The Best Question is the one that was Never Asked

Humans learn by experience also called trials and experimentation. As the most complex creature ever made, we have an inborn penchant to imagine, create, invent, innovate, with this magical gift constantly expanding our consciousness. Imagination is that biofield outside of us where the energy called God provides us with ideas which we then turn into reality if we are aware and take action. 99.999% of the time, the God connection is quickly forgotten, ignored, and never acted on. For example, Everet seventies high schooler, Debbie Petitclerc, created an intraschool publication she named, People. This was printing of what people in this particular high school said and did. Wonderful idea which a few in the high school enjoyed for a while but soon abandoned and forgotten. Years later a National publication called, People, hit the stands becoming a popular gossip rag exposing what celebrities do in private. In 1960, newly elected President John F. Kennedy met with Nazi scientist, Werner Von Braun and told him that he wanted humankind to set foot on the Moon by the end of the decade because it has never been done before. With Kennedy’s help, Von Braun brought to the United States a thousand of his Nazi scientist colleagues to work on this Kennedy dream. Well, in 1969, Grissom and Armstrong did it. That same year headliners were: lowly New York Jets and Mets winning the Super Bowl and World Series respectively, Charles Manson on trial with his family for multiple murders, and the free love Hippie culture movement, tuning in, turning on, and dropping out. 

Back then our world was guided by politicians with their opinions of how the world should operate with the banking system or corporation silently dominating our economic paths. In the 1800’s notables like Ford, Edison, Tesla, Semmelweis, Pasteur, Bechamp, and Marconi, asked questions, failed often, but thankfully stuck with it. Through the nineteenth century and early 1900’s, the JD Rockefeller Standard Oil behemoth changed the world as fossil fuel powered newly invented machinery and therefore our technological advancement, making life more convenient, and our expectations of unimaginable ideas created and becoming actual. Rockefeller greed and seemingly driven by dark forces or negative energy or anti-love brushed off the government’s legal dismantling of his oil monopoly and , calmly and smartly, created a nonprofit called, the Rockefeller Foundation fooling the public in specious misinformation as a philanthropic and humanitarian gesture by one of the world’s richest. This became the trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment business, soon to have the biggest drug companies in Europe involved and we shackled to the ball and chain of pills making ordinary ills feel better. No one asked why this business change using a nonprofit organization to rule healthcare and discrediting holistic health services like Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Chinese medicine was allowed to proceed without rules and restrictions. Notice the eerie and creepy similarity with the humanitarian philanthropist costume worn by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation criminal cartel? More are asking questions now but the Rockefeller pill for an ill drug culture has become the bedrock of Western medicine unfortunately making us sick, making the drug industry trillions in profits, and the masses generationally groomed in the lie that drugs and radiation is the best medicine. 

There is a two party failing political system worsening as fraud and intentional deception and theft are exposed. The newest wrinkle is this fake scamdemic called C19, millions advertised as dying from it but CDC statistics ironically proving it false, plutocratic criminals like the Gates Gang, Fauci, Military and Medical cartels, the Telecom giants, Biotech vaccine makers, and RICO organizations, FDA, CDC, WHO, NIH, EPA, FCC, and FTC, imprisoning us globally by destroying our currencies, our access to healthcare, and ensuring peaceful enslavement by mandating wearing masks, staying 72 inches apart, staying at home, and being made afraid of a harmless microbe vilified as a population killer. More are asking questions but the global economy continues to worsen with increasing episodes of violence because more and more are realizing that this microbe event was a lie to get more power over the masses by the Cabal or Elite Empire. Still, many are not asking relevant questions about individual freedom, actual facts being suppressed, fear used as a population control tool, who benefits from this global lockdown, and that poisonous chemical toxins called vaccines are what is being marketed as the cure. 

Did you know that humans contain trillions of viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Molds, and parasites who live in symbiotic balance so we can live? Did you also know that bacteria and viruses team together to regulate our genes for optimizing our health? Without viruses coming into us and allowed to leave freely we will die. The virus preceded humankind, is a protein sack with strands of RNA and DNA, has no internal organelles, needs a host to live in to replicate, and does not give off energy. Technically not living but known by science as part of life systems with an estimated 10 to the 31st power in soils, plants, in bodies of water, in the air, and in all animals including your pet family, they are necessary and magically put here for humans to interact with. So why are vaccines pushed to kill them? Few ask about it and now this faulty and false assumption has become a truth to many. 

