Trump, Obama, Bush, Floyd, Taylor and COVID-19 plus 5G

Recognize all this in your present and does any of it make you curious? If not, have you been conditioned to accept injustice, inequity, and peaceful enslavement? George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are Black people who were senselessly murdered by police. Upcoming 5G electromagnetic radiation is about to bombard us with excess microwaves causing more health decline and genetic mutations, technology meant for surveillance, data collection, crowd control, and depopulation, not faster communication. 

The fake crises called COVID-19 is used as a fear tactic, falsely stimulating the Sympathetic afraid response, forcing most of humankind to retreat into becoming hopeless, helpless victimized beggars, casting away their analytic thinking to give the, save me power to the government. 

German immigrant, Don John Dtrumpf (actual family name) displaying his selfish Narcissism and sociopathy to put an ugly face onto the Criminal Empire puppeteering our government, continues his irrational self-absorbed romp as elected Psychopath in charge. Obama quietly murdered thousands for 8 years in the Middle East while appearing his regal and eloquent self. George Bush Jr. excited the public into a war founded on lies, encouraged by Dick Cheney, the deception murdered over one million Iraqis. 

The global saga of peaceful enslavement with most accepting injustice, brainwashing, and imprisonment, the norm, the way it is, and back to focusing on existing and surviving day to day, is our species learning the self-deception of thriving in poverty. Thanks to Don John Dtrumpf who is hateful and minimizing toward anyone who displeases him, his ugliness has forced the public and news medias to take a closer look into his master, the Corporate Criminal Elite also known as the Cabal, Empire, or Illuminati. 

Started in the 1800’s by the Rothschilds and later to include the Rockefellers, these elite families have silently dictated the financial rules that we live by because they control the money supply and created the absolute power meme which is the mission statements of the Pharmaceutical cartel, the Military, the Medical Industrial Complex, the Telecom Cartel, and the Agri business or Biocide Cartel. 

Take a step back and can you begin to realize that for generations that we have been conditioned to calmly accept injustice, that diversity is bad, that being poor and living in poverty is normal and how it is, that the everyone for himself/herself battle cry is what everyday life is all about, and to never question authority but bow down to it and just do what you are told. When you really think about it, isn’t hypocrisy a truth that you live by and obey, unconscious to your decisions and actions? 

For example, in the last Presidential election, we were given the choice of Hillary Clinton and Donald Dtrumpf. Both are crooked and not just Mrs. Clinton. Her famous adulterer husband lied on National TV declaring that he didn’t have sex with young awe struck intern, Monica, and when he couldn’t wiggle out of it, calmly admitted that he actually did the outside of marriage transactions numerous times. Apologies carry much weight especially with the public now empowered to give him forgiveness. 

George Bush Jr. is content with the decisions of his Presidency and murdering a million people justified with the information he was provided. Was this true or did he know that war was not necessary and that diplomacy was the best option not grabbing for the riches in the oil fields? When Barak Obama was elected on the change and hope platform, did the public know that he would continue what previous presidents did by murdering more in the Middle East? 

Presidents hold the highest station in the country, are most visible, most revered or criticized, and for their term, the face of both government and the shadow government behind it. These country and governmental leaders carry out the desires of the controlling Cabal as high profile henchmen, soldiers, or current day Knights Templar but instead fighting for absolute power, just in different disguises. 

Breonna Taylor, worked in an Emergency room in Louisville, Kentucky, intent on going to nursing school, buying a home, and having a family. Police, following false information, broke down her door, shooting and killing the exhausted Breonna as she slept after putting in her long hours to serve patients felled with the Coronavirus. They did not identify themselves, and just started spraying the home with bullets, murdering the innocent Emergency room Black hospital worker in her sleep. None of the policemen were charged with murder and Breonna’s family left to grieve for the senseless termination of an innocent with dreams for living a great life and her presence benefitting society. 

The Ferguson reporting alerted us to the constant, conspicuous, and conditioned acceptance of racism and purposeful denigration and financial exclusion of Black people in this town, how police targeted them because of their skin color, while murdering an unarmed Black youth with his hands up for no reason. 

The purpose of this article is to show you that the events and visible notables of current history, tells a story of generational accepted peaceful slavery, accepting the hypocrisy of injustice as normal, and population weakening and pruning silently and insidiously progressing unfettered while effective fear mongering makes many deathly afraid, literally, and our world village dying in hopelessness. The absolute power driven, Elite 1% enjoy years of fear conditioning over the 99%. This learning is difficult to undo for most have made it into a truth and conviction norm. 

