Masks Are Getting You Sick and Immunology Made Simple

It has been over a half year of viral fear mongering perpetrated by the news medias, politicians, those in pill-for-an-ill medicine, those paid off by the Drug cartel, and continued financial and psychological strangulation by the Elite Criminal shadow government.

OSHA, Occupational Health and Safety Administration, clearly states that cloth face masks do not prevent viruses from escaping or entering your body. Viruses are small and can escape where the mask conforms to the face but is not sealed as the facial muscles move. Unless a person with the Flu is coughing and sneezing nearby in an enclosed area with no circulation, others might get infected or not, might show symptoms or not, and over 98% of the time resume life as normal. 

OSHA states that wearing masks are not effective in preventing spread of dis-ease and will eventually cause harm to the mask wearer. if the person actually has infective viruses, that they will get trapped ironically on the outside of the mask, escaping between the slight opening of the mask and skin.

A cloth mask, including surgical masks, restricts air flow to the wearer decreasing their internal Oxygen saturation. Minimally, external air must contain 19.5% Oxygen by volume and inhaled so it can aerate the body. Continuous mask wearing prevents necessary life giving Oxygen from reaching circulation thusly stressing the person’s vitals and weakening his/her immune responses. A mask might feel tightly fitting but viruses can still escape and enter the body rendering the mask wearing useless and ineffective. Secondarily, the individual is breathing less Oxygen and making himself/herself open to actually getting sick.

According to OSHA, if an employer orders you to wear a mask, you are not obligated to do so since they are breaking the law by doing so. SARS-COV-2, like any Flu virus, is only infective in situations of small enclosed areas and in close approximation to others, without circulating air. Viruses mutate quickly and this version of the SARS-COV-2 has lost much of its infectivity, making wearing masks and 72 inch distancing foolish endeavors while we all go broke and become depressed. The take home lesson is to take off your mask, stay away from anyone coughing and sneezing, wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face, and get back to your job.

Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? Fresh air, sunshine, physical activity, smiling and laughing, and positive not fearful attitudes are healing and illness preventing. Check out the OSHA website, throw away that infected mask, and inform your employer that he/she is breaking the law by demanding that you wear a mask. Use sensible Universal precautions around seemingly sick people and isolate yourself if you are sick. 

The following is immunology made simple for you and why vaccines do not work and over time, detrimental to your optimal health and decreasing the resilience of your Immune system.

Chemical cocktail injections called vaccines were never studied for safety or if they even worked, but they produce over 60 billion dollars of profit for the drug makers. Our bodies are fitted with an innate and adaptive immune system, and we equipped to handle and prevail over any microbe.

What is inside and outside our bodies are tiny organisms necessary for our being alive and they share information required for our survival. The Immune system is 80% contained in our gut tube (mouth to the butt exit) and respond with Cytokines and antibodies when alerted into action by unknown microbiata. 

There are no good or bad viruses or bacteria because both are needed for a commensal balance with Fungi, Molds, Yeasts, and Parasites living harmoniously sensing your internal environment. Our differences in genetic expression allows genes to turn on, turn off, partially turn on and off, not turn on at all, or not turn off.

Epigenetics or outside influences like Organic natural foods compared with processed and chemical filled, unresolved chronic stress, food allergies, digestion inadequacy, aversion to certain smells, sounds, and textures, and duration of positive and negative thinking, can radically affect your gene expression. Our DNA is made up of 4 components, A, T, C, G, Adenine, Thiamine, Glycine, Cytosine. 

Vaccines are poisonous chemical cocktails containing: Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, GMO’s, Squalene, Polysorbate 80, other non-self inflammatory adjuvants, and animal, insect, and aborted fetal cells. What has been learned is that vaccines have long been contaminated with residues of disease infected cell lines promoting cancer formation, autoimmune inflammatory diseases like Autism, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, and Thyroiditis.

What many do not know that is that our DNA, A, T, G, C, base pairs are coated with sugars, Methyl groups, and Nitrosomers, specific to our species. Vaccine chemicals because of the contamination or introduction of chemicals not meant for our bodily functioning, perceive the injected substances as invaders causing an initial Cytokine inflammatory storm or Recon troop investigating the invasion, then reporting back to the Immune defense. Our Immune army is thusly activated to send out varieties of White blood cells to neutralize the invading trespassers.

Unfortunately, a leaky gut (intestinal permeability), or inflammation of the single celled mucous layer separating gut from body allows macromolecules to escape into circulation also alerting the Immune army to deploy and attack. These macromolecules along with the inflammatory components in vaccines resemble cells in organs, vessels, joints, blood, and bones, stimulating self-attack by our own Immune forces. Each vaccine, though in theory a good idea, automatically causes inflammation because of the toxic ingredients in it along with the mutated and disease carrying cell lines of animals, other viruses, and fetal cells.

One would wrongly assume that by using aborted fetal tissue that the injected body would tolerate it better with a lessened or negligible immune reaction. Remember the unique sugars, Methyl groups, and Nitrosomers, coating our Human DNA? Well, even if human, they are considered not us and will summon our Immune system into action which is an attack to protect the organism. 

