-Ism This and -Ism that, but who are you really?

Thanks to this planned global scam called COVID we can enjoy the peaceful slave experience, stuck at home, spending life savings and now broke, awaiting the government to swoop in and save us, ironically making our differences disappear, making more of them appear, developing a hatred for China, and increased love or disdain for the guy heading the Executive branch whether he is indisposed with temper tantrums or frolicking with friends like Stormy. Have you experienced Disneyland, the Universal Studios tour, Magic Mountain, the ride up the Space Needle elevator, or being the King of the World on the top deck of the Titanic? What about finding out that you have $11.42 in your account, your spouse sent to jail earlier, your 8 month old needing food and the basics but no money for diapers, food, clothing, and rent? 

Lisa Nichols, went to the ATM to get money to buy diapers for her young child before the realization of poverty and hopelessness hit her like a ton of white bricks and knowing that she had no control over her life. After succumbing to the world of Welfare for a short while, she made a decision to change herself into that dream who she wanted to become and more importantly, teaching her son that self-love directed to growth, being, and giving, was a God intention. Lisa Nichols is Black, star athlete in high school, getting below average grades even with study, and existing in the -Ism world of poverty founded on her skin color and generations of faulty assumptions. She designed her destiny by getting employment, saving consistently, and turning her dreams into a global personal development company. In her case, she took the centuries of skin color and gender torturous -Isms and used the thick and deep negative energy to transform herself and with it millions worldwide. Like Bob Proctor, who is White, doing poorly in school, and dropping out in the 9th grade, and then self-educating to create a global personal development empire, Lisa chose to love herself, believe in herself, and deciding to share her self-development accumulated knowledge. Bob, had more advantages because of his skin color and being male but both became millionaires starting from rock bottom broke. Lisa, decided to take ownership of the -Isms of race, gender, and poverty, and instead of becoming the expected hapless anonymous versions of them, transforming herself into the greatness hidden in those negative labels. 

Billionaire Real Estate mogul, Dean Graziosi was slowed with Dyslexia in high school and attended special classes alone deprived of the social interactions and social intelligence gained with developing youth interacting. He took ownership of his misfortunes and used them to develop his inner world before becoming a husband, Father, Billionaire, and now personal development teacher. You know the celebrity infamously famous, Hitler, Stalin, Manson, Dahmer, Gacy, Ridgeway, Bundy, Wuornos, and Trump. Did you know that advertised change maker, Barak Obama, instructed the US Military to drop more bombs than any other President, with Trump not far behind? This means that the first Black President killed more Black people than the other Presidents, broadcasting a conflicted BLM message. 

Fringe celebrities like David Icke, John Rappoport, Judy Mikovits, Joe Mercola, Robert Kennedy Jr., Suzanne Humphries, John Whitehead, Sayer Ji, Bob Charles, and researcher/journalist/Blogger/YouTube show host, Patrick Herbert, report truth, easily accessible on the WWW and Pub Med.gov. Actual facts shaking the foundation of absolute power and the force dictating instructions to world governments, these reporters of truth get unfairly and illegally censored, labelled as conspiracy blabbers, denounced to the average indoctrinated as liars, and motivating the ignorant and those conditioned to be peaceful slaves to loudly reject them and the factual truth that they deliver. They know who they are, what they want, what they are to do, and ramp up their courage and intention to deliver honesty to their brethren so better decisions can be made. The -Isms are labels placed upon you by others justifying their seemingly to themselves, their superior self-identification. This is why Gossip is both a powerful smearing tool and expression of one’s undeveloped inner self and symptom of self-love poverty. Sometimes satisfying the lacking this and that void by projecting negative feelings onto others temporarily quells the self-hate and self-deprecation. Alas, the labelling, stereotyping, categorizing, and negative branding, unfortunately teaches the negatively branded or inaccurately labelled to believe that they are who others say they are. 

So, who are you and why do you believe what you believe? Are you Black, White, Asian, Latino, shades of everything, or do you even know? Did you grow up rich, poor, really rich, really poor, homeless, a refugee, hiding from Militarized police, or from people just wanting to kill you or ensure that you remain poor. Is your biggest dream to have a meal everyday, enough money to care for your family, a place to call home, and knowing that you can exist for just a little bit longer? What if a bigger dream that kept getting bigger became your belief, then your actuality? What if you became that person who could make those dreams real? What if you believed it before you could see it? Would your identity be different and you your true self? The -Isms can negatively label but also can birth your actualized self and true identity.