk upright, evolving to bigger brain, smaller jaw, shorter arms, opposable thumbs, longer legs, finally climbed down from the trees, stood tall –on solid ground, and tested out placing one foot in front of the other, cautiously repeating the sequence, and eventually becoming fossils that Archeologists would spend lifetimes searching for. Fungus and plants were first and doing fine until insects were around and now the first and earliest became food for the tiny hungry critters. Symbiosis, the same concept all life follows created intimate life relationships with plant and insect. Plants with their innate intelligence grew in them proteins called Lectins which was insect poison protecting them from the hungry bugs. When the tiny creatures ate the tasty leaves, the Lectin substance would inflame their intestines, bursting the digestive tube and killing the carnivore. Do humans react in the same way? You’ll find out. As our ancestors evolved there were many different plant types, nuts, and seeds to eat along with the newest protein source, the many varieties of insects. –Eventually larger animals evolved but now humans became prey until they developed knives, spears, rope, and learned how to throw rocks. They learned that animal protein and especially fat satisfied them longer, provided another source of energy, and complemented their plant diet in wound healing. Back then the gut microbiome had thousands of different colonies of microbes (bacteria, viruses, Fungi, Yeasts, Molds, and parasites)because of the larger varieties of plants species available to eat allowing our early relatives too digest more types of foods. Modernity has lessened our gut buddies to about 500 varieties primarily due to our limited types of vegetables and fruits that we can find at the supermarket and This has birthed the Probiotic market which in theory is great but with most products not effective. What you can do is to eat, Miso, Sauerkraut, Kim Chee, Kombucha, and anything pickled. Prebiotics are required to feed the Probiotics and include artichoke, Jicama, lentils, Arugula, and all plants with fiber and low fruit sugar. Ask yourself the different types of vegetables and fruits you eat daily or in the average week. The list could contain: lettuce, potatoes(French Fries is not a food), carrots, onions, mushrooms maybe, Garlic, Kale maybe, beans, bananas, apples, pears, berries, and definitely wheat in breads, and corn and Soy in cereals. For many of you the plant list will contain nothing and bowel habits scant and when occurring, a straining workout trying to eliminate the uncooperative fossilized fecal rock poisoning your body by its prolonged stay. Are you a Hemorrhoid expert? 

Back then the soil was alive with micro-organisms, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, and with energetic frequencies and bathed in nutrient teaming water that we now know can organize and think. On and in your grocery store vegetables and fruits, all genetically modified and foreign to your body and less digestible, are herbicides and insecticides, which kill your smaller numbers of gut buddy colonies. For those groomed by the animal flesh and dairy industry mass marketing, many generations have been taught to eat more meat(cattle, chicken, and piggies), drink more milk(fat wrongly and stupidly vilified and why ridiculous low and no fat crowds the shelves), processed cheese substances, and advertised as healthy, Yogurt spiked with tons of sugar and worse, sugary processed fruit imposters. Did you know that breast milk is the most nutritious, enzyme plentiful, and fat rich liquid which the newborn requires for growth and development? Harvesting breast milk is not an industry yet but Nature has made it such that this milk is rich in fat that will fuel the growing newborn. Fat, clean and natural, is good and health promoting, and only manipulative marketing that fooled the public as well as nutrition guideline committees to demonize it as bad, wrongly replacing it with processed carbs which has caused the obesity, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Cancer surge. That said, there is a difference between animal and plant saturated fat. Plant saturated fat, like Coconut oil, is more health promoting though animal fat is still healing and great energy source instead of the cheaper and overused sugar and equally as detrimental, vegetable oil. 

In 1910, a year before the Rockefeller Standard Oil investment illegal monopoly was broken apart by our courts, a burgeoning company, Proctor and Gamble, introduced a white and firm vegetable oil looking like animal lard, calling it, Crisco, to the public. However, vegetable oil also called Omega 6 fat, much cheaper to make and advertised as a healthier replacement for animal fat, started the decline of health in the US and globally. Manufacturers found vegetable oil Gold in flooding the market and new money makers like: Wesson, Canola, Safflower, Sunflower, corn, and soy bean replacing animal fat but ironically shifting the standard diet then to undigestible vegetable oil leading to inflammatory dysregulation of our Cholesterol, organs, hormone production, Liver, heart, and gut microbiome rhythms. Aggressive marketing does work as the United States quickly converted to buying vegetable oil and unknowingly starting the gut inflammation of Americans, increase in heart attacks and Strokes, obesity, and intestinal permeability later to be called Leaky Gut. 

