This article focuses on nutrition and Phytates, specifically Phytic Acid(PA). In 8888BCE Egyptians began Wheat cultivation or what was to become known as Agriculture to feed a growing population. Wild Wheat like wild Rubber plants grow two per acre of land. Cultivating the Rubber plant proved disastrous for car mogul, Henry Ford, as he needed a dependable source of rubber for his 5 tires per each motorized horseless carriage assembly. Not being a Botanist, he chose systematization or uniformity like his efficient assembly line. He told his select staff having moved to the Amazon to grow 200 uniformly spaced Rubber plants per acre in rows for maximum yield. Alas, blight or Fungus infection set in and killed all the plants. Luckily soon after the demise of the city of Fordlandia in the Amazon, synthetic rubber was discovered and the 5 tire Ford car progressing along. Wheat, followed similar advancement as the world populations started to expand. Hunting and gathering decreased as staying in one place plant farming becoming the new normal. Wild Wheat was then planted in rows with the new food source feeding the masses of Egyptians. Records indicate that this culture began gaining weight, having similar numbers of cases of Diabetes as is what we experience nearly 3 millennia later, and with the storied culture getting more dental decay, more gum diseases, more tooth loss, and fatter. 

Phytic acid coming from the Phytate chemical family is found in grains, Legumes, nuts and seeds. Prior to Wheat agriculture, our ancient ancestors had little gum and tooth problems. Nuts and seeds are rich in oils, gets you fuller faster, and thusly eaten in lesser amounts and accompanying the large quantities of green and colored plants consumed. This radically changed as consumption of grains especially Wheat became 60-80% of the Egyptian diet, and ironically what is recommended today. Know that the Streptococcus Mutans bacteria in the mouth increases its population when sugars, grains, and Wheat are eaten. This pesky bacteria secrete denuding waste causing tooth decay or cavities. The result for Egyptians was a fatter population with Diabetes and prediabetes the norm, dental decay, gum and bone weakening, and tooth loss. PA, chelates or binds Calcium, Iron, and Zinc and why it is called an antinutrient. This decrease of essential minerals moved the microbiomes to imbalance, increased gut inflammation and permeability, and inflammatory changes of the scattered bacterial microbial colonies in the mouth, gut, skin, and in each organ. 

What is clear is that large and ongoing changes in diet plus decreases in physical activity, trend to low mood, and consistent negative emotionalized thoughts, can radically result in physical dysbiosis and your body shouting for a return to all knowing Nature. Since the late 1800’s, Wheat and sugar have become money rich industries and therefore heavily marketed to consumers hungry to gain more comfort as well as convenience. With more and more tooth and gum problems, the increased need for dentists ramped up. As viable localized anesthetics or numbing chemicals were developed alongside high speed drills and the Mercury and other metals mixture called Amalgam, the oral health industry took off. Seems that we humans seek to quickly solve problems and often not knowing why the problem occurred in the first place. It would take another 100 years until the human genome project and microbiome research taught us of the microbial and nonhuman world which works harmoniously with our Hominid species. 

The two sides phenomena describes seeds, nuts, and Legumes as beneficial sources of nutrients but at the same time possessing the plant protective substance, Phytic Acid. Then, as it is now, nuts and seeds provide us usable nutrients plus needed oils which allow us to heal and renew. Wrongfully implemented nutrition advice called the Food Pyramid which escalated the recommendation of eating 60% and more Carbs(breads, cereals, pastries, and primarily Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, and Soy), and less and less fat have caused much of the inflammatory autoimmune dis-eases we suffer from today. Add to this the toxic poisons in Vaccines, the biologic systems destroyer, Y Fi and 5G, and the tons of petroleum based pharmaceuticals and Antibiotics we are consuming and it is plainly obvious that our under appreciated miraculous body is cosmically withstanding the continual assault of poisons and poor decision making. 