A visible example is of a baby Elephant that trainers tie to a sapling with a thin string. The young soon to be giant, believes that he/she is in a bondage that cannot be broken, and stays calmly in place. Even as the animal grows to a ton, that thin string is used to keep it where it is. 

Beliefs and convictions power our decisions, what we accept to be true, how we feel, how we perceive or judge others, and the actions that we take. George Floyd was murdered and ordinarily the ubiquity of turn the other cheek, Black lives don’t matter and are meaningless, collided with a boiling pot of generations of unsaid mandated non white diminution, meme of irrelevance, and frustration of the Black populous struggling to be recognized as equal human beings, worthy, significant, and deserving in a supposed free society.

Trump has used his ugliness to ugly the Corporate Criminal Cabal, drawing unwanted attention to their domineering presence. More and more are asking questions and digging deeper into the value of 5G and untested for safety, Wi-Fi, the stacks of studies that this electromagnetic radiation is a health hazard which mutates our genes while causing cancer, brain decline, and Endocrine disruption. That vaccines with known poisons in them accelerates and expands the Autism Spectrum, destroys the gut microbiota preventing efficient digestion and impairing immune defenses, causes the illness they were purported to prevent, and increases whole body inflammation causing leaky gut and leaky brain, and the autoimmune dis-eases. 

Monsanto is the maker of DDT, PCB, Agent Orange, Glyphosate, and Dicamba, all biocides or chemicals that kill, and with partner, Bayer, systematically and intentionally poisoning our food supply and forcing the acceptance of non-regenerative monoculture, top soil destruction in beneficial microbes, enzymes, and minerals that crops would normally absorb into their structures meant for human consumption and as natural medicine. 

Right now, many in the United States are outraged at the George Floyd murder with Protests peaceful initially, until hidden in plain site detractors, start moving barriers, throwing water bottles and curiously placed pallets of bricks. Police are forced to respond with their antisocial personality gun toting colleagues given the green light to start firing rubber and real bullets, flash bombs, tear gas, and night sticking anyone in their path, even if the peaceful Protestors are running away or observing innocently. 

Let us be curious and take in all events, analyzing them, what political leadership is doing and not doing, and lying about, and the motives of declared actions, responses, and who really benefits. When you take a global view, it becomes clearer that there is a strategy and tactics being used to further beat us down, reinforce our helplessness and passivity, and to weaken us physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally, forcing us to grasp at the lifeline called the government. 

Always the two sides law working as Trump orders his police and National Guard to seek and destroy to maintain peace. Sounds nonsensical but this is what Sociopaths do for they are concerned only for themselves and when people act discordant to their narrow controlling convictions, they jump to immediate suppression of the innocents allowing what freedom should let them do. 

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute provided us his own declaration: Peaceful slavery or dangerous freedom. We are witnessing in front row seats a paradigm shift from generations of conditioned ethnic and racial suppression, modernized lynching’s or legalized murder, learned self-disempowerment, and a boiling pot that is finally blowing off the restricting lid. This metaphoric lid is George Floyd and the centuries of injustice to the objectified and minimized Black people the boiling water now exploding. 

Generalizations can be descriptive but not totally accurate for personal viewpoints, opinions, interpretations, and beliefs, individualizes our gifts of uniqueness. Let us do some psychology and dig a little deeper. Your beliefs, your convictions, came from somewhere, often from someone or someone’s, personal preference, tragedy or trauma, observations, delight and bliss, and molded into your subconscious patterns of how you view the world and how you view yourself in it. This forms your identity or representation of your uniqueness and how you present yourself to the world and how the people out there perceive you or how they judge you. 

Emotions are attached to certain thoughts and especially your beliefs for this belief system identifies you as a separate self and those who might interact with you or you with them. In the United States, the dominant culture after the Native First People were nearly eliminated was the conquering invading Northern White European Christian males, intent on murdering any and all Natives and theft of their land. This included rape, getting rid of all Native religions replacing them with Christianity, and force feeding this Father/Son, Holy Ghost triad, down the First People’s throats and killing some of them if necessary to instill in the survivors the Christian trope that God can be both love and terror. Head scratching for the Native First People had generational beliefs and self identification of who they are, how they lived, what they worshipped, and how they celebrated the land and everything on it. 

Now, those identified as Native American or Indian get to be imprisoned on desolate Reservations and earning money by operating casinos and bars, splitting profits with Reservation prisoners. Meanwhile the British were busy asserting their dominance over their escaping subjects embarking on stealing Native American land and killing to get it. Eventually a Constitution was crafted for the rules of freedom but actually an enslavement document of what you are allowed to do with privileges easily taken away. 