The American description is as of ultimate consumer and easily fooled and swayed by advertising, will buy anything even if they don’t need it and especially if cheaper. Toxic vegetable oil becoming a new norm, met with the animal flesh industry wanting increased sales. More aggressive marketing caused the US public to believe that eating more cattle flesh meant being prosperous, and misinformation becoming truth. Livestock destined for our markets are fed 80% of the antibiotics manufactured in the United States and fed the genetically modified Soy and corn dripping with herbicides and insecticides instead of fresh grass . The factory farms house these animals in unconscionable conditions, shoulder to shoulder, standing in their own poop and pee, never getting nourishing sunshine, and highly stressed with corrosive Cortisol hormone in their blood, which gets into you along with the biocides and antibiotics that kill all your resident micro-organisms which keep you healthy. Ever hear of antibiotic resistant bacteria, necrotizing Fasciitis, and parent’s nightmare of their precious children swelling uncontrollably with dreaded peanut allergy anaphylaxis? The blame for the start of our health decline can be attributed to the greed and remorseless actions of the Biocide giants now controlling the Agriculture business, our food supply. Corporate powers like, Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, DuPont, Johnson and Johnson, and Proctor and Gamble (makers of Omega 6 vegetable oil poison, Crisco)have hijacked our food supply and turned traditional farming, crops and livestock, into high yield, systematized productions which have destroyed the nutrient rich soils, allowed Glyphosate to poison the aquafers, rivers and lakes, and now in rain, and accumulating in us. Sharing the blame is our Federal government partnering with the Corporate sector for generating profits but knowing that this demented greed partnership is making us ill and forcing us to seek out the corrupt pill for an ill Rockefeller investment medicine cartel. In the sixties, food and peanut allergies were rare as well as obesity and Diabetes, Asthma and Autism almost nonexistent, children with few chronic illnesses, adults, and children thinner with less autoimmune dis-eases, and the fast food industry not started yet. What has changed? Greed driven food industry, steep rise in the poisonous vaccine schedule, the overused misuse of weed killer, Roundup, increased use of toxin containing home care products and cosmetics, fire retardants on our furniture and clothing, customary use of antibiotics for no legitimate medical reasons plus in all non-organic animal protein, micro plastics in seafood, and unregulated industrial air pollution. Also remember that since 1900 that over 80,000 new chemicals, only 2% tested for safety, is what we come in contact with daily. Preservatives in foods, color dyes and flavors, accelerated use of sugars(57 names for them) and especially High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners, petroleum surfactants, and the toxic chemicals in cleaning products, increases our toxic loads, eventually accumulating in our fat cells, muscles, tissues, and bones, while destroying the gut microbiome, and our ability to digest. Negative sequelae of the toxin poisoning are that it causes inflammation in the gut tube and allowing what is supposed to be confined to the intestines to escape into circulation prompting an immune response which is our own body attacking itself. This is called an autoimmune dis-ease which includes, heart attack and Stroke, Diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s, MS, Arthritis, Lupus, Parkinson’s, and Cancers. Notice that young children are getting early onset Cancers, Diabetes, diarrhea , constipation, or both, early puberty, increase in attention deficit and focus dysfunction? Fluoride which has been touted as a tooth strengthening and cavity prevention must, is now known to cause Fluorosis, or tooth weakening as well as weakening bones making them more brittle. The additional health decrement especially in the youth is that it decreases I.Q. by 7 points. Alas, because of misinformation and healthcare politics, we have wrongly placed Fluoride in our drinking water and causing our children to be dumber. Know also that Fluoride in the public water supply leaches the lead off the older pipes mobilizing the toxoid for families to drink, wash their produce with, boil spaghetti noodles with, wash the dishes with, shower and bathe in. 