Sprouted seeds and nuts, fermentation, cooking, pickling, and pressure cooking neutralizes PA as well as protective plant protein, Lectin allowing us to consume the Divinely gifted plant energy sources for our optimal benefit. Know that plants were created to absorb sunshine, minerals, enzymes, and microscopic life in the soil anticipating that predators including humans will eat them and getting recycling nutrients. The Chlorophyll in plants is a storage system of sunlight energy eventually forming the fat soluble substance, Vitamin D inside our bodies. The Divine system has converted sunshine into Vitamin D and pairing it with Calcium so it can be absorbed into us especially bones and allowing water to circulate in-between, into, and out of cells. The foolish disease causing meme, low and no fat has decreased the fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K, from being absorbed in adequate amounts to heal and restore our flesh temples. Haven’t you noticed that with the fast advancement of technology(chemicals for industrial, commercial, and medical applications, that we are getting sicker, fatter, and coming down with diseases of old age sooner? 

There is Solar radiation, varying in geographic location, and intricate in plant life, soil health, and responsible for each life Kingdom on Earth. It is human made radiation , misuse and overuse, that is adding to sickness and physical decline. Use what we know now to adjust your diet by committing to Organic plants only or mainly, and eating less flesh protein and if you do focusing on grass grazed and grass finished Cattle, chicken, and pork and fish when wild caught., 

In world evolution Viruses, single molecules, and Fungus, preceded plant life, insects, and the many Hominin branches. Plants thrived in the developing terrain with sunshine as energy fuel with more and more macromolecules respirating and engraining the Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide exchange relationship which have allowed us to evolve, expand, and to possess knowledge from Creation. For this article however, modifications to what you eat can Symbiose your governing gut microbiome system which will concurrently improve your oral health, your CNS brain and spinal cord operations, blood viscosity and flow, and in an alert immune system protecting and allowing you to grow increasingly resilient as our generations come and go. This is why it is crucial to keep up with factual science(not drug industry funded) and to acknowledge that the human body is a miracle and automatically designed to adapt to all obstacles(new viruses, bacteria, toxins, new stressors, and the collective herd negative energy). Like it or not, believe it or not, we are here because an Infinite all knowing high frequency positive high energy decided it was to be so. The highest echelons of science, philosophy, and critical thinking agree that an all knowing energy has set into motion archeological evolution and why we are here now. Science cannot however explain why this Infinite Energy did what it did. Though many nutritional, psychological, cultural, geographic, and philosophical factoids are known, many of us fail to see and believe that life, all life, and our individual one of a kind uniqueness is miraculous and must be honored and respected. Science has told us that Phytic Acid binds Zinc, Iron, and Calcium but easily rendered less threatening if cooked, fermented, and pickled. Described are natural strategies aligned with the Universal plan congruent with the Universal life force and how evolutionary uniqueness connects the largest to the microscopic outside and inside us. 

If you want to avoid the medical specialty dentistry, then expand your knowledge of how your body operates, what you choose to believe as truth, if you allow Ego and negative high emotion to drive you, and if you are willing to set aside your implanted beliefs for views that are accurate and possibly making yours obsolete. I end with this. Get some Organic Coconut oil, MCT(medium chain triglycerides) now commonly known, and start the daily practice of swishing the oil which actually heals small cavities and infected gums. The Capric and Caprylic acids found in this Tropical oil repair decayed tooth tissues as well as rebalancing the Oral microbiome allowing for gums and jaw bones to heal. There is now a dental specialty called Biologic Dentistry where the new type of dentist employs more natural body friendly materials while educating you on what it takes for the contents of the Oral space to heal by itself. Included is systematic return to the plant world where nutrients, healing substances, and the Universal energy guides our actions. Remember that cavities, swollen infected gums, flaky skin rashes, bumps, and red raised skin, Arthritic pain, digestive pain plus constipation and diarrhea, Cancers, heart attacks and Strokes, Diabetes, MS and ALS, Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s, Autism, brain, bloating, and elimination decline are all results of inflammation and your body telling you that straying from Nature’s products and energy symbiosis is happening but up to you to initiate return to the balanced state. The body can heal itself when you remove the toxins from it including the emotional and side ways religious ones. This means that when unconditional love with actual factual science is your nutrition, you are tuned into the God or love frequency conveying optimal wellness.