Concurrently African Blacks were shipped over to the new land as free labor, objectified as things that White people owned, objects that could be bought and sold, and the females used for sexual gratification with unforeseen mixing of the bloodlines. Though Abraham Lincoln decided to end the slavery practice, the young Nation was divided with slave owners wanting to keep their cheap labor and resting their self-aggrandizement on their belief of their superiority over the Black race who they perceived to be mindless servants. 

Though slavery officially ended in 1865, the collective consciousness was of treatment of Blacks as less than, not equal to Whites, animal collection to Zoo keeper, inferior to superior, untrustworthy, tolerable as entertainers and sports participants, but to be implicitly feared. As the twentieth century came about, Blacks were blamed for Cocaine abuse, desire to rape white women, and in the eighties a specialized law differentiating powder and Crack Cocaine, and that Crack was the illicit drug of choice of Blacks and came with harsher penalties. 

With constantly advancing technology which brought more and more convenience, engrained generational subconscious ethnic restrictions remained the same, loosening up a bit, but still Institutionally restrictive to Black people especially with rejection to higher finances, discouraging pursuit of higher education, and difficult access to the employment sector except for lower paying jobs. 

A telling story of how the Black culture struggled quietly while representing the United States as loyal citizens, was in the 1936 Olympics held in Germany. With Heir Hitler confident in his idealistic fantasy of the German race being superior, he watched in consternation as American Black, Jesse Owens won the 100 and 200 sprints. The reporting ironically mentioned the Black athletes who wandered through the German city and eating at the local eateries, were amazed at the friendly and personable treatment they received from the shop owners. They mused that they never got this wonderful treatment in their own country. 

Hitler, ever the deceiver, firmly instructed store keepers and restaurateurs to treat the American Black athletes extraordinarily well. Not surprisingly, future mass murderer, Hitler, was chosen, Man of the Year, by Time magazine. If you don’t already know, history is written by the victors not those who lost or who were massacred. This is why the same event comes with it different perspectives depending on who won and who lost, which side you were on, if you were the Nazi guard or the starving prisoner wondering what would come next, torture, death, or death by torture and starvation. 

What is your perspective? You have experienced everything written in this article. What side are you on? Are you winning? Are you stuck indoors agreeing to the lock down or home confinement, agreeing to a mandated curfew, broke, your savings gone, your job or business gone, your employer down sized or bankrupt, your stocks worth pennies, your $1,200 check never arriving, your unemployment money never arriving, and you increasingly anxious, depressed, and stressed, awaiting the government to tell you that you are free and can go outside, walk around, and breathe? 

Are you listening to narcissistic President Trump about letting loose the US Military on you to restore peace? Any of this sound like freedom to you? How much longer are you going to tolerate this imprisonment and your name tag, peaceful good slave? Are you ready for dangerous freedom? Non violence is tops as Gandhi proved that the most powerful country in the world, at the time, the British empire, could be defeated by non violence and non conformity. 

Are you ready to get outside, breathe, and to live as you want, where you want, how you want, and with who you want? Well, hiding inside will not make this happen so find your courage, get outside, and get going. Yes, you will meet with the fearful chastising you to comply with the Nazi demands and to continue awaiting your slow road to execution. You will eventually die but do you want it sooner than later or because of the stress and depression caused by this fake crises where the immune healthy don’t die and rarely get sick? 

Let us quarantine the immune weak, the already sick, and those in nursing facilities with plenty of clean foods, high positive energy, and the best medical care. The rest of you, get out and start living as a free person. Abraham Lincoln died to make this happen for the Blacks and a century and a half later, engrained stereotypic false beliefs have kept this population shackled figuratively and literally concerning employment, academics, acceptance, and with relation to law enforcement. If you want freedom, you will have to fight for it and this does not mean violence. 

As more and more of you embrace and succumb to the beckoning freedom call and get going, more will follow, then more, then more. High energy is attracted to high energy which is the law of Attraction as is low negative energy attracted to low negative energy. What type of energy surrounds you and coming from you now? The only and obvious answer is, low and negative which attracts more of the same. 

Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting. Tired of eating shit and gobs of it shoved down your throat by the government and the Empire orchestrating this faux coup reinforcing your peaceful slavery?

Break free to be free and get going knowing that detractors, the fearful, the fear paralyzed, and your jailers, will not let go easily, but will also fight to remain where they are preventing your advancement and ascendance to the life that you would most love to live. Is it worth rebelling and growing your courage to live as you choose? I leave this for you to answer and choosing, peaceful slavery or dangerous freedom.