Remember the new and best diets: no fat, low fat, high fat, high carb, low carb, high protein, low protein, Watermelon, Broccoli, Gluten free, Mediterranean, Scarsdale, Atkins, South Beach, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Nutritarian? Reports indicate that Dr. Atkins, and his still popular, Atkins Diet, high protein, and low carb, is effective for some with weight loss but not sustainable. Descriptions of this diet innovator was a guy that was obese and with anti-health blood parameters. Surprisingly, he neglected protein metabolism because any excess is turned into fat and stored in enlarging fat cells and creating gut microbiome dysbiosis, Insulin insensitivity, high blood sugar and Diabetic condition, brain inflammation, and heart weakening because of the excess protein stored as fat and the imbalances of raised blood sugar. Know that vegetable protein is more usable than animal protein and as effective in building muscle especially if you are a body builder, competitive or recreational athlete, or anyone just wanting to be healthy and seeking a robust health filled longevity. Dr. Fred Pescatore, noted health doctor has created a test for protein usage called, Amino Acid utilization. This effective test tells you how your unique metabolism uses the protein building blocks, Amino Acids by measuring the amounts of Nitrogen synthesized. The less Nitrogen waste products means that more Amino Acids were absorbed by muscles, connective tissues, and the blood. In general, for the average person, sedentary to moderately active, protein intake should be around 10-15% of total calories. Over the years, meat industry marketing has encouraged the public to consume high animal protein which has had the opposite effect by keeping the person fat, turning the excess protein eaten into fat and stored in fat cells, elevating blood sugar, dulling Insulin effectiveness, causing continual inflammation and proclivity to autoimmune illnesses, and higher chance for heart attack, Stroke, Diabetes, dementia, and all Cancers. Body builders and competitive athletes require just a bit more protein, not much, because repair of damaged muscles in high intensity training requires more Amino Acids absorbed. This slight increase accompanies intake of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial plants, spices, herbs, and vegetables. The word, carb, means sugar and by context relating to both processed and Natural foods. Cereals, rice, grains, oatmeal, breads, crackers and cookies, pastas, cakes, bagels, croissants, and anything wheat and baked are processed carbs devoid or having less fiber. The carbs I recommend are natural, whole, herbicide and insecticide free, and certified Organic. This means clean and fresh plants, nuts, and seeds. Nutritional doctor Joel Furman recommends, GBOMS, greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, seeds. I will add to this as many colored vegetables as possible, low glycemic fruits only when in season, and intermittent fasting, placing at least 16 hours between the last meal of the day and the next the following day. 

Dairy is a common yet interesting food because we humans are the only animals to drink another animal’s milk. Cheese and Yogurts, however, are made in many cultures, often not refrigerated, and still nutrient rich without any preserving lower temperatures. Many cannot eat any Dairy or drink milk. This is usually due to the Casein A2 protein mutation to A1, one thousand years ago, and primarily in Holstein cows where those in the United States get their milk. However, when A2 milk is sought, the previous discomfort with drinking milk fades with the person tolerating the premutation formula. Know that pasteurization means the milk is heated to high temperatures to kill germs(Pasteur’s germ theory now debunked) and because of it destroying the vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which are added back in. Alas the add in’s are GMO and indigestible. Coconut oil, a medium chain fat, is easily digested, gut healing, and with Capric and Caprylic acids, serving the consumer in better digestion, Thyroid and blood pressure support, and reduced cellular inflammation including the Pancreas, Liver, and Prostate. Olive oil, authentic and fresh, and not cut with vegetable oil to increase profits by the increasing numbers of charlatan crooks are monosaturated fats that support cell respiration, Mitochondria protection, and gut microbiome anti-inflammatory healing. The Mediterranean diet is one of low protein, high natural fat with authentic Olive oil and fatty fish, and plenty of fresh vegetables. The best diet plan for you? There are no one size fits all cookie cutter plans(yikes, unimaginative cliché’s). Seeking out a Naturopath, Homeopath, Holistic medicine practitioner, or Ayurveda expert that you connect and get along with will serve you best. Blood tests can spotlight your uniqueness, your genetic expressions, any SNP’s or gene mutations, epigenetic influences, history of traumas, and your physical needs for certain nutrients, those which disagree with you, and how exactly you metabolize foods. If you don’t want to go down that route, the attentive practitioner will get your history and piece together what works for you, what doesn’t, and what can support your entire being. A skillful and people experienced Homeopath I have met recently and guest on my YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine, with Co-Host, Patrick Herbert, is Roger Barr from Mexico. He follows traditional teachings by assessing and treating the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, since success is accomplished by treating the whole person. Right now, it is worth self-assessing, writing down your average daily eating patterns, types of foods, quantities, meal times, and noting how you feel after each meal and better yet, how you feel after each different food eaten. Also note how many times you chew and if you quickly gobble down the meal in front of you, or if you savor the many tastes and textures of the plated cuisine. Quality and length of peaceful sleep is also worth knowing and related to what you eat and when. 