A Horrifying image is that aborted fetuses are often kept alive for 5 to 7 months as doctors and researchers pay for parts for experiments. Yes, this is a sickening side to science and research and is cheap to do. For vaccine makers, aborted fetal cells make for a great medium to grow virus cultures but disregarding the commonly known immune reactions to anything foreign in our bodies.

Each and all vaccines are contaminated with cell parts, aborted fetal tissues and many types of animals including Cocker Spaniel, Monkey, worm, and feline. Because vaccines produce an automatic inflammatory reaction, the host body is constantly stressed with chronic self-attack which may start immediately or months later.

The profit of the vaccine program implemented by the corrupt and money driven, FDA, CDC, and NIH, is now disabling millions of youth, destroying their cognition and brain cells, their digestion making them malnourished, and causing organ inadequacy. The expanded Autism Spectrum combining the increased vaccine schedule and weed killer Roundup in our food supply, affects one in thirty two children, preventing them from expected maturation, highest levels of employment based on cognitive development, and living independently.

The “most effective” vaccine on the market is one for the yearly Flu, or Influenza. This concoction is 45% effective but with expected suppression and weakening of other portions of the immune system. This means that it doesn’t work 55% of the time, unpredictability of effectiveness in succeeding years, and immeasurable weakening of the Immune system to ordinary and new pathogens.

In life and science, one could utter success if the vaccine produced at least a 90% protection rate. Though 45% is much higher than the 1 to 4% success rate of the past decades, it is not credible and still toxic, weakening the Immune army, and making the host open to other illnesses. 

Fast forward to June 2020 and we are confronted with Bully Bill Gates’ mandatory vaccination program plus slave micro chipping, accelerated speed to market of a vaccine for the SARS-COV-2 which has never been done starting as early as 2003, and the increasing vaccine schedule soon to be two dozen chemical cocktails up from the current, 17 and 72 shots starting from birth when the immune system is undeveloped and newborn brain indefensible to the vaccine poisons causing irreversible brain and digestion damage.

You have learned basic virology and immunology and with the abbreviated knowledge that you have gathered, doesn’t this vaccine propaganda seem profit driven and science deprived?

To go further, did you know that birthing is an autoimmune event? As the fetus develops in utero, Placenta cells slough alerting the Maternal immune system that something foreign is in the Mom’s body. This stimulates inflammatory Cytokines to activate, signaling the birth. Our human genome is our blueprint but our individuality determines how our genes operate. As mentioned earlier, our paired nucleotides are covered with intrinsic sugars, Methyl groups (CH3), and Nitrosomers. Methylation allow genes to turn on, off, and go dormant.

Newborns start life with little Methyl group activation, increasing as they develop and becoming plentiful as they age, turning off the genes of maturation and preparing the body for longevity and aging. Some have a gene mutation called MTHFR which prevents necessary numbers of Methyl groups from forming disabling cells from absorbing the critical B vitamins, Folate and Cobalamin. When this person is injected with vaccines, the decreased Methylation worsens and they become weakened and susceptible to pathogens normally quelled without noticeable symptoms. They also cannot digest sufficiently, become malnourished, endure through bloating, Diarrhea, constipation, and the discomfort of irritable intestinal function.

Viruses are not living but can replicate within a host. We have quadrillions of viruses inside of us and necessary for our health, turning on and off genes to keep us alive, and communicating information to every portion of us as well as leaving the body to pass on information to the outer world.

Doesn’t it make sense to fortify and strengthen our Immune protective army instead of bypassing and weakening it with poisonous vaccines? Historically, viruses preceded the evolution of the human animal with a viral species becoming ATP energy producing Mitochondria.

The here and now is a challenge, a mighty and novel one. There is the SARS-COV-2 fear mongered but weakened virus, ongoing fear propaganda forcing us indoors, making us broke, making us feel hopeless and helpless, and conditioning the masses to grasp at the lifeline thrown at us called mandatory vaccinations, micro chipping, sterilization in the poorest countries, and intentional depopulation also called murder.

Virology, immunity, and physiology are processes easily pictured and understood. This is why it makes no sense in fearing a quickly mutating virus that was innocuous in the first place, instilling fear in the masses to crash the world economy and becoming broke, and allowing poisonous chemical cocktail vaccines to be legally mandated by the self appointed global public health Czar entirely based on his eugenics gene superiority self-admonition. Solution? Make a decision to live your greatest and freest life, which is your destiny.

Get outside, throw down the fake and phony, and live your highest truth. John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute gives you two choices and you can’t have both. He offers you the choice of: peaceful slavery or dangerous freedom. Up to you which one you choose. You already know what it feels like to be a slave, locked down, staying 72 inches apart, wearing masks that make you sick, broke, and anxiously awaiting the corrupt government, corrupt politicians, corrupt Western Medicine, to give you permission to breathe, go back to your job or business, and how to live. Take back your freedom, trust your gut, and live your biggest and greatest.