COVID-19 Your Friend and the Right Time to Design Your Life of True Freedom

A recent Patrick Herbert Blog (see it here) reported nurses outside their respective hospitals using social proximity to emphasize the truth about the fake pandemic. The George Floyd murder filmed by hundreds of concerned citizens forgetting about the social distancing thing, ignited nation wide protest marches where Militarized Police flexed their psychopathic intentions forcibly reminding the seething masses of the existing prison guard, prisoner, slave relationship, also without social distancing. 

Patrick Herbert also brings up inconsistencies in news reporting as the headlines bring up seemingly inexcusable police brutality perpetrated against arms in the air Michael brown, a sleeping Breonna Taylor, and recently, a fleeing Rayshard Brooks, shot in the back, but other acts of police excessive violence including against other white people hidden and less acknowledged. Is this modern day Manson race war or skillfully concocted shadow government ethnic fear mongering, conjuring the Black Lives Matter Rebel yell tempered with the Native First People war cry? Isn’t fighting amongst ourselves an effective destructive weapon where the imprisoned 99% the only ones to suffer casualties of growing poverty and peaceful enslavement? 

As we focus on the generations of Black injustice and built in institutional nonwhite phobia of nonwhites and the socioeconomic distancing, between richest, rich, in the middle and getting by, the poor, and swirling down the drain poorest, we are distracted by the actuality of who is running the global prison camp. Though the people team is 99% and Corporate Criminal Elite less than 1%, we the people have been conditioned to believe that we are in control of our lives and that the American Dream can be achieved by working hard. 

Know anybody living the American Dream? Some do and thanks to Napoleon Hill, the science of achievement can be learned but this requires being free to think, do, and be. Are you close, almost there, and with a lucky break, that you could be one of the fortunate with gobs of money and time freedom? What has happened since this something called COVID-19 has sequestered you indoors, forced you to give up your job or neglect your small business, made you increasingly dependent on the government especially for unemployment compensation and $1,200 crumb, forced you to dip into savings or for many spending it all, and you in feeling helpless and worsening stressful depression? 

Recently Harvard college Dr. Cornell West, Professor of Black culture study and racial Intersectional conflict, gave educational and inspirational talks at the University of Washington and MIT. His information packed crafted message was that Blacks were indeed confronted by centuries of injustice and inequality but that as human beings that it was up to them, himself included, to rise and to become the greatest and constantly growing version of themselves. A distinguished Harvard Professor for over 50 years, Dr. West teaches the philosophy of love growth for self and for others, to educate one’s self to fully respect our world and all in it, and that civil, ethnic, political, and economic distortions are made right with honesty, attitude, and turning diversity into cherished unity. This is a wonderful time to slip into virus science and how COVID-19 is a friend and meant to strengthen our resilience to ensure continuation of our species. 

In 10,000 BCE there were 10 million people on Earth and by 1800, one billion. In less than 220 years, the Earth now shelters over 7.8 billion. Viruses have been around for billions of years and before the human animal actually became a distinct species. Know that viruses are technically not a living organism and reproduce inside a host. Viruses are strands of RNA and DNA, mutate, and adapt to stresses in the world to prolong it’s existence. Plagues since recorded history have sickened and killed millions and yet, humankind continues expanding. Bubonic plague in the middle fourteenth century , the Spanish Flu of 1918, and SARS pandemics of 2003, 2009, and 2019, describe viruses exceeding planned processional growth thusly creating imbalances in the human animal causing some failure to recover becoming mortality. Since 1976, over 12,800 new viruses have been created naturally and its speed directly related to the increased stresses in the changing environment. 

These stresses include: areas of low quality and quantity of clean Organic foods, areas of poor sanitation and cleanliness, introduction of over 100,000 new chemicals, introduction of thousands of drugs, introduction of increasing numbers of vaccines, saturation of new forms of electromagnetic radiation, fossil fuel residue pollution, industrial waste pollution, plastic waste pollution, Glyphosate in our food supply, in the water we drink, in the rain and soils, and in lakes of Porcine poop in the Hubei province where Wuhan resides and also in North Carolina. In China especially the Hubei province Monsanto/Bayer Roundup is heavily used weakening the immune systems of the millions who live there and they further bombarded with thickening frequency streams of unsafe 5G giving easy access of the infective Sars-COV-2 into the ACE 2 receptors in the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, and arteries. Though accurate information of the SARS virus spread in China is cloaked in deception and misinformation, it was found that both high dose Vitamin C and Hydroxychloroquine, were highly effective in preventing and speeding those ill to health. 

Triple Board certified, Dr. Zach Bush indicates that in the microbiomes of our air, water, soils, and plants, there is about 10 to the 31 power of viruses. Our Universe consists of 10 to the eighteenth billion of planets which makes the amounts of viruses, 100 million times greater. This means that though our bodies hold a microbiota of 75 trillion cells, viruses are in numbers of quadrillions for they do not satisfy the definition of a living organism. This is crucial for with its almost uncountable numbers and intricate collaboration with the gut bacteria which turns on and off genes for balanced health, the Pasteur Germ Theory is successfully debunked along with the efficacy of medical use of vaccines. This means that a single species of virus and its frequent mutations escalating with the increased stresses in the outer world, cannot be blamed as the causal agent of disease or illness. That said, because of the many chemical and electro radiation stressors in our modernity combined with an increase in emotional stress and anxiety, our immune adaptive defenses have been lessened as our gut tube, the single celled tight junctions separating digestion from circulatory movement, inflame allowing undigested macromolecule food particles plus Lipo Poly Saccharides, cell debris and waste, to get into circulation. This inflammation caused leakage event is unnatural hyper stimulating our immune army which invocates massive release of inflammatory Cytokines further inflaming other destinations in the constantly balancing internal milieu of our magical anatomy. 

In this article of actual factual science and the Patrick Herbert Blog on nurse retaliatory revolt railing against the half year of fake crises and harmless COVID-19 virus, it is plainly obvious that an intentional force superseding our government, and destroying our world economies is in mission for total domination and tightening the human bondage to peaceful accepted slavery. Don’t believe me? I speculate that you are locked down, broke, anxious, growing more depressed or more angry, have given up, and even more emotionally dependent on the government to swoop in and save you. Wait no longer, for this will never ever happen, for the government is not here to save you or to help you at all. Only you can create the action necessary to live freely and under your own rules and expectations. The world will not return to the same old but rather this fake crises is your opening for the world that you can control if we all unite in harmony and proceed as One Team. The 1% Empire will weaken and adapt to its new role as subservient to the 99%. 

Time to awaken and imagine how it can be and that to take control, that we have to, must, work side by side, together forever, step by step in creating a world that works for everyone leaving no one behind. Through education, population growth will slow and decrease (in total opposition to the Bully Bill Gates mandatory vaccination sterilization global campaign) as healthcare efficiency, return to regenerative farming, creating a stable money system, creating renewable energy systems, encouraging imaginative people supporting employment, and most critically important to increase diversity for this is the key to longevity, resilience, happiness, growth, and contribution. We must take our lessons from Nature for what is macro is micro and what is micro is macro. Viruses are not alive or Biologic but collaborate with our living microbes and enhance our biology and thusly advancing our optimal health. Friend viruses, not fear them. Throw down injustice, fear, hate, and the ugly of ignorance. Instead, embrace and grow and flow love.