Moderna versus AstraZeneca and who will poison you first

The C19 planned scamdemic as you know was meant for the show of power by the Corporate Elite 1%, surveillance and data collection coinciding with the 5G, using fear as an effective primer for enslavement, and purporting vaccines as the only solution. Moderna, funded by 550 million dollars of your taxes, authorized by Tony Fauci, bypassed animal studies proceeding directly to human trials. Applaud the volunteers for their courage but all became ill with some very sick with the poisonous chemicals injected into them. Across the Atlantic, AstraZeneca did start with animal trials using 3 monkeys and 2 Ferrets. A small sample size but accuracy and legitimacy is not high on their priority list for human safety. So what happened? All inoculated animals after receiving the vaccine soon meant for you and exposed to the Corona microbe, became ill. An obvious failure, the British government still doled out millions for production to proceed in making a billion doses. Remember that AstraZeneca has blanket immunity from being sued if their vaccine caused health problems as all vaccine makers also enjoy. The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act and the recent PREP Act gives total immunity of vaccine makers from being sued when the injectable poisons injure the brainwashed afraid sheeple. Soon to be Trillionaire, Will Gates III, having interests in every vaccine maker on Earth, now makes a billion dollars weekly in vaccine sales and is heavily invested in 5G which 10,000 studies indicate cause brain swelling, blood flow blockage to the brain, Cancers and DNA damage. 

Fear unresolved and continual media narrative of a microbe called Corona falsely killing millions has temporarily blocked prefrontal cortex analytic decision making and guiding the afraid to hopeless and helpless prisoner identities. Since WWII and the prosperity edict, the American middle class was birthed and over 50 years of millions enjoying the American dream of economic wealth. Globalists or Plutocrats, the 630 Billionaires, giants in the food, telecom, energy, and biotech industries, governments , politicians and their Lobbyists, mainstream and Social medias, have conspired to steal your money, groom your thinking to making you feel helpless, and reducing you to disposable objects meant for life in large cities, low wage factory or production jobs, healthcare for only a few, and existence of continual surveillance, data collection, and domination by AI. 

The Georgia stones and brought forward by eugenics Bill and his Gates gang, envision a Planet population of 500 million people. The problem is that there is 7.8 billion alive now. The Gates and Cabal remedy is systematic murder also called depopulation. How is this done? Chemical poisoning called vaccinations which sterilize, cause intestinal inflammation and autoimmune dis-eases, organ and brain swelling, increased Cancer and permanent DNA damage. Combine a toxic radiation force called 5G, that causes organ and brain damage as well as cancer, will further weaken the human making for more peaceful obedient slaves. 

The identification of a virus, any virus, is still difficult even with electron microscopy. The medical community is still falsely assuming that these protein bags of RNA and DNA are injurious to the human host and must be eradicated. A novel idea called vaccines to combat illnesses was invented in the 1800’s and quickly found to be ineffective and causing severe debilitation with many permanently disabled. The Human Microbiome Project has told us that nonhuman DNA, viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Molds, and parasites, found inside of us, which outnumber what is called human, a thousand to one, are all necessary for our survival. The discovery of Pleomorphism has told us that our human cells can pinch off small packets producing the nonhuman cells of viruses, bacteria, Fungus and yeasts, molds, and parasites. As an integral piece in Nature, humans readily accept microbes and expel them as normal daily functioning. We have an internal terrain as well as on our skin of trillions of nonhuman microbes which were Divinely designed to work together to regulate our genes. That’s right. We Homo Sapiens are more nonhuman than human and meant for resiliency and longevity founded on the symbiosis of the microbes that comprise our Holobiome. 

A look back at the NH1N1 Avian Flu of 1918, inaccurately called the Spanish Flu, where 500 million became ill with 50 million worldwide dying is still a mystery on infectivity. Studies on Navy military volunteers with secretion swabs from the infected placed into their sinuses, mouths, and eyes produced no one getting sick. So how did millions globally get ill and die? Other factors like Sun Spots or Solar flares, increased Earth human made radiation with walkie Talkies and the Marconi and Tesla wireless radio, and volcanic particulates could have manifested in planetary electrical changes negatively down regulating our immune systems. 

It could be the 7.8 billion eating, excreting, and over consuming resources, trillions spent on sickcare, shrinking geographies for housing, and the growing population causing climate changes and pollution, which have sped the Evil Empire or 1% Cabal to pick the 2020 year to remind the human brethren of its vulnerability and insignificance. The Rockefeller/Rothschild Illuminati is all powerful but invisible enabling it to grow and maintain its stranglehold power. In the news however are the biggest corporations, the richest, Military and militarized police, and the medical industrial cartel that seemingly are exerting smothering control over us. Notice that the middle class touting moderate prosperity is almost wiped out creating a definable very rich, very poor, socioeconomic divide. So who are you and are you anxiously awaiting the vaccine cure and hoping that life as you knew it will return to the past normal? Well, the past is a memory and allostasis or new normal your actuality. You have a choice of fear founded compliance and being a peaceful slave, or nonviolent revolution and human brethren unity and collective consciousness progress. 

Vaccines have never been proven to cure but have been proven to weaken the immune system causing susceptibility to pathogens normally rebuffed and neutralized. An example is Chicken Pox which any child recovers from quickly but because of the faulty implementation of a vaccine, both children and adults come down with debilitating painful Shingles. The few who are dying in 2020 from the supposed but unproven virus called Corona are over 65(average age 79.5), live in nursing homes or sent there to die, have almost 3 preexisting illnesses, prevented from social support because of the social distancing, and unknowingly part of a statistical lie of over inflated numbers getting ill and succumbing. Your immune system 80% located in your gut tube is your health protector and promoter. Synthetic chemicals, neurotoxic heavy metals, Formaldehyde embalming fluid, mutated monkey and cocker Spaniel viruses, and GMO’s found in vaccines will not help or save you. Odds are that you will get sick from the supposed chemical cure. As Moderna and AstraZeneca compete for first position on poisoning the human species, accept that Gates III will become a Trillionaire because of the millions getting permanently disabled and dying. Your choice is taking a firm stand for freedom or taking the safe and easy road to poverty and slavery. What’s it going to be?