I informed you earlier of the protective plant Lectin proteins biologically constructed to explode insect intestines. Will this happen to you or is this a concern about sensitivities and allergies, bloating and gas, gut pain, constipation and diarrhea, joint pain, muscle weakness and chronic fatigue, skin rashes, unexplainable bumps and lumps, and brain fog and forgetfulness? Yes and no for humans seem to tolerate the types of foods you consumed in your developing years and according to your cultural routines and selections. Unlike insects, we have a gut tube starting at the mouth which allow for mechanical crushing with saliva enzymes, further breakdown in highly acidic stomach acids, and further breakdown in the small intestines and Colon. Beans, recommended by Dr. Furman, must be cooked, pressure cooking best, for the Lectins in this food is more difficult to digest and could prove poisonous if eaten raw. You already know the foods which you cannot digest efficiently like onions, dairy, Gluten, sugar or Caffeine. Usually you don’t have the gut buddies to digest them and could be corrected by consuming more Probiotic foods or taking a fat, carb, and protein enzyme. Modernity and our increased toxin loads have caused lessened or diluted stomach acid where foods are not broken down and pathogens not destroyed. To neutralize any Lectin sensitivity, cook the plant so you can enjoy the high nutrient and high fiber, and not receiving inflammatory indigestion pain from it. There is no reason to take Proton Pump Inhibitors like Tums, Zantac, or Prilosec, for these drugs reduce stomach acidity temporarily relieving pain in digestion but changing your digestive genetic expression because you now cannot adequately breakdown foods and pathogenic microbes sneaking in. Malnutrition will follow and whatever sensitivities or allergies you have, will worsen. Recently, Zantac users were alerted to the Cancer that the drug might cause. This makes perfect sense because when foods are not broken down efficiently, Cancer cells have the opening to eat the undigested macromolecules, especially sugar, set down new blood vessels, angiogenesis, and start growing. The PPI’s muffle your digestion, makes you hold onto fat stores and thusly your body and harmful visceral fat clinging to your organs, and preventing you from getting needed micro minerals that can protect you from tumor and Cancer growth. Berries, all kinds, are described as anti oxidants but some cannot digest them. Blueberries have been hybridized and why they are larger, plumper, and awfully sweet. Wild blueberries are smaller and not as sweet. People are drawn to sweet and sugar and why processed foods makers put plenty of sugar in their products to make up for the fat removed because of the misinformation becoming a herd meme that fat is bad. Advanced technology and misinformation have labelled fat as bad, raising dreaded Cholesterol, causing heart attacks and Stroke, making one fat, and a cause of early death. This is rubbish for we humans have become sugar eaters, metabolically inflexible because we can no longer use fat efficiently for fuel(the Mitochondria prefer fat for fuel to make energy with no toxic waste as it is with sugar metabolism) and why we have gotten fat and many morbidly obese. High Cholesterol foods do not raise blood levels of Cholesterol because the Liver makes enough of it converting to hormones and water-soluble Ketones to feed our CNS brain. –Excess sugar intake however, has caused Insulin insensitivity, the increase in Diabetes, the increase in fat poundage, blood cell clumping, increased neuropathy or pain in the extremities, cardiac swelling causing more heart attacks, and Type III Diabetes or Alzheimer’s dementia and increased early onset. 

Start slow but decide what kind of life you want, how you want to feel, the physical things you want to do, how long you want to live in optimal health, and if you want to constantly inflame your internal milieu and beset with the many autoimmune disk-eases or choosing whole natural foods as medicine. We have been inculcated or conditioned to accept pill for an ill symptom relief which doesn’t cure a causing unwanted and unpleasant side affects, death included. What do you choose? Food as medicine or synthetic pills that make you sicker only to get you more pills prescribed?