What is more deadly, E coli or Coronavirus?

Actual factual information clearly indicate that Coronavirus or the dreaded fear evoking, COVID-19, is the name of many varieties of the Corona microbe family, that most people have it, that most do not exhibit any symptoms of illness, that some may show minor signs of a cold and recover quickly, that most of the immune compromised recover but more slowly, that those with already existing illnesses and with a weakened immune system are more susceptible to mortality, and that compared with the billion worldwide getting the Flu and thousands dying that humankind endures through it and life proceeds until the Flu season comes around again. 

Most of you already have Coronavirus in you, probably for decades, and you never knew that you had it. It didn’t kill you then and it will not now. 

Alas and aghast, the Corporate Criminal Elite and sock puppet governments, 179 agreeing to the UN Agenda 21 protocol of 2008, united to push for absolute dominance over you by controlling the food and money supply, pruning the population from 7.8 billion to 500 million, to ensure knowing your actions by electromagnetic radiation surveillance called 5G, and to amass data about you and control what you think and your subsequent actions. 

Many of you have heard of the dreaded and deadly E coli. Escherichia coli is a common bacteria in your intestines, discovered in 1885 by German-Austrian Pediatrician, Dr. Theodor Escherich as he examined fecal samples from healthy individuals. I repeat, healthy people. E coli is found in fecal matter and common in the intestines and on the micro villi lining the digestive tube. 

Historically, as mammals, birds, and reptiles separated into their distinct Kingdoms 102 million years ago, the E coli bacteria also evolved, mutated, and migrated horizontally to other bacteria types. E coli is considered a Facultative Anaerobe which means hat it can live when air is both present and absent. It requires water for survival and continually evolving. 

The worst E coli outbreak was in Washila, Scotland in 1996 which killed 21 people. When certain E coli strains are higher than what is considered balanced with the body’s other microbe colonies, the person could get intestinal upset, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, prone to vomiting, or in rare occasions, need IV hydration and Oxygen. 

As I reported in previous articles, viruses and bacteria work in concert to turn on or off, up or down regulating genes for maintaining the steady balance of health for the human organism. When food is poisoned, it is a strain of E coli that causes the person to respond with the varieties of intestinal distress. Labels like: Crohn’s, IBD, and Colitis, are related to E coli strains of which some conditions could be fatal if not recognized. 

What has been explained to you is the magnificence and miracle of our human form and that the microbes that make up 99% of it are non human and collaborate with our human genetics for resiliency and longevity of the vessel. E coli produces Vitamin K2 which is essential in blood clotting. Like the family of Coronaviruses, E coli has many mutations, related to Shigella and Helicobacter, more types discovered consistently, and used to further research on how our immune system operates. 

Magically, scientists learn that bacteria react differently to different substances, toxins, to different bacterial and viral strains, and are programmed to maintain a balance for the Holobiome to exist while constantly gaining strength for introduction to future pathogenic assault. There is a mysterious but miraculous co-existence between bacteria, viruses, Fungi, Mycobiome or Molds, Yeasts, and parasites. 

The confusing conundrum is that we need all of these tiny creatures in our bodies if we are to live. The miracle is that our being was made and evolved into an adaptive microbial thinking organism. Do not fear the Coronavirus or E coli. They are both partners meant for your optimal health with your immune system the interactive defense for thriving against any and all pathogenic invaders. 

Do not forget that without viruses and bacteria that you will die. Wearing ineffective and humorous looking face masks are actually immune weakening for you prevent accepting new microbes from the outside world inside to compliment your balanced inner world. Unknown to you is that we shed viruses daily which provide information to the animals, other humans, plants, rocks and soils, and water. 

Can you start to see this divine communication which allows us and other Earthly objects to grow, evolve, and thrive? The bacteria and viruses you have now have ancestors hundreds of millions of years old and thanks to mutations, new ones created, and horizontal transfer of genes to neighboring cells, we get the gift of being here and passing on to next generations what they need to survive and thrive. 

So what is more deadly, Coronavirus or E coli? None, nada, neither. Unresolved fear, drowning in ignorance and false information, a captive to afraid mongering, will kill you slowly and for many, you are already dead. Quit listening to the mainstream news, Fox to MSNBC, CNN, and all the rest for they serve up misinformation or crap sandwiches which you are hungrier and hungrier for. 

Please subscribe to actual truth, unity movement YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine, NELM, for accurate unbiased truth. NELM, does not accept Pharmaceutical cartel money, Will Gates Jr. vaccine poison bribes, or anything from the Corporate Criminal Elite including their implicit threats. Time to stand strong and to trust in yourself. Hiding indoors and going broke is not freedom but rather being the good slave. 

You already know how it feels to be the good obedient, afraid to live, hiding inside scared little boy. What would it feel like to think, do, and be free? Close your eyes and feel what this feels like. What would it feel like with Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on your neck, you can’t breathe, and you begging for help that never came? Dead is dead no matter what excuse is given for hate, fear, ignorance, and anti love, cluster mightily with you a prisoner in the deathcamp known as society as it has always been. 

Unite with us to create a world that works for everyone, leaving no one behind. Coronavirus like E coli are your friends and absolute freedom, your right as a human being for you weren’t put here to be the obedient slave. Fight, but do it nonviolently.