An example of a lie becoming truth is early clergy declaring that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Thanks to Copernicus and Galileo using an invention called a telescope, it was seen that the opposite was the actual truth. Many have chosen to believe in religion as actual factual truth when the alleged stories cannot be proven accurate. the rigid doctrines were contrived by the creators of the cult system and proposing life solutions without proof. When some ask questions they are labelled anti-Semitic, Athest, agnostic, anti-religion, or spiritually empty. 

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis theorized that if doctors washed their hands before helping in births that the 70% death rate of the birthing females would go down. He knew nothing about microbes and the poisonous chemicals used in the research hospitals which the doctors were exposed to before rushing off to assist in infant delivery. Dr. Semmelweis asked the hard question, was correct but not knowing why, saved many post partum Mothers, and expanded science into the microbial realm. Did you know that Bill and the Gates Gang(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) have been banned from the country of India? Because of his reckless pushing of vaccines on the poorest without informed consent, and outcomes of over 496,000 children becoming paralyzed, because of the vaccine chemicals, the Indian government has banned the BAMGF from setting foot in the country. The Gates devotion to eugenics(his genes superior to yours) and his belief in forced sterilization and depopulation or murder disguised as humanitarian, has turned his software empire into the higher profit business of vaccines. Gates III is committed to his family belief that the ordinary must die for the chosen few to carry on. More are questioning his honorary role as the authoritative Public Health Czar and increasing numbers rejecting his mandatory vaccine jabbing. 

Untested for safety, chemicals invented since 1900, including for industry, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, electromagnetic radiation, antibiotics fed to livestock, and herbicides and insecticides sprayed in increasing amounts on the monoculture crop produce, has systemically weakened our powerful immune systems and documented by the steep rise of inflammatory autoimmune diseases. Few have asked why that in the richest countries in the world who follow the Western medicine protocol of pills for ills and vaccines for every symptom, that life shortening illnesses are on the rise even as a trillion dollars of pharmaceuticals are doled out every year. Cancers, heart attacks, Diabetes, and dementia kill more each year despite the prescribed drugs bought by patients. Those on the Autism Spectrum was one in ten thousand in the 1970’s and now one in 32 youth, estimated to be 50% of all kids by 2030. Diabetes and prediabetes affect 88% of the population because of the disastrous health advice wrongly proposed by misinformed nutritionists. The meme in the 1950’s, and devastatingly deadly as it would become, was dietary fat reduced, reviled, and vilified, with the increase of carbohydrates like: potato chips, breads, cereals, rice and night shades, cakes and pastries, pastas, candies and confections, vegetable oils, and milk the standard of Western prosperity and what health looked like. Few asked why even though the population kept getting fatter, coming down with more ailments, with previously unaffected youth getting diseases of old age. Questioning is curiosity and continual truth seeking, and the basis of science. 

2020 has auspiciously but not surprisingly become the memorable seminal year of the 1% Empire show of dominance with celebrity henchmen, Bully Bill and his marauding gang, criminal Fauci, corrupt FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO, and political power struggle of those branded, Democrat and Republican lying and thieving for the big bucks. Still, few ask questions and fewer still do anything to preserve their sovereignty. Notable truth tellers falsely labelled as conspiracy theorists, David Icke, John Rappoport, Alex Jones, Patrick Herbert, Bob Charles, Sayer Ji, Joe Mercola, Jonathon Landsman, Zack Bush, Robert Kennedy Jr., Jeremy Hammond, Barbara Loe Fisher, Caitlin Johnstone, Tim Nolan, and Roger Barr, preach truth and hoping to trigger the fight for freedom reaction from the head down sheeple cowering in fear anxiously awaiting the government to save them. Again, few ask questions because of debilitating fear and paralyzed with generations of blind obedience to authority. Take this moment to assess your situation, where you are at, what you are doing, and why? Are you waiting for things to go back as they were? Are you feeling the increasing stresses of being locked down and out of money? How will you pay your rent, the car payment, the utility bill, and food not packed in plastic or doused with Cancer causing Glyphosate? I know that you are asking these questions but when will you do something about it? Are you holding out for the government to swoop in and save you? Do you still think that the government actually cares about you and your welfare? Isn’t it time to ask the hard questions and to take control of your life? Is it the hardest question that you didn’t ask the one that will get you your